[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey. Welcome to the channel. We are Sorted, a
group of friends in London looking
for amazing things and food that make you
go, wow, and almost constantly ribbing each other. Now, two of us are chefs. And you wouldn’t believe the
stuff we have to put up with. [MUSIC – JADED, “PANCAKE”] But everything we do
starts with ideas from you. (RAPPING) I’m a pancake
chick, but I take the cake. I’m gooey in the middle, baby. Let me bake. Hello. I’m Barry. And this is Jamie. Now today, we visit one of
the coolest bars in London. Or, it was cool about
six months ago– Yeah, when we filmed it. –when we actually
visited and filmed this. But then what seems
to have happened is that every other
video publisher in and around the London area
has been there in the last six months and launched
a video on it, whereas we kept it behind
because of scheduling issues. OK. Are you ready for this? Jamie, what’s your
favorite film? Peak 1980s Tom Cruise, Cocktail. Ben, what’s your favorite film? That wizarding one, off of
King’s Cross, 9 and 3/4. I can’t mention it
for legal reasons. James. What if we combined
the two, Jamie? Well, then we would be going to
London’s first ever wizarding cocktail-making school. It’s supposed to be amazing. Let’s go and find out. This is our special knock. See? [LAUGHTER] So you walk in off
the high street. I think there’s like a
kebab shop next door. You come down some stairs. And then instantly,
you’re met with– I don’t even know
how to subscribe it. It’s just– it’s like
nothing you’ve ever seen. It is like literally
walking into a wizard’s pub. That’s the best way I
can think to describe it. We were given robes. We were given wands. We were shown to our table. And then first of all,
we made our own cocktail following the instructions
very, very carefully. So we’ve been given
a list of things that we’re gonna need
to make the cocktail. And they’re all in
unmarked bottles. So I (SNIFFING)–
smelling that one, that is definitely the lavender. And this must be the
flask of blue [INAUDIBLE].. Hold it. Hold it to the light. Give it a stir seven times
clockwise with the glass teardrop stirrer. So it doesn’t just say
give it a stir, does it? Clockwise. We have our potion mixed. And I’m now handing it
to the potion master. To accompany you
with your tonic, we have a little vial of
freshly-squeezed manticore venom. Manti– who now? Manticores have
the head of a lion and the tail of a scorpion. Place your newly-enchanted
tonic on the podium on top of your potions
cabinet and tap with the wand. [GASPING] What just happened? What’s happened? Apparently, this is vegan
friendly, but not colorblind friendly. [LAUGHTER] You’re kidding. No, I’m not kidding. Is your– James, look– Look. My colorblindness is between red
and green and blue and purple. If it’s changing from
blue into purple, I’m not going to
see the difference. Do you know the word
to describe that? No. Smooth. It is smooth. I would never– I would
never have a lavender drink. But usually, I’m not a fan
of the lavender flavor. But because I’ve got lemon up
my nostril, it kind of– it adds to the flavor. That’s really nice. I wouldn’t want to rush you
through your first potion. You’re doing extremely
well with it. But our tree of life
is calling very soon. Now, our tree of life is guarded
by a four-faced guardian. Each guardian dispenses
different things. And thankfully, our tree of
life dispenses the most valuable nectar known to man, alcohol. Woo. It has its own specially brewed
beer that you can only get here and a range of cocktails. And to access them, all you
need is your magical wand. And by a simple tap, the
drink will start pouring. How do I stop the magic? You’ve got to– you’ve got
to trust in the tree, my man. I’m trusting the tree. It’s the tree that is magic. But it’s very close to the top. There we go. He knew. How’s your first beer? Shut up. It’s smooth. It’s quite a light, kind
of refreshing, beer. Yeah? It is light, isn’t it? Boop. That’s the best
bartender I’ve ever had. Wow is how that tastes. That’s– wow. I also am keen for
a rosemary gin. But maybe the satsuma and
lychee just to mix it up. That’s why I went first. Because I knew
he’d want the gin. [LAUGHTER] If magic catches on,
barmen will be out of jobs. That’s a good-looking pint. The third thing we did
was make another cocktail. And I got paired with Ben again. But that’s OK. Because what I did was
make the best of it and actually bossed him about. What sort of magical
elixir is this? This is heated water. Wow. [LAUGHTER] Don’t drink the bladderwort
nectar on its own. The jam jar should have
rum and lemon juice. Bam. What’s all this? Sprinkle all ground botanicals. All right, guys. Please do. Fairy dust is going in. It smells of bladderwort. Ensure that ice has arrived
from your potions master and have added it
to your jam jar. And then we need
the [INAUDIBLE].. Excuse me, potion master. Could we have some [INAUDIBLE] (IN HIGH VOICE) Excuse
me, potion master. It says enthusiastically, so. I’m gonna be so
much happier when that’s fully up to the brim. I think the only
way to drink this– Yes, I completely agree. Obviously. Yep. I wasn’t sure what
to expect from that. But it’s got rum. It’s got bitters, lemon. It’s a nice old drink. Nice, properly fresh. I’m a big fan of that. It’s good, very mellow. You start drinking this. And before you know it, you’ve
missed the last train home. Ben’s never missed
the last train home. It’s not like going
to a bar, where you go and you get some drinks. It’s an experience. And I think it’s
really good fun. I’m having a good time. If you could please follow me. Cool. So over here, so this is where
we grow a lot of the botanicals that we use in the experience. So over here, we
have two nurseries where we are
propagating something like 350 plants with aeroponics. Aeroponics is using a
nutrient-rich liquid to mist these stems of the
plants to make roots grow. Using a different system,
this is using hydroponics. So you can see instead of a
mist being [INAUDIBLE] up, you have roots. We’ve got regular
basil and Greek basil. We’ve got thyme. We’ve got sage. And we’ve got mint. Because they are kind of the
first ones that we started. We’ve got some
lavender that we’re going to start to propagate. And I’m just trying to
grow some other things. And then the back
wall here are kind of real, magical, and
carnivorous plants– so again, showcasing
that fantasy has its root in real
history and real things. So you guys are not
nearly drunk enough. So if you could take
some cuttings of basil and bring it to Dave, then we
can make a signature cocktail. I can do that. Hello. We have– Some freshly-picked herbs. Yes. Wonderful. Thank you very much. Thank you. Be careful with that. Who gave you that? I mean it was just
flying around by itself. Well, yeah, it will do. [LAUGHTER] That’s what
enthusiastically means. I can honestly say this
is unlike anything I’ve ever been to before. It’s been amazing. Yeah. When we turned up here, and we
were handed robes and a wand, I’m gonna be honest,
I wasn’t sure. I– I don’t care anymore. Because we’ve had
so many drinks. So many delicious drinks,
including this one, which we actually
handpicked our own basil from the hydroponic dungeon
for propagating more. It’s– Again, it’s not a dungeon. It is a dungeon. [INAUDIBLE] No one said the word
dungeon apart from you. Look. I tell you what. If you’re in London,
you absolutely have to come check
these guys out. Link is down below. But cheers? Cheers. [GLASSES CLINKING] So what do you reckon? Is that your sort of place? It wasn’t mine until I
went there and realized, I love wizards. [LAUGHTER] As always, keep your
suggestions coming in for the exceptional
things in food. We want to find them. And it begins with you. So comment down below and
head over to the forum and join in on the thread. And if you want more
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