1:31 when people don’t heed WE’RE TOLD WARNING SIGNS WERE POSTED IN THE AREA OVER THE PAST SEVERAL WEEKS… SAYING A heads up in the Waikiki area this morning. If you hear or see a low flying helicopter, not to worry, an airlift is being planned for heavy equipment for a new restaurant at the newly renovated International Market Place. The lift is set to be from 6:30 this morning until 8:30. So there will be restrictions put in place. You won’t be able to access the mall. The good news is they scheduled the lift to take place before business hours. The equipment is for a restaurant called Yauatcha, which is schedule to open next month. Just months ago we were hear at the market place for the grand opening after a 8:30 this morning so if you see or hear a low flying helicopter in Waikiki don’t be alarmed.