The invitations are out, the engagement photos done, and the day is finally here. But someone is missing. “He’s not here.”
“Who’s not here?”
“The groom.” “What’ going on?” “Steve’s not here.” “Did anybody call him?” The groom is m.i.a. “Well, give me a phone.” “I don’t know how to work this.”
“Here, sweetie.” “What’s going on? Where are you?”
“I was out front. I just left.” “I can’t do this.” “Oh, my god” “Terry?”

You might remember a similar scene from the 2008 film Sex and the City. “He’s not here.” “Who’s not here?” “What’s going on? Where are you?”
“I just left” In the movie the groom tries to make things, right but he’s a bit too late. Our groom, however, can’t say the same and he ducks into the old glory kitchen and spirits in Keyport, New Jersey. I just get a shot of tequila, please if you saw this groom, but happy you got cold feet Walking into a bar and instead of walking down the aisle. Yeah What would you do I Still shot of tequila, what’s wrong? I don’t know Cold feet I guess these first customers are quickly engaged They try to ease some of the tension in the room Well, how crazy is their dad that might help me decide? Before trying to ease the groom’s nerves how long you guys been together together five engage for one pretty much know everything Was a nerve-racking day what do you think I should do again? What do you think I should do? They won’t give Steve a straight answer But they do recommend that he take at least one course of action so even though you should call anybody’s that’s in the wedding Today Thank You Yanis What did you think it’s anxiety you get anxiety Right, you’re gonna tell them don’t do it. You can’t say yes or no. This is someone you don’t know It’s a sentiment we hear over and over again Customers just won’t tell our groom to say I do Instead they draw upon their own experiences This next customer jokes that our groom has more to lose than a bride What you gotta do they’re already there, you know, that’s kind of like a rash decision For this couple standing up the bride Is just not an option These next women do what moms do best They instill confidence and try to comfort Steve We raise the stakes a bit and now ask the bride to call Steve Take the door say I do love you. I’m nervous. I’m coming. Do you want to tell her that? She gladly takes the phone And then she personally makes the bride a promise Please tell them I love them and I care a lot about And now it’s our turn to set her straight are you this is a TV show he’s an actor This last couple has been dating for 12 years and aren’t married But that doesn’t stop them from reassuring Steve I Never felt like this level of nervousness before I do you love her I feel like I want to throw up go to the bathroom. I right now it’s us and not his heart Telling him to step away All right bring in the bride and now here comes the bride how will they react and she makes her grand appearance? Okay, I Haven’t spoken to him I couldn’t get in contact with him with the bride I’m able to get ahold of him Thomas Donohue does it for her? What do you mean she’s I got fun and he convinces Steve to speak now or forever hold his peace I’m freaking out. I’m sorry. I’m sorry But before they head out Thomas and Janice have a parting gift for the bride and groom With a happy couple headed for the altar there’s only one thing left to do What can I get you? And then she walked in what did you think of that what’s the key to a good relationship trust It’s a message our groom will forever cherish as he lives happily ever after happy wife happy life