Hi everyone this is Sanne Vloet. Hi guys!
She’s one of the loveliest person I’ve ever met and I’m very happy to have
spent time with her. We have cooked aubergine pizzas. Pizzas without any
shame, blame in eating. It’s very easy to make, 15 to 20 minutes.
Yes and super delicious. I am gonna make it at home.
So it passed the test
of a New Yorker, a supermodel and someone with a great heart. So, hope you like the
recipes and let’s start the video….. Looks fantastic. Just like pizza. Actually, you are Dutch. I am Dutch from Holland.
And I have higher heels to reach her. Dutches actually the tallest people in the world. Actually, my first Dutch experience was my arts teacher. Really! I was almost getting into arts like I earned my
scholarship from arts and everything.. It was Maria Sezer and I still love her. So Dutch people have a special place in my heart. In your heart!
Yeah and well with you is double. I’ve learned a lot about Turkish cooking
in the last few days, it was just incredible. We have been through Istanbul
and with Sanne we went around Kuzguncuk. She made actually a nice
pide. She’s 25 and she’s learning like we call
this you get it like sponge, you know, you get the information.. like very fast..
What are we gonna make today? She loves eggplants. What I wanted to
do I know in your channel, she does some really good healthy cooking. You can go
and subscribe to her channel as well. with these now, there are over 100
different types of excitations in Turkey, We’re going to get those information and
connected with something global which is a pizza. Healthy pizza and Turkish
influence ,also.. And eggplants, dream come true, no? Dream come true. So how are we
going to do this? Now, we’re going to have like small 3-4 cracks that’s it. Okay..
Super. I’ll put this one like that small kids sleeping in one bed, comfortably. Do
you have a brother or sister? I have a younger brother but we don’t sleep
together. I’m going to put this in the oven, it’s just on the grill and it’s in
maximum. Actually, I have one that I put just before you came in and it’s quite
soft. It is important to check it in every side it’s the same. Ten minutes on one
side and then we flip it to the other side. We flipped it like 90 degrees so
everything is like hot. Let it sit for a while, I’m going to put it.. It is incredible how
we’re gonna make a pizza out of this, right? Yeah, hope we’re going to be able
to do it. I’m going to make a sauce.
Normally in Turkey, we have tomato and pepper paste but not everywhere in the
world. So we have tomato puree. Tomatoes! You can find this everywhere, yeah. I’m
adding like five teaspoons of tomato puree and I want it to be more tasty. So
I’ll add a bit of garlic powder, black pepper, put a bit of salt, if you
want. A little spice.. There’s something bitter about tomato sauce, to
break that what you do is I know you don’t put granulated sugar a lot, this much.
Lightens the heaviness of the a tomato sauce, that’s it. So this is going to be
the base. And we have rated melting cheese, it’s called kaşar
in Turkish. I don’t know what you use. In Holland we would have gouda or edam.. You have the best ones. In America, New York what would you have? Just cheese, you can find in anywhere. Okay. This is close to gouda, but it is like more
common as a lighter cheese. Now, what we are going to do is without going all the
way down, a little bit like this and make a little boat like this. Here, it’s not
really finished cooking. It’s going to be have some more time in the oven. So, it
doesn’t have to be completely done. Yes. And now, as you can see this a bit watery,
I want to drop to water if there’s any It’s gonna be the pizza base. Before we
put the sauce, I’m just doing this with eggplants. Shredding the inside. Yeah,
yeah, of course. Otherwise when you take it, it would be like the threads would
gets in the way, like baked potatoes. Yeah, inside of baked potatoes. So, we make as
flat surface like this. That starts to look like a pizza. Before we do, I’ll have
bit of salt as well. Here, around and do this. And then we’re going to put the
tomatoes sauce? Exactly, yes. At what age did you start modeling? I got scouted when I
was 14 but I was too small. So I was 18 whenI started. Ah so people waited for you
to grow up. Yeah!! And you model for Chanel or something? For Chanel, Victoria’s Secret,
Ralph Lauren, all that brands.. Wow!! So it’s the base of the pizza. We
add a bit of cheese, if you don’t use any meat or it tastes better you can have
like other sophisticated cheese, like a emmental or mozzarella. Then on top, whatever you like. I
love mushrooms. Green olives? Olives I love. How do you feel about pineapple
on a pizza, in general? I know that people love it or they hate
it. I like sweet and sour at the same time. Yeah, me too. I really like it. One thing, we
cannot grow pineapples and I don’t like the idea of my food traveling from the
other end of the world. Make sense, you so fortune, you guys have all the good products, already
here in Turkey. In that sense, you’re really right. So, I can’t be spoiled in
that, so.. I love to put more color in them. Okay.
what are these? That’s also a green pepper. You’ve never seen such pepper? You can taste it.
Am I like burning my mouth? No no no.. You go. Not at all, in my childhood we
only had this kind of peppers, we didn’t even get to see those. Yeah. You
like oregano? I love oregano. It’s fun, like you can make
these all personalized for whatever you like on it, like all different veggies..
And on top, if you like a bit of more tomatoes a bit more cheese. Never enough cheese!! So for me I’m going to make it slightly
different one with thin sliced onions and then a bit of sucuk which is Turkish
meat and the sucuk is with a lot of spices, minced meats stuffed into the
intestine Now, it’s not sounding so well. I have to
say, I tried it yesterday and it was really nice. Pepperonis are very much likes sucuk, and let’s make it more spicy, so a little bit
of pepper and I want leftover mushroom. Black olives? We’re not throwing it away Okay. Make a little pizza party here. From one mushroom, half about the pepper, side of an onion and
two aubergines.. Here we go! I’m gonna put it in the oven. On the grill,
about five minutes. Done! Here we go! Looks fantastic, melted
cheese, favorite vegetable eggplant. Simple and on top if it’s drizzle,
a bit of olive oil last-minute same in all the pizzas actually. Would
you like some basil on it? Of course. You go! Take the like small leaves, exactly.
The more color, the better. Oh yeah, it’s super healthy, quick and easy. And this is developed just for you. Just for me? Here you go!
Which one shall we start? I start with a big one. Okay, start with the big one.
Pizza pepperoni!! That’s gonna be a really big for my mouth. Did you like it?
Just like pizza. Without the shame. Now yours longer longer longer.. And then.. Here we go!! You know the Disney? Cartoons? Yes the cartoons, two dogs and they’re like with the spaghetti like…. I love this one very much too. They’re both
very different. The green olives, red pepper, the origano.. Oh really nice! You’re natural,
yeah. Thank you.. I think after we finish with this, we can
have the Turkish coffee and I will read your fortune. Oh really!! How?
With Turkish coffee. Cheers.. I like it. Now, you’ve learned the fortune-telling.
Please guys check Sana’s youtube channel from here. You can go and subscribe to
her and watch great content, not just food but all about life and living the
life in a good way I believe. Yes, that’s completely right. Thank you so much for
having me Turkish food was amazing and you have an amazing warm heart.
Thank you, thank you. Take care guys. I hope you liked the video, if you liked
the video you know what to do subscribe.