My background has always been
in the hotel and catering industry, I studied hotel management in college. We then bought this site in
the late ’90s, got planning, then built the hotel ourselves. and opened it in 2004. The journey for me, since the hotel opened,
has been fantastic – it’s been memorable, there’ve been good days
and bad days (but mainly good days!) and I have a wonderful team with me here in the hotel,
which makes it all the more enjoyable. Since I studied hotel management, things have changed hugely in the world of marketing,
reservations, and front office management. Now, as we know, most people book online; they don’t ring the hotel like they used to,
where the receptionist would write out the reservation. It’s all changed.
Most of our business now comes in online. We had our own website online, and we recognised that we needed
to be on other sites also. In the past, we had one member of the team
in reservations, updating all the sites individually:
feeding in all the necessary information. Sometimes, there would be errors,
sometimes they wouldn’t be updated on time, and sometimes, maybe a day was missed. So keeping on top of all of the various sites
was very time consuming. We heard about SiteMinder from other hoteliers and we then spoke to our web developer about it, and he thought it would perhaps be
a good fit for us here in the hotel. SiteMinder connects us to a global marketplace. Therefore, we get advantage of
over 400 distribution channels. It automates our inventory by sending it
out to various channels throughout the world This is very good for us, as a hotel,
to sell our rooms, and it’s also very good for the guest,
who’s looking to make a reservation at any time. For me, SiteMinder means that
I have a peace of mind that I know my rooms are out there
for sale, and ready to be sold. and somebody hasn’t forgot to put them up
on a specific day. It’s there, it’s done for me, it’s efficient –
and they do a very good job at that. I would recommend SiteMinder to other hoteliers, we’ve experienced a very good
relationship with them. We’ve found it has worked very well for us: It has kept us efficient,
it has helped our occupancy, and it has been good for both staff and customers.