Alastor: …there to help you than I. Angel: So… Uh, what’s the deal with smiles over there? Vaggie: Wait, you’ve never heard of him before? You’ve been here longer than me! The Radio Demon, one of the most powerful beings Hell has ever seen? Angel: Meh, not big on politics. Vaggie: Ugh… Decades ago, Alastor manifested in Hell. Seemingly overnight, he began to topple overlords who had been dominant for centuries. That kind of raw power had never been harnessed by a mortal soul before. Then, he broadcasted his carnage all throughout Hell, just so everyone could witness his ability. Sinners started calling him the… Radio Demon. As lazy as that is. Many have speculated what unimaginable force enabled him to rival our world’s most ancient and destructive evils. But one thing’s for sure: He’s an unpredictable source of danger, a wicked spirit of mystery, and a violent monster of chaos, the likes of which we can’t risk getting involved with, unless we want to end up *erased*. Angel: You done? *chuckles* He looks like a strawberry pimp.