I’m chef Jeff. Welcome to Chef on a Hog. Today we’re checking out the Happy Talk Lounge
in Princeville. Hey guys, we’re in Princeville at the Happy
Talk Lounge, I’m with the owners, Jimit and Shinthi. Hello. Hi brother. Good to see you guys. Welcome. So what’s your concept? First and foremost we are a bar lounge and
along with burgers, wings, and very cold beer, we serve healthier food as well. How great does it feel to walk in here and
share this view with everybody? Jeff, this is truly the definition of heaven
on earth. You look outside and say “okay I’m gonna have
a great lunch today” How are the ribs cooked? What are you doing to make them so darn good? It’s a slow-cook process. Takes a couple of days, but the end result
is just delicious. We’re doing some braised pork ribs. That’s just absolutely home-cooking at its
very best. The sauce is incredible, this is a hearty
meal. Little bit of spice, a little bit of sweet,
there’s actually meat on here too, this is something I wouldn’t pass up for nothing. Let’s see me make myself look a little more
dignified. Our beet salad is fabulous. It’s one of my favorites. We get greens, kale, and beets from the local
farmers. it’s just crunchy, vibrant, just across-the-board,
just top-notch salad. Goat cheese is just creamy, goes great with
the beets. Lentils adds a little hardiness to it, this
is a top-notch salad. We’ll talk about some cold beer. 29 degrees. And how many on tap? 16. Oh that’s cold. Oh goodness. That is just freezing cold. You – oh my God. That’s claiming the truth right there. That’s ice cold beer folks. We’ve got a wide array of music that we play
on a nightly basis, and everything from Jazz Sundays to Eclectic Monday’s. Great local talent here, So how do people
find you? We are at Princeville at Hanalei Bay Resort. Something about this place is just so magical,
this is truly one of the iconic spots where you can sum up what Hawaii is all about. It’s a whole kit and caboodle. Come have a cold beer and meditate. Outstanding, you can count on it. Today with a great experience, now off to
the next meal. Mention you saw us on KVIC-TV for a special