Hello friends welcome to goodlifehub! Lets see how to make healthy multi millet energy bar This can be used for seed cycling We are going to make this very healthy without sugar and jaggery using dates and multi millets Lets first look at the ingredients needed 1/2 cup dates soaked in water use the big variety dates- I am using Kimia dates 1/3 rd cup nuts Choose assorted nuts as per your liking – badam , pista, cashew, walnut Nuts contain lot of healthy fats which helps in weight loss Next, 1/4 cup seeds If you follow seed cycling choose seeds according to your cycle Or just take some assorted seeds like melon seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin etc these seeds have lots of health benefits 1 tbsp of chia seeds chia seeds have lot of omega 3 fatty acids helps to reduce weight it has high quality protein and boost energy Next we need is millets This also you can choose as per your liking I have taken 1 1/2 tsp quinoa, 1 1/2 tsp Branyard millet & 1 1/2 tsp foxtail millet 1/2 cup oats Oats are rich in fibre and helps to reduce weight then we need some organic honey – 3-4 tbsp little extra virgin olive oil to grease the setting tray In shops you can buy mittai tray or just use a tray like this First we are going to roast all the main ingredients individually heat a pan and roast them lightly I am first roasting oats followed by seeds .. and then nuts – nuts you can chop and add to the energy bar directly also i am breaking to small pieces and roasting them a little Atlast i am roasting the millets also Now that we have roasted everything , we need to powder oats, seeds and millets in a mixer I like the taste of millets and seeds as such and i like my bar to be crunchy so i am gonna powder only oats you can decide as per your liking and taste powder everything you want to be powdered except nuts Next deseed the dates that we have soaked in water we are gonna make a paste out of it – just add a tbsp of water while grinding not more than that Now we have prepared everything, we are just gonna mix everything together In a pan add the dates paste and keep mixing till it gets thick after it becomes a thick paste add all the ingredients and mix powdered oats, nuts everything together and mix If needed add 2-3 tbsp of honey When you keep mixing everything will start becoming one lump After that remove from heat and set the energy bars in the tray press it nicely and give a shape to it The quantity i am making is for just 4 energy bar if you need more increase the quantity accordingly Let it rest in fridge for 10 min to solidify into bars Use a knife and cut into pieces you can wrap it in foil and keep it in fridge and use later This is very useful for those following seed cycling it is travel friendly all ingredients are healthy and helps in weight loss and boosts energy I have spoken about how you can naturally balance your homones and regularize your periods using seed cycling if you havent seen the video check the video it is in tamil and english – links in description box try this out and let me know in the comment section to know more healthy recipes stay tuned to the chanel If you like this video click LIKE, share it with friends and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel &click bell icon THANKYOU 🙂