Hi, everyone! I’m Giulia and I’m here to talk a little about Hazbin Hotel. You guys seem to have liked our fandubs and we’re really happy about that but we also noticed a few people in the comments who seemed kind of lost. People that still don’t know if it’s a movie or a series… or didn’t get the plot watching the trailer… So I’m here to answer a few questions, to talk about the series, characters, first impressions possible theories, maybe? Dunno. We’ll find out together. Hope you like it! Hazbin Hotel, created by Vivienne Medrando, is an animated web-series (release date: 2019) The story is ambiented in Hell, and Charlie, who is none other than the Princess of Hell is tired of the violent way her kingdom deals with overpopulation. So, trying to find a more pacific solution, she decides to open a hotel that would double as a rehab center where the “patients” could learn how to become a better person, repent for their sins, and by the end of their stay, go straight to Heaven. Of course everyone else thinks the idea is absurd and makes fun of the poor thing. But Charlie’s crazy dream may finally become a reality when a powerful entity known as “The Radio Demon” offers to help her. VivziePop already released some info on the characters featured in the trailer. There’s a few more characters whose info wasn’t exactly released but honestly, she’s been drawing these guys for so long you can get an idea of what to expect from them so I don’t see why not mention them too. The character’s info came in these little “cards”, you’ll notice they kinda follow a pattern: Character’s name, date of death and a short description. You’ll also notice that every character in this series lived – and died – in a different era So I don’t know about you, but I’m very curious to see how these characters will interact with each other. There’s probably gonna be a culture shock at some point and I think it would be really funny to watch. Let’s begin with our protagonist: Charlotte aka Charlie Unlike the others, she doesn’t have a death date. She was born in Hell. Makes sense, since she is the princess of Hell. Charlie is the creator of the “Happy Hotel” The name wasn’t always “Hazbin”… Interesting. She is described as naive, theatrical and full of passion. Charlie is that kind of character who always see the bright side of everything, who believes everyone has something good inside, who, even though everyone else tells her to fight, she insists in finding a non-violent solution. And in HELL, that would be interesting to see. That woman said so herself: “What makes you think that anyone in Hell would care about being a better person?” But Charlie is stubborn and she’s determined to prove that redempion is possible despite what Hell tinks. Someone please protect that child. Next there’s Vaggie, DOD: 2014 Vaggie is Charlies best friend, and… The expression used here is “responsilbe manager” But I’m not sure if that “responsible manager” means she is the hotel’s second-in-command, like an actual manager, maybe or if it means she is kinda the one responsible for Charlie. Y’know that kind of friendship where you end up being your friend’s babysitter? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was a little bit of both. Vaggie is a control freak armed with an arsenal of blades and an exposive temper and her goal is to make Charlie’s crazy dream a reality. And I honestly think that’s very cute. ‘Cause apparently Vaggie thinks Charlie’s plan to build a rehab clinic for sinners is totally bonkers, but they’re besties, so she’s gonna support Charlie regardless of her own opinion. Angel Dust, DOD: 1947 A lot of people who are new to this fandom have trouble telling Angel’s gender. He’s a guy, les’t make this very clear. That volume on his chest is actually fluff He’s all fluffy and there’s a puff of fur on his chest that gives the impression of a more feminine figure. Not that he minds, he actually knows how to make very good use of that figure, if you catch my drift. Angel was born in a family of criminals, and after death he became Hell’s biggest adult-movie star. Yep. Adult movies. You can draw your own conclusions. He also becomes the Hotel’s first and most unpredictable patient. Angel has a little problem with drugs… and alcohol… and weapons… and a somewhat (very) twisted sense of humor. You know that kind of person who likes to watch the world burn? Angel is the kind who would set everyting ablaze. And then he would throw some bombs, just to be sure. His idea of “fun” is to make people mad. Place him and Vaggie, who’s already got a short fuse, under the same roof and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. I’m already predicting those two will try to kill each other by the end of season one. Maybe episode one. How Vaggie and Charlie managed to drag this guy to a hotel that’s basically a rehab center, I’ll never understand Fun fact: Angel’s got 3 pairs of arms However, because of convenience and to make things a little easier for the animation team the lower pair is retractable. So sometimes you’ll see him with 6 arms, sometimes you’ll se himm with 4 arms. Alastor, DOD: 1933 In life, Alastor was a radio host and a serial killer. After death, known as te “Radio Demon”, he became a powerful tyrant who destroys anyone standing in the way of his misterious goals. I found this old art that is sorta like Alastor’s bio. Keep in mind that this is OLD, so some things may or may not change in the final animation. If I got this right, Alastor is some sort of shapeshifter, a deer to be precise. A DEER See, Takashi? I told you that guy was not a cat! Though he can take other people’s form too. Judging from what we see in the trailer, demons can be destroyed even though they’re already dead. But I assume Alastor would be the exeption because the “bio” says he is immortal, incapable of being destroyed. But he likes when someone tries to kill him because he likes to fell pain. And he apparently has a certain obsession with… …eating other deers. Yep, some really nice folks in this cast. Anyway, there’s our powerful being that offers to make Charlie’s crazy dream come true. But Alastor doesn’t strike me as the type of guy that just does something whitout a motive, so… let’s see what happens. But something tells me it can’t be good. Katie Killjoy, DOD: 1992 Katie is a new character, her debut was in the trailer, so I don’t know much about her. But honestly, I don’t think there’s much you can say about a character with THAT surname. A ruthless failed newscaster in life, Katie is now the head-anchor of Hell’s premiere news station. She’s that kind of person who only cares about her own image and the hottest gossips. She sees Charlie’s dream as a joke and ridicules her in front of the cameras. Next we have Sir Pe- *serpent pun* Sir Pentious, DOD: 1888 This is another character who appeared for the first time in the trailer so I don’t have much info on him except for what VivziePop released here. Sir Pentious is a brilliant Victorian inventor, who uses his powerful machines and his minions to constantly attempt to take over Hell. Someone had to be the bad guy, right? Looks like this guy got the short end of the stick. I kinda feel bad for him, already. Honest. And as I said before, there are characters who weren’t featured in the trailer, don’t have a “card”, but who are worth mentioning too. Next character from the Hotel Crew is Husk, who made a brief appearance in the trailer. Husk looks like some sort of feline… with wings? About his personality, judging by his face, I’d say he is a grumpy one. A guy with little patience for anything who’d rather be doing anything other than whatever he is doing now. He died in the 60’s, and since he is decorated in card suits I wouldn’t be surprised if he worked for or owned a cassino in life. Another character shown briefly in the trailer is Nifty. Looking at her attire, I’ll guess she died around the 50’s or 60’s. In the short time we can see her in the trailer she gave the impression of someone full of energy, maybe even hyperactive. The type who just can’t stand still, you know? She seems to have an affinity for needles, so maybe she used to be a seamstress? Maybe? Next we have Mimzi. Like Charlie, she seems to have a theatrical flare. She appears to be a performer. Maybe a singer or dancer… Or both. She looks like a diva. I really like this character’s design in particular. You know why? Her outfit suggests she died in the 20’s. Fashion History 101: The beauty standard for women at the time was to be tall, slim, and curveless. Everything Mimzi isn’t! She is petite, plump, curvy. And I think that’s amazing, a really nice detail VivziePop gave to this character. Next on the list is Crymini, a werewolf who died around the 80’ or 90’s. She gives the impression of someone grumpy too. But unlike Husk, who would be “old man” grumpy, she seems more along the lines of… Angsty teen. Last but not least: Baxter! I think he died in 1910, if I’m not mistaken. Man, I swear, for a second I thought this guy was removed from the story. I rarely ever see him on speedpaints or anywhere. So imagine my surpise when I found this little guy among the cast, completely revamped. And looking like a crazy scientist. Now I’m curious. Welp, That’s everything I know. Hope you all liked it and that I managed to answer at least a few questions. And stay tuned, cause Fansitube will be fandubbing Hazbin Hotel in 2019! Subscribe and hit that little bell so you won’t miss any news. Can’t wait for 2019!