– Wow. Who knew the Bates Motel was
company approved hotel huh? – I’m just happy to be off that flight. My biggest fear is to
get stuck on a flight with those passengers. I mean they were literally like zombies. – [Wendy] I thought your
biggest fear was having sex with a woman. – It’s a close second, yeah. Yeah. Uh, hello? Anybody here? (knocking) Our layover just got shorter. – [Benny] May I help you? – [Wendy] Uh, yeah. We need to check in. – Flight number? – Royal Skies, flight 666. – New York to Palm Beach. Nice pen. Tell me, what’s your
favorite way to service? – Wendy? – I’m lonely. – I have your keys right here. We have you staying on 13th floor. It’s a very special floor. – Club access? (laughing) – Oh no. On that floor, on this very
night several years ago, something terrible happened. – Your mother conceived you. I mean. (laughing) – Hey guys, hi. This is a haunted hotel. That’s like our whole shtick. We were on the Travel
Channel and everything okay. When you check in, I tell
you a scary story okay. Here’s your keys, breakfast
is from six to nine. Have a good night. – Thank you. – [Benny] Yep. Oh, and guys don’t forget. Service is my specialty. (evil laugh) (coughing) Oh, boy. That’s enough of that, okay. (airplane flying) – Did you believe all that
stuff he said about this place being haunted? – As long as I get my wake
up call in the morning and not attacked by bed
bugs, I could sleep in the Manson family house. – Did you think he was cute? – [Wendy] Who, McCreepy? – Mm hmm. – If I was in a jam. Service is his specialty. You? – Well, sort of. – We’ve been on the road for too long. – Yeah. Alrighty, well have a good night. – Yeah. – Oh, don’t make too much noise. – I’m pretty sure all of
the creepy moaning will be coming from your room,
so have fun on grinder. – Hey wait. Those shoes are not compliant. Oh, great. (knocking) Go away. (knocking) (eerie music) (screaming) – Is everything satisfactory? – Yes, how did you … I mean, what are you doing here exactly? – It’s our turn down service. It’s complimentary. – Oh no, I really don’t
think we need that. Thank you, though. Can you do me a favor actually? Can you leave, please? – But remember, service is my specialty. – Okay, no, no, no. Okay, he was kind of cute actually. (eerie music) – These shoes are compliant, fuck him. (knocking) That was quick. Okay, mikebeach27, let’s see what you got. Hi. What the fuck? Another Tinder flake. Catfish! – Is everything to your liking? You have enough toiletries,
pillows, towels? – [Wendy] Yeah everything’s
great, and I’m actually kind of expecting someone, so if you
could go that would be great. – Just dial zero if you need me. – Yes, yes. Service is your specialty. Swipe left. Left. (knocking) – I have a do not disturb sign, thank you. – Left. (knocking) – Oh my. People not read anymore? (suspenseful music) You see this? – Yeah. It’s like an airplane. Come here. – No, you come here. (dings) – [Intercom] Ladies and
gentleman, this is the captain. It looks like there’s a ground
stop, so we’re going to wait here until (mumbling). – Run! – Excuse me, it is
freezing on this aircraft, can I please have a blanket.
– If we land at 5:40 and my connections at 5:45 – (groaning and background talking) – I get it, you’re platinum. – Miss, miss? – No! Charlie, help me! – I’ll be right back. – Service is my specialty. – (Screaming) Maybe later. (passengers talking over each other) – It’s too late, save yourself. – It’s not too late. I have complimentary snacks. (groaning) Come on! (eerie, sharp violin) – What are we going to do? – I don’t know. – I have an idea. – Yeah? – Service is my specialty. (screaming) – Good morning, pork chop. – No! (phone vibrating) Hello? – Pick up time was five minutes ago. Don’t tell me you overslept. – Ugh. (spooky, deep music)