For almost 60 years Billy Booster has meant one thing: great food warming equipment from Hatco — and rightly so. After all, we’re the leaders in food warming technology. But now Billy’s decided to chill for a bit. Introducing the newest technology from Hatco: our refrigerated drop-in well — they’re the coolest thing to hit the market since – well, Billy himself. These units are available in 1 to 6 fan models and all have the NSF 7 approved cold wall construction with r404a refrigerant and environmentally-friendly insulation. Plus the unit can house a variety of pant sizes: full, half, or third — giving you the utmost in display flexibility. Now let’s look at some of this unit’s great features that are standard for Hatco. Features that other manufacturers have the nerve to charge you for. Thanks Billy. As you can see in this cross section, the unique angled stainless steel inside walls provide several benefits. There’s a blanket of cool air, a clear view to the food, and most importantly for the patron — the food is easy to get to. Plus this design makes it easy to get the food pans in and out. Auto defrost is included in this unit so that Frost won’t build up where it shouldn’t. As an added benefit the control box can be mounted directly to the unit or can be run remotely up to four feet away. And the large drains make cleanup a breeze. And if you really want to talk value, Hatco includes the sight glass, service valves, dryer and flex line, and the auto defrost control box at no charge. That’s six hundred dollars worth of features that other manufacturers charge you for. What’s more — the flexible refrigerant lines make service in the aisle a snap. And hatco is the only company that features these flexible lines. At hatco — energy efficiency is very important. So our refrigerated drop in wells feature the common Copeland Compressor in very efficient order third and half horsepower models. What’s more – the condensing unit on the four, five, and six pan models can be moved from n to center in six and a half inch increments. Plus it can be rotated for easy venting adjustments. That gives you complete cooling control. Of course with every purchase you get the knock-your-socks-off level of service hatco is famous for. Each refrigerated drop-in well is backed by a one-year parts and on-site labor warranty. Whether it’s heat you need or a bit of a chill, give your business a big boost with the biggest business booster of them all: Hatco. For more information on our refrigerated drop in wells, call your dealer, your sales rep or call HATCO at 800-558-0607 today. And then – just chill.