Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What a hell? What’s going on, guys? welcome to another adventure with your boy Omar got my friend James from The Fam We’re gonna do a 3 AM overnight challenge at the Mizpah hotel If you didn’t see yesterday’s video go check it out it was probably not uploaded yesterday but it was done yesterday What we did is we explored a very haunted hotel in fact, we’ve spent a second night in the most haunted room… we… asked for this haunted room and a lot of stuff went down There was stuff that I didn’t even catch while I was filming, that I went back and seen you’re gonna have to watch that video and see it for yourself Lots of paranormal activity There was one part of the hotel that we missed not on purpose but because it really deserves it’s very own video and that’s the basement… *creepy-ass music* *creepy-ass music gets creepier* *creepy-ass music* Check that out, man, 3 AM on the dot This is the fifth floor of the Mizpah If you missed yesterday’s video I was explaining that the room that we were in Was occupied by a prostitute and her husband caught her and he murdered her right there Underneath this carpet is a pool of blood and stains all around the wood That’s where we stayed last night and we’re gonna stay there a second night *diiiing* here we go You guys ready to see the basement? It supposed to be haunted ๐Ÿ™‚ James: No I don’t want to *elevator door creepily and loudly opens* James: That is spooky… Woah! *James’s nervous giggle* James: That closed really quick Yeah it did Alright, we need to go James: I’m a little freaked out, bro James: This is spooky…. I wonder what happened to those beds Oh! These are like brand-new beds Yo this is how they roll at the Mizpah, man, look! These are like… really expensive pillow tops This is another part that the manager will not step foot in What is this thing? Oh, this is cool! Manager was telling us that this was the original entrance to the hotel Like… Even though it seems like it’s the basement This is actually level with the street Because… They built up… Like if you look at the front of the Mizpah Hotel I have a couple shots of it from the outside They built on top of this, and this is the new entrance now So yeah… The added on and brought it up This was the original doors And Wyatt Earp himself used to walk on this dirt here. The Wild Wild West days So yeah Dude, do you have any idea, like… how much history we’re stepping on right now? like this is so cool Look… You can tell, look, these were the windows! Look! The original windows right there from the front this was the front of the hotel James: *whispering* wow Look, right here you could…. you could see the windows Haven’t seen a phone like that in a while some beautiful chairs I’m not sure why that hallway creeps out the manager so much, but we’re gonna find out a little bit later might save that part for last there’s still a lot to see in this haunted basement If you see anything in this video: something in the background, something moving even hear something Please, let me know in the comments where and when you’ve seen that you could also go to my social media Maybe circle that certain area and send it to me. I will either respond or I will heart it, especially if it’s on Twitter Somebody lives in there? Hello? *very noisy* *very noisy* I’ve seen something like… back up here… or something Let’s go investigate What’s in here? oh it’s locked.. ok… James: Did you hear that noise? I did If you’re not familiar with the Mizpah… This was actually a bank too… slash hotel. I’m not sure if it was a bank first… but there was a vault down here and I think it was somehow connected I mean, they used to have payroll down there, they used to have gold, silver… Well I’m gonna explain a little bit more why it’s haunted you’re not gonna wanna miss this but let’s make our way that way Oooh… “Danger. No smoking.” must be something flammable in here *weird quite noise* Bro, was that you? James: What? *shadow figure walks in the background* WOAH!!! WOAH!! *HEART ATTACK IN PROCESS* WHAT A HELL???? * rip headphone users * ๐Ÿ™ I got that on camera, bro! There was a woman that just walked by right now You didn’t get that on camera? James: It freaked me out so much when you did that… Bro, some woman just walked really fast! I gotta check my footage.. Right when I was checking on James right now… Oh my God, my heart is beating so fast… we’ve seen… a woman. It looked… it looked like a…. Did you see it? James: Bro, you scared so bad that I went like this and my phone turned off James: … like… James: I don’t know… I don’t know what I’ve got. Like… you scared… my heart is beating so hard right now, dude. Guys… James: I didn’t see anything There is nobody down here but us, ok? It is 3:29 in the morning There is nobody down here, ok? I’m scared, bro James: I wanna see what happened Dude, the way she walked by was really fast and that was really scary I was checking up on James and a woman walked really fast that way right towards the vault James: Oh, that’s the door Oh, look! this must be where that bank vault is Oh, there’s a light on in there Hello? *quietly* I got a three (?) Look at this thing, bro.. James: Wow, that is creepy James: I wonder what they do with that… This is… umm… for rocks. James: *quietly* Oooh. I was thinking it was like for *indistinct* or something… *window loudly opens in the background* James: What???… Bro…. James: You see anything? No This was closed, right? James: Bro, it just opened… I just saw it open on my camera You’ve seen it open? James: Bro….. You’ve actually seen it open?? James: Bro, we were standing here and I saw it open. I was… James: …filming this right here… of you showing me what this thing is, and I see the thing go shoooh… James: Just like that James: I’m not joking, bro Oh, cool, bro! Look at this! This is what… the miners would use James: Oooh, wow!!! I don’t know if the would… bring in… silver or gold James: Wow… James: That is cool… Well, there is a vault down here somewhere and it’s where they had, like, a lot of gold and silver… No, yeah… That doesn’t go anywhere. That’s just… that’s just an old ladder I was curious about that too James: Oooh, Jeez… I don’t know if I wanna *indistinct* James: Woooow… Check this out! Watch your step! Oh, This is the vault! James: This is the vault? This is it, right here! James: Wooow Dude this is the vault!!! Oh, man, dude, I’ve got a story for you I have a story for you James: Do you have the EVP meter? Yeah James: Let’s keep that on… James: Cause this is where… Ok, tell the story. Alright, let’s close this James: Huh, are you sure? I mean… James: I don’t wanna get locked in here I’m not sure if there was an actual vault door there… I mean, obviously it wasn’t this… But this is… This is the vault. That we’re in right now Ok, so, here’s the story You see these shelves right here? They used to have… cash… silver… gold… you name it price possessions, I mean, this was the apple of the bank’s eye was down here But you wanna know the biggest mistake? They built everything perfect here but they didn’t take in account, that there is mine caves all over the place… and there is dirt right underneath them! Three miners broke into this vault using their mining techniques and they stole all the gold all the silver… but here’s the one problem.. three made it in only one made it out You know why? Because that one was greedy, and he killed his two friends and their bodies were found in here Those two guys, they say that they’re harmless But they are seen everywhere in this hotel mainly down here in the basement. Not sure what their names are but yeah. They were found dead in here they were thieves I think that they kind of made friends with somebody who they shouldn’t have made friends with That didn’t end up well. I hope that guy was caught and I hope justice was served and I hope he was haunted by those two other guys too But yeah I love history so that’s one thing… I mean, this is cool, but… James: This is really cool… Huge mistake. I mean, they built this beautiful hotel and casino, plus the bank, here on this property But they were a little bit cheap on the flooring of the foundation This is all dirt, so it was real easy for people to beak into this vault here James: You wanna know something funny? I actually feel safe and comfortable in here right now You know what, me too. I don’t feel a weird vibe or anything… Out there though… I feel really creepy out there James: You know I feel safe in here because like… there is like… we’re trapped in here, like… James: as long as that door doesn’t lock Oh, that would suck You know, I mean, look how thick this concrete is So I mean, yeah, that’s about how thick it is out there too and yeah this was built late 1800s early 1900s still here *heart attack* James: That vault was so cool *whispers* Wow Wow, it’s really cold over here, bro.. really cold… Dude, come over here! James: Ohhh, it’s freezing over here!! Isn’t that crazy? James: Bro… that literally, like… bro…. You would think that that’s like outside right there, but it’s not James: What a hack? Oh my Gosh…. James: Is that open? I don’t know Do we wanna open this? No, it’s nailed shut! James: That makes me wonder why… What a hell was that??? James: What? You’ve seen something James: Bro, I’ve just seen something in there too! James: … I think I did… Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen… I… I almost seen like a…. I don’t know if it was a figure or just like a… a cloud or something it could’ve been my light But it’s just… Kind of weird it’s so cold over here *whispering* alright That is some turquoise right there You hear that? James: I did hear something I heard like a woman James: …almost like a woman’s voice James: Dude, I just heard it again Is there such thing as a turquoise rock or is that just a turquoise coloured rock? that’s beautiful One of the managers, that used to collect, like, those turquoise rocks, and, I think they used to do things with them too… They passed away in October of last year This gentleman hasn’t left this area and sometimes, they say, that this light will flicker and ever since he passed away the light inside the vault in there does not work anymore in fact, it blew up while they were in there that night he died James: Yo, you wanna know something weird? What? James: Like, I keep seeing, like, little dust particles, which is understandable James: But it almost looked, like, when I was looking on here it looked like smoke coming up or something Really? James: Yeah. I have to show you a clip in a second.. James: I… I don’t know James: Like I see dust particles, but this was like a lot… like a smoke or fog or something… Yeah James: It was really weird It is cold down here, but you can’t see the carbon dioxide cause there is not much humidity… James: No, there is no… yeah James: I don’t see anything James: No, this was… I don’t now, I have to show it to you James: I have to look at it again Let’s get out of here, man Yeah… I’m scared to leave here James: I’m scared to go in there Dude! Li…like… Look! I thought there was bugs in front of you, but on a camera here it shows a tone of orbs! Look at that!! James: What? Dude, there is a tone of orbs James: Bro, I’m freaking out right now! What? Look! There’s nothing there! But on… but on the camera you could see it! Dude, there is a spirit there! No lie, dude, [ I ] swear! James: I just got, like… I feel like I just got, like… chills, like, it just got so cold all of a sudden.. James: You guys are gonna have to let me know… Dude, I swear, it looks like there’s bugs all over you right now James: I’m freaked out I don’t even know what to say to you… say to you guys right now James: I’m gonna go down that hallway and.. James: I’m freaked out James: Uhhh… Let’s go over…. that… hallway. Cause it’s probably less freaky then right here right now Oh my God… And then they disappeared! Just like that! Bro, wait till you watch your footage later Is this where we’re going? James: Yep. Always down that way Alright guys There is one more place that we haven’t gone through and that’s this hallway that the manager refuses to go through Let’s make our way James: You got the… We got the EVP nearby? I got it Oh, I just had a spike too Right… right when I had… Yep *loud noise behind them* James: What was that? What a hell was that? James: *nervous giggle* No idea! James: It was like a loud thud… That was a thump James: Yeah *breathing heavily* Alright You stay back there James: No, I’m not!! I’m going, bro… Alright I don’t even know if I wanna go over here… What is over here? James: I don’t know, I just had like a feeling, like there was somebody behind me, and I had to just… I don’t know… Oh Gosh, where does this go? Oh this thing is going crazy right now… Oh, wow James: Is it really? Yeah, but as soon as I put it in front of the camera it stops Oh wow. You’ve seen that? wow What’s this? James: Oh, we’ve never seen this yesterday No James: Is this the same hotel? Yeah James: I can’t read it “Oh give me a big silver dollar…”” “… to throw on the bar with a bang…” “… a dollar all creased…” “… will do on [in] the east…” “… but we want our money to clang.” And those are silver dollars Look at that James: Oh really? Yeah James: wow It’s like a dining area James: This is cool James: It’s super spooky Very spooky… Look at all these mirrors. Mirrors creep me out Oh! This is the mirror! From… from the picture! James: Oh, that’s the mirror… That’s the mirror, yeah, an entity showed itself on this mirror. and they have the picture downstairs Maybe it will show itself again Do you wanna take any pictures? James: Yeah, I’ll take some pictures Is there anybody here with us? Who was it that was walking around the basement? Who was the woman? James: Who opened the door? James: And made a loud thud? James: If you hear me make that meter go off Look at this! Look at this! Look at this! It’s blinking a little bit But almost like that… that TV yesterday Oh my Gosh… There is something here with us Look at this! Look at this! What a hack? James: Yo, there’s something with that mirror Wow James: You guys didn’t hear, Omar… Omar mentioned it James: There was somebody that took a picture in front of this mirror James: And all of a sudden there was another person… Oh my Gosh… Dude, there is somebody here with us… … or something. and it’s right around here Ok, guys We made it through the 3 AM challenge It is officially 4:03 Am This thing is still going off though I mean, if a place is haunted, it’s haunted… James: Bro … 3 AM or not 3 AM James: Bro, did you move that… did you move that… that fan? Uuuuuhhhh… No….. James: And now it just stops… James: No, it keeps going! What a hack? It stopped in a way… it looked like. Hey! That Jack Dempsey James: Oh yeah! Jack Dempsey used to be a boxer, a famous boxer James: He actually used to… he was a bouncer here we heard… Yeah, when he wasn’t making money, at that time, like, he would… cause he would box in Goldfield and then he would come here to bounce and make some, like, side money Cause this was kinda like a club and not only a club but, you know, that was a hotel, casino big ballers would come here James: Oh, I imagine back in the days this was a nice social club Oh, dude, you had to have money to be here James: Oh, true I mean, we are… you know, not that far from Vegas but… Yeah, this… this was the spot This must be the Jack Dempsey room that they talked about James: Oh, duh! Yeah, that’s why his picture is here So yeah, I mean What’s really cool about this place is there is a lot of rooms that are named after people I mean, you have like The Lady in Red room and they are all different themed rooms That’s what’s really neat about this hotel is… they really cherish their history and they honour their history every single room has it’s own theme they even have a room that’s called a Waggon Room and What did they do? I haven’t seen the room yet But they took a bed and made like a… I think they used a… James: They took a waggon… A waggon James: And then made it into a bed… Like a real waggon That’s pretty cool. Like a mining waggon, right? James: Yeah, a mining waggon yeah pretty neat stuff So… That’s why this room is called the Jack Dempsey room You know, that’s people that were a part of its history, the Mizpah history Obviously he was a pretty important guy, pretty important to the area and, I mean, you could see how important he was right there very famous boxer, if you don’t know who the is – look him up I mean, he fought some, like, really famous people too He’s a legend We’re gonna make our way… to bed. We have one more night to spend here I will keep my camera close by, in case something happens I will include it in the footage here Don’t forget to give this video a Like You can follow me on social media If you’ve seen anything, heard anything, like I mentioned earlier Let me know! 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