Sir Pentious: Those other cowardly sinners dare not hinder my territorial takeover! A wise decision! The power of my machines are unmatched! No other demon can compare to the likes of I! Eggboi #23: Gee, that was pretty swell, boss. Eggboi #666: Yeah! Eggboi #?: You really showed them what for. I liked when you shot them with your ray gun. *whack* Eggboi #23: I wish he’d shoot ME with his ray gun Sir Pentious: At this rate, I will seize control of the entire west side of the pentagram by day’s end! And nothing, Not a single beast in this inferno of suffering will be able the take back this empire from my constrictive grasp. Eggboi #?: Whoo! *pop* Eggboi #?: Oh, boy! Sir Pentious: Hell will be mine, and everybody will know the name of Sir P- Cherri: EDGELORD!! Sir Pentious: Pardon!? Who said that!? What did you just say to me you fried chicken fetuses!? Sssspeak up! Eggboi #?: That wasn’t us mister boss man. *glass breaking* Eggboi #13: Oh! *Boom* *Coughing* Cherri: You lookin’ for a fight? Old man? Why don’t you get that tinker toy bullshit off my turf before I smash it?! *Smash* Mooore~. Sir Pentious: Oh! You wanna go, missy? Well, I’m happy to oblige! *Evil Laugh*