Hello, Everyone. Today I will show you a brand new coffee shop, called Cộng Cà Phê. As you know in HCM City, there are many types of the coffee shop which have amazing, sight-seeing But the coffee shop I want to show you today also have their own advantages Let me show you how this coffee shop really are At the Cong coffee always wear a blue uniform with a red flag in front of their chest, cashiers or bartenders will have a canoe on their head. The sentences are often heard in Cộng coffee ” Cộng welcome” is a greeting to the shop. ” Cộng thank you.” the goodbye when the guests leave. The staff at Cộng coffee has a lot of quality value and it is also part of reason that customers choose to visit Cộng coffee such as smiling, smart, sincerity, saving and so ơn. There are many kinds of beverage and foods for the customers. Especially, Cộng has some local drinks. First is coffee. The perfect rate between Arabica and Robusta, is made by Cộng, will bring a special flavor of Viet Nam. Smoothies with Fresh Coconuts are inspired by ” Trang Tien Ice Cream” – a taste that any HaNoi’s people must remember. Smoothies with Fresh Coconuts are the most popular drink in Cộng. To bring freshness everyday, Cộng always uses fresh fruit to make a glass of pure, clean and nutritious juice, especially guava juice. All store will have a space for selling souvernirs such as invaders, leather, pottery and notebook. You can buy easily with suitable prices. Today I will introduce about the history of Cộng coffee The story of Cộng coffee began in 2007, was represented by Nguyen Thi Kim Dung. The first of the franchise was a small coffee, situated on Trieu Viet Vuong street – the historical coffee street in Ha Noi Second, the name ” Cộng ” is simply taken from the first word of Viet Nam’s official name The socialist Republic of Viet Nam just means Cộng hòa Xã hội Chủ nghĩa Việt Nam The last one is about the services Their speciality includes popular services like greeting, sitting outdoor food service. Hello. Can I ask you some question? -OK. Do you often go to Cộng coffee? Yes. I go here everyday. What do you think about why Cộng coffee attracted to VietNamese people and some foreigners? I think when you step into Cộng coffee, It makes you feel like travel back into a system of budget subsidies time, and the decoration, uniform of the waiters and waitresses. I can give you a good overview how can VietNamese people live in the past and during the war. And when you feel sad or bored, you can go there in the evening and go to the second floor, watch the moment of the city and people walk into the street. You can even listen to the acoustic in the evening. Thank you. Thanks for your answers.