Uncle be careful…!!!! Today we in Haridwar Lets meet famous street food owner – DHOKLA BABA Interesting story Behinds it’s name He came here 5 years ago to become Sadhu When He tried for 1 year he realise this is not for him Then he Bought cheap cycle – start making and selling DHOKLAS He sell 1 plate for 30 Rupees Per day he sells easily 100 plates He make 3000 Rs. per day As you food business 50% profit so he makes 1500 Rs. per day He works from 6 pm to 8 pm Whole business is on cycle Front clean plates back dirty plates He stays just outside of ganga ghat and near main market I recommend if you go to haridwar you must try – I eat for one week and Loved It Very simple business Model – make food sell on cycle for 2 hours and done for the day Many big hotel in haridwar but they often cook out side on small streets Due to lack of space You should eat what is good for your health THanks for watching this videos I have videos from Many countries so if you like it please share and Subscribe !!