– We have six weeks to harvest
a million Christmas trees, and that means you’ve gotta move fast. As soon as harvest starts, it’s time to call in the cavalry. (intense music) The state of Oregon is
the largest supplier of Christmas trees in the country. Here in Oregon, Christmas trees
outnumber people 12 to one. Holiday Tree Farms is one of the largest Christmas tree farms in the world. We have about 8,000 acres
of actively growing trees. The only thing we grow is Christmas trees. We sell a million Christmas trees a year, but you gotta remember, we
harvest them in a very short period of time. We can cut and process a
Christmas tree and have it loaded on a truck in less than 24 hours. The steps in harvesting
a Christmas tree start with cutting each tree
individually with a chainsaw. Slingers will pile the trees
and rig them for extraction. Next, we bring a helicopter to fly them in to waiting trucks. Each tree is shaken, baled and loaded, and then it’s on its way to market. (helicopter blades slap) Holiday started using
helicopters in the early 1980s. They’re a lot faster
than doing it by hand. Helicopter can harvest
about 1,000 trees an hour. We normally run between five
or six helicopters every day, sun up to sun down. We’ve been taking care of these trees ever since they were very tiny seedlings. An average normal fir
is about eight years old when you harvest it, and
it’s six to seven feet tall. Harvest is my favorite time of the year, that’s when we get to see
the payoff for six, seven, eight years worth of work. For every tree that we harvest, we plant another tree in its place. So, when we harvest a
million trees we plant over a million trees in the spring, and it never stops. So, what do I think of fake trees as a Christmas tree farmer? They’re our number one
competition, obviously. We real tree farmers have
a saying about fake trees. Nine years in the house,
and nine million years in a landfill, they cannot be recycled. It’s Christmas, keep it real.