Hi. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. In today’s episode, I’m going to help you distinguish the differences in attachments
for 2 different Hobart mixers. First thing’s first, there are n fact 2 different kinds of models
of Hobart mixers out there. We have the standard version and then also in the past recent few years, they’ve come out with a new HL Legacy Series. Big difference between those is they take
different kinds of parts in the way they attach to the mixer itself. First we’re going to take a look at these
bowls. Right here on my left, your right, we have
the standard Hobart mixer bowl. The biggest thing the difference between that
and this Legacy version here on my right your left, is the difference
between these brackets. Also if you noticed on this HL Legacy version, we’ve got an angled bracket and that’s to
help secure it in place when it snaps in. But if you noticed on that bracket, the actual
model number of this bowl, “HL20”, it’s printed on that bracket. That’s a great way to identify the Legacy
series. The standard version does not have that printed
on their brackets. Just notice these differentiations between
the 2 and that’s your first place to identify if you have the standard version or the HL
Legacy series. In addition to the Legacy series having the
model number imprinted on the bracket of the bowl. Take a look at this old version. You’ll notice that both brackets are the same
on both sides. However, when you look at the Legacy HL version, you’ll notice that the brackets are not the
same on both sides and that is due to their new locking mechanisms
over here. Next, I’m going to help you distinguish between
the different kinds of attachments for those same mixers. You’ll notice on this particular attachment of the standard version or Hobart mixers, we see the recess inside the paddle, so that way you slide it on and twist it into
place, so that way the locking pin falls in that
set area. This is the newer version HL Legacy series. The big thing to differentiate here is the
spring loaded locking set pin. What you’re going to do is you’re going to
slide this, the whole attachment on the shaft and then
you release the spring, so that way it slides into place and it’s
going to click right into the whole that it locks into. Also you’ll notice that the HL series and
model number embossed directly on the attachments themselves. Also keep in mind when ordering a Hobart replacement
parts, that you take note of what volume capacity
you’re bowl is because that’s going to be very critical to
how it fits your machine as well. Also just be sure to give our sales team a
call if you have any questions as they are great
in handling these issues with you. And I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. Join us again next time.