Welcome to FoodTube! I’m Susan Jane
and I’m your very own health geek yes I like turning your pesky sugar cravings into a healthy hit seismic breakfast bars, miles better than the processed junk for sale in supermarkets and you know what, way tastier, you’d be bonkers not to try them they’ll turbo charge your battery
and service your toes in a way that cereal never can so what are in these magical breakfast bars
I speak of? Well, half oats, half nuts and first of all we’ll start by melting some coconut oil, now coconut oil is actually solid at room temperature so we’ve got to melt it very gently on a low heat
with some honey and you come out with gorgeous, gluey, glossy liquid so I’m gonna pour that in, and into this
I want to add my mashed banana and two handfuls of just regular pitted dates
don’t buy pre chopped because they’re not gonna be gluey and gorgeous and sticky so at this point it’s best to add any spices,
you can add ginger, you can add orange rind, cinnamon we’re gonna use, some nutmeg and a pinch of cinnamon, and some salt Mmm this is where my nostrils start to levitate the aroma is fantastic, so use whatever you
fancy, sea salt is definitely something that you’ve gotta put in tiny bit of cinnamon, and that’s your glue now, tumble in your oats, there’s 200 grams of oats and you know what, oats are a really cheap super-food, look at them they’re gorgeous they are filled with b
vitamins, which are gonna turbocharge your morning think b for battery, b for
brain, b for Usain Bolt time for nuts, we’ve got walnuts and we’ve got almonds and you know what pure unadulterated nuts are such a
wonderous food we know that they help raise your HDL that’s your good protective cholesterol and if you’ve got that high your doctor’s wildly going to applaud
you now look out for the LDL, L for low, that’s the nasty # ok and these help raise your HDL protective cholestrol this is ground almonds, a hundred
grams and almonds are also a good source of calcium wohoo! and then a hundred grams of walnuts, these guys even look like brains they’ve got nourishing omega 3 fatty acids to nourish your noggin crunch now that is gooey and gorgeous all
that’s required is a little parachute of sunflower seeds, lots of trace
minerals, that’s about enough just a handful and you scrape into a tin that’s a bit bigger than a
brownie tin, everyone has a brownie tin at home if you want to use a brownie tin just cook it for that
bit longer because it’s much smaller than the tin I’m going to use so this is an 8×10 give it a good smoosh mmm, I can smell sea salt and nutmeg, it’s really hitting my nostrils into the oven, 170 Degrees, 180’s too hot it’s gonna make it crumbly- we don’t want crumbly so, in TV land already it’s already been thirty minutes cooked and chilled now look how well they held together, mmm mm mm, these are humming with goodness and the mashed banana and nutmeg and sea salt *alarm* hear that? That’s the taste siren! these are amazing, they’re so satisfying, this is what I wanna do every morning you will too, it’s time you two met in fact, it’s time you meet my pina colada too you’re destined to be together and do that the biggest
favour, treat yourself to a FoodTube subscription it’s free! And it’s going to drastically
improve your life uh-huh, see? Sayonara!