>>All right, so Harvey Weinstein was invited
to an event put on by Actors Hour in New York City, and he showed up. And just that fact there, you can imagine,
it upset a lot of people.>>Nobody’s gonna say anything? Nobody’s really gonna say anything? I’ll get out of here, that’s fine. I am happy to leave, when nobody is gonna
say anything. I’m gonna stand four feet from a rapist, and
nobody’s gonna say anything.>>Let’s go.>>I’ll go.>>So during this kind of event, he was confronted
by at least three women, one of which you saw in the video. Later, Jason actually interviewed another
woman who confronted him, after all of this Weinstein’s rep released a statement. And I want to read this a little bit of it
for you. I wanna show it to you. Says, Harvey Weinstein was out with friends
enjoying the music, and trying to find some solace in his life that has been turned upside
down. This scene was uncalled for, downright rude
and an example of how due process today is being squashed by the public, trying to take
it away in the courtroom too. Okay. Of course, Wenstein is accused of several.>>He’s a victim.>>Of sexual harassment.>>Right.>>Sexual assault. He is awaiting trial for sexual assault. And a criminal sexual act in the first degree. He’s denied everything.>>Right. He’s denied all allegations against him, and
maintains his innocence even now. So yes, as you mentioned earlier I talked
to Kelly Bachman, who was the comedian there that night. The woman who was so enraged was a friend
of Kelly. Kelly was there doing a live set for stand
up, she wanted to get an evergreen tape to show to agents and stuff, because she was
trying to embark on a comedy career. And she is a sexual assault survivor. And she felt that she wanted to address it,
but she was fearful. And she was also shocked that this person
who she had nightmares about, was standing in front of her. She called him Freddy Kruger.>>And so within the stand up or within her
performance she had said, I’m gonna address the elephant in the room. It seems like Freddy Kruger’s here, do we
need to bring mace and things like that to a comedy show? But, her friends felt that everyone else that
was in the room was complicit, in not calling out Harvey Weinstein. So when this woman did that, I can understand
why she was so enraged and how triggering that was for not only Kelly Bachman, but anyone
in there that was a survivor of sexual assault, or knows someone that is a survivor of sexual
assault.>>I think people not wanting to be around
you in public after this many accusations, that doesn’t equal like your Sixth Amendment
rights being violated.>>No, no, no. So look, there’s it completely two different
things. Some of his supporters, one of the guy’s yelling
due process, due process. Now that’s where a court of law.>>He’s getting that.>>And he gets it in spades. He’s paying millions of dollars to lawyers
who are giving him more due process than any of you would ever get, right? He’s not in prison, are you kidding me? If you were accused of raping as many women
as Harvey Weinstein’s accused of, trust me that you would not be out, right? You would be locked up, you wouldn’t be able
to pay the parole that they’d put on you.>>Weinstein’s walking the streets going actors
hour etc. Spare me your crocodile tears about due process,
ain’t nobody taking this due process away. And so, he reminds me of the right wing. You have a right to freedom of speech, you
have a right to due process, you don’t have a right to be popular. So if you go out, and you should expect public
disdain and public shaming. And, look, this is not a closed case, and
so they say she was being rude. I hate to do this cuz there’s so gross, these
stories. But, it’s important for people to understand
the context of his brutality, okay? So in one of the cases with a famous actress,
she had heard about him, and she was worried about him, and he’s a predator. And he keeps coming by, and he comes by to
her house. And she’s like, damn it. He’s the producer of the movie. She in essence works for him, but she’s afraid
to open the door. And so she just opens the door a little bit
after he keeps banging on the door, and boom, according to her story, and he’s gonna do
processing court. He burst, she was right. He burst open and he just physically assaults
her and rapes her, okay? I mean, and you think somebody saying something
to you is rude? In another instance, he invites a woman to
dinner with other people. She goes to the bathroom downstairs where
there’s no one else. And that part of the restaurant is closed
down. He is waiting for her when she gets out. He blocks the hallway. He makes it into the van. She says, unequivocally, no, get away from
me, and he doesn’t care. He blocks the hallway and he masturbates in
front of her. I would count that as significantly more rude,
than someone yelling at you in public. But it’s a matter of entitlement. I’m entitled to do those things cuz I make
movies, and I’m a producer, and I’m wealthy, etc. You’re not allowed to yell at me for all the
sexual assaults and rapes that I’ve done. Well, you’re wrong about that. And those women who had wonderful courage. I don’t know that on the spot, that I would
think to make those jokes and to be that aggressive. And because it’s a really socially awkward
thing to do.>>For sure.>>Right? And that takes a lot of courage to do what
they did.>>Will they stand up.>>Yeah.>>Well there was people there that, that
was the conversation Jane convert before the night started, because it was an actress showcase
for of course these people to come in and and show their their stand-up set. Zoe Stuck was the name of the woman who yelled
at Weinstein, there’s also another woman named Amber Rolo, who was there as well. The thing is, when I talked to Kelly Bachman
this morning, the comedian who was on stage at the time, she had mentioned how she was
still traumatized today, but she has received so much support and in such an outpouring
of love from people, and that it’s been overwhelming for her. But, I thought about what would I do, had
I been in that situation as well and I probably would have not performed.>>I think I would have just like laugh.>>Yeah, absolutely.>>I don’t think I would’ve been traumatized.>>And I have no problem saying that, because
I’m not a survivor of sexual assault and I can only imagine as Kelly, this morning when
she was triggered just the domino effect of emotions that come after that.>>And there’s also of note here like, obviously
rape is worse than being yelled at, and we’re talking about accusations.>>Sure.>>There are also accusations of him intentionally
ruining women’s careers.>>Right?>>Yes.>>There are multiple accusations and so like
to say, hey, I should be able to have a night out. You didn’t feel that way about people being
able to work. You know what I mean?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>You want to be able to listen to music,
but you were fine stopping people from working. And we also just were talking about Lisa Bloom,
actively trying to damage Rose, is it->>McGowan.>>McGowan, yeah. That’s stopping somebody from enjoying life. There’s so much more than like, you just don’t
want to have the same rules.>>It’s privilege, that’s what it is, it’s
privilege, yeah.>>Yeah, and so look, one other thing about
that is that some of the folks that were there, that were upset that he was there said, so
and you’re inviting them to a place where we’re featuring young actors. When his whole shtick was preying on young
actors, sexually assaulting them. And then if they didn’t go along, ruining
their careers.>>Right.>>When we came here to further our career,
I mean, he’s the exact opposite of exactly what he’s trying to do there. And there’s a, I thought the organizer of
the actors hour Alexandra Laliberte, had terrible excuse. They seem to have put out a booth forum and
she’s like, well I welcome all walks of life into my space. And then she’s like, well its freedom of speech,
and I protect his, and their right of speech. Actually, you don’t because they kicked her
out.>>Right.>>They didn’t kick him out, right.>>That’s so true.>>And l wanna end on Kelly Bachman’s line
that l love. She said, as to why she did it. She said mom always tells me to reject satan. But l wish l had said more. You said plenty. You’re awesome, and we respect your courage.