in this video I’m gonna review one of my favorite hotels in Phuket the grand mercure hotel right late at night but the staff is still pretty chill really sweet delicious Wow and look they even have dragon fruit and this is like really really expensive in Japan but Michael loves and stuff in a Nevel it looks so real [Music] coming strong with a vodka and some black label I’m not really much of a whisky fan but pretty cool at that black label hmm oh look at that sing ha we got to try this later and you got your standard Heineken three topics oh cool a nice robe cut the lock oh nice [Music] and this hotel has a pretty dope breakfast crazy selection of food and a bunch of freshers on the grill [Music] [Music] gotta have a somewhat healthy breakfast [Music] [Music] nothing like starting the morning with a nice healthy breakfast I got this detox drink mmm the ginger is really strong I just love how they have all these different fresh juices squeezed plunging when you’re staying here you have to include the breakfast because the selection is amazing there’s just so much like I get to eat breakfast here every single morning and I think I can have something different for like a week and like Jesus completely pardon I just so much to choose from [Music] so it’s pretty cool we asked the reception if we can borrow a yoga mat and they said hey we actually have the yoga room for you guys to use and we have this whole room they put out some mats for us and behind me they have some kick boxing gloves which I’m excited to try out all right let’s get the workout started then this gym is open 24 hours and you can get just full-on any time of the day and there’s a spot to look at this place it’s amazing and there’s fun things forget to do to you they have this lip inside with a small pool and if you get tired of watching them at the pool you can throw them in the kids corner and then have a drink at the bar or play pool or grab a coffee or play around the ping-pong or have a drink at the pool and one of the things I love the most about this room is you can just walk out right into the balcony and [Music] well I feel so much better now so what I’m also pretty stoked about is that this hotel they have like this tea set it comes with and then from 11:00 to 6:00 they have all of these like snacks and teas and drinks and we’ll check that in just a little bit all right looks good let’s put on some clothes that was easy nothing better than beach clothes [Music] look at all these goodies in the mid-afternoon just having some tea hanging out well not really tea but I mean I got my soda water this is like one of the reasons that I wanted to come back here I’m sitting in a bunch of different places in Phuket but every time I come to this hotel but I feel like home everything is perfect and just really have a good time and this is what Michael got she got some bread too got one great some cheese in a muffin let’s taste this gouvernail lemon heart are delicious yeah breakfast from 6:00 to 11:00 you can actually have his tea time from 11:00 to 5:00 so like they’re serving food all day let alone the bar and on something pretty frigging nice [Music] one of the most important things about any hotel is an internet connection because it could be the most fancy hotel but if the internet connection sucks then life sucks I guess at least for me because I love to use the Internet so let me try to upload a file and see how long it takes it because the most important thing is as youtuber I want to see if they can upload files if it takes a long time then yeah Bert intro well it took about 30 minutes to upload a 300 Meg file but wow this is like so much better than my other adventures in Thailand this hotel internet is pretty awesome and Netflix works too and check it out I was able to connect my PC directly to the monitor they have an HDMI connector right by that desk and you can just plug it in I’m such a nerd but isn’t that ok [Music] oh it smells so good Oh give this it’s freshly made I feel like I’m at a real market awesome full transparency this is not a paid video but they did hook me up with at a night market dinner buffet I usually like to hit up the city for dinner but I couldn’t pass this up and Dan was I surprised fresh seafood off the real food so hot I’m sweating oh wait maybe it’s just hot outside right off the freaking Gill it’s amazing look how beautiful this fish is check this out to speed food Gangu it’s a local dish here in Phuket so here actually it’s supposed to eat the yellow curry with the noodles and the crab wow you can smell the yellow curry it’s really strong squid some clams I got so much food I just my eyes and are sometimes bigger than my stomach you know there’s a lot of street food here and to get one of the nice things here but you know all of the stuff is fresh and you know that it’s safe because sometimes eating the street food you don’t know where it’s coming from but here it’s guaranteed safe and you get to eat and like this awesome ambiance this so what I’m actually first really really to taste is this is that the yellow curry that I showed you earlier I’m just gonna mix the vermicelli around oh good my curry is a little sweet and it has a kick it’s super spicy I’m gonna get every single mouthful wow this is so good a shrimp is let pops in your mouth usually a lot of pot dies and overcook the shrimp in so you get like this bland like soggy thing but every time I took a bite I just like pops in my mouth anything wow I just got this off the grill my hands are just burning but I saw hot chili lime sauce which I’ve grown to love oh yeah it is I’m good crimp and that sauce does not hurt at all ages all day it’s friggin amazing her all right that concludes my review for the grandma Gator hotel if you guys liked this video help me out and hit that like button if you have any questions or comments leave it in the comment section below and if you have any other hotels that you want me to review let me know in the comments and like always if you want to see more of my ventures hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in the next one