I’m Bradley Ruben. I’m the shop key /
proprietor / owner of eleven City Diner restaurants in Chicago. The Flav-R-Savor works in a way that is
heaven-sent for us and our style restaurant. We’re opening this door a gazillion times a day. And every time it opens, the heat goes out. And remember –
every time you open it up you want to keep what’s inside, you want to keep the
temperature. The recovery on this thing is amazing.
And for us it’s really important because we are opening it so often today. I mean
we do 1200 people today, 1500 people tomorrow. On a quiet day, 800 people. Think
about the number of times you’re opening that door. And for me what’s important,
and for the guys on line what’s important, and for the guests eating a sandwich
that we want to have hot at the restaurant is important is that recovery
time – whether they know it or not. You know you want to every time that door
opens and that closes you want to get that temperature back.
And this thing
delivers. We’re using a lot of different Hatco products throughout the front
and the back of the house. I’ve got holding cabinets, I’ve got food warmers,
I’ve got Hatco strip heaters. I’ve got my Flav-R-Savor holding cabinet, I’ve
got small mini toasters. I mean every opportunity we have to use a different
unit I guess we’re Hatco friendly, Hatco happy, Hatco obsessed. I’m
unsure what the word is, but I’ve got Hatco throughout the entire, you know,
all the properties. Energy efficiency means something
actually to me because I’m an owner and operator and I’m writing the electric
chest, right? The check to the electric company every single month. To me it means reliability and
dependability, versatility, all these tilies, but at the end of the day – it’s
I know what I can get, I know how I can use it, and they don’t
go down. I mean it’s — it does what I need it to do.