company started back actually in 1911 with her family heritage we have my grandfather come over from Italy in the pictures that shows him out farming on little plots of land he would go ahead and start oh i’m
saying about the 1940s he would start delivering the
restaurant’s nineteen sixties into seventy I went ahead and I went with my father we’d ring a bell
going up and in Northwest Portland and all the
ladies from houses but come down tell us that they wanted strawberries
today or tomatoes my dad would put them in a bag and I
would carry them up to the houses has been and the blood all the way all
my life and I always decided that this is an enjoyable living to be able
to take care people I’ve been supplying Graziano with
produce since 1984 we’ve been supplying graziano food service since about 1980 ever since I first got started we’ve
been supplying Graziano’s we start here October 2003 over 10 years Chris buys from us, instead of in large quantities only once a week or twice a
week to buy more manageable quantities he’ll buy six days a week home so where
they’re almost every day with produce that’s cut that morning what
makes us special about our transportation is the fact that we own 20 trucks and the fact that he is that
we can go our suppliers and everywhere from the
Portland area to California San Diego we have
consistent farmers that supply us with product the fact
that we have our own trucks we know that the product has been taken
care of that the products being shipped quickly
that it will arrive quickly and then the whole truck will get unloaded
here and it’s ready for distribution within just very short time there’s no such
thing as a second second-tier produce you know we
will we want the best up that’s you know
thats what Chris Graziano gets us Flavors die off as they get older, especially produce so if we don’t get it in fresh, we can’t serve it fresh. We don’t have any options right we need people that always come through its not like I can
go get that for you next week think we need it today oftentimes there
aren’t things that are available out here to the coast; we can’t run and
get koreans spice paste here at the coast, there’s no supplier but Chris will get it for us and get it here. it’s very important probably the most
one of the most important things he offers to his customers is that he can be counted on-he’ll get it here is driven out here with a flat tomatoes
on a Saturday does that explain it? Yeah from Portland. We have restaurant
chains that are family-owned and as a result the mom and dad the grandpas grandma’s they have been dealing with my parents and now they’re dealing with us and now
their children are dealing with our children so tradition definitely when you find
somebody you can trust, you stay with them and you know that you’re being taken care they never
take advantage of you and you know whenever you need something, you can call on us we can take care of the littlest guy that only need a hundred dollars and they’re 100 miles away from us but we have a
truck going by there it’s no problem to stop by we also can handle the got guys that
want 10,000 pounds delivered today and tomorrow or 40,000 pounds we can handle those also and we do
quite frequently We want to support the communities through
the customers who we support and as a result when we get a call from
a chef saying that their kids’ involved in activity can we get a little
bit of help we say,”Of course.” When we have a restaurant that’s doing a huge benefit for an organization we say,”Yes, we’ll help.” It’s a continual
thing for us and we definitely want to help our
customers and our communities that support us Graziano gives back to the community by
hiring locally we also give back to charities we do some for like the schools
for the backpack program of giving away apples
to kids that can’t afford the lunches. We also do other charitable donations throughout the year. We started
the company in 1986 the two of us together because we’re
trying to provide our family with a living; now we have over 40
employees and what’s going to happen from here we have no idea. Our son Christopher is so energetic and he has so much
aspiration to do well he’s out there pushing it as hard as he can
and I have absolutely no idea what he’s
going to want to do with it in the future what I do know is that we’ve instilled
good principles in him and he’s going to do well in whatever he
chooses to do