This hotel was built in 1900 and has 123 rooms. Although the name suggests the property is not in Milan, but it belonged to a larger company. It is located in a town that has become famous in 1847, especially in the wealthier among us. It was a walk between the high society of the time, you always liked the most luxurious cars and not just about money, but about the social position of the visitors. But times change and VIP guests were offered more exclusive destinations with better service at lower prices. By his own vanity, and it can not respond to the disappearance of the wealthy guests outdated hotel and had no financial “le means to renew. The economic crisis put the activities were discontinued in 2007 and is the immense five-star hotel officially on sale. Despite the decline, we could still feel the atmosphere of the time. Hi viewers. We have arrived at “Grand Hotel et de Milan”. The name makes you believe that we are in Milan, but that’s not true. We should have a little watch out for strangers. We are now at the reception desk of the hotel. There hung the keys. There indeed were all the keys to the rooms. I hope that no cameras are like the signs said at the entrance. As you can see we are in the “Grand Hotel et de Milan”. It is known for the sake of this room. What a beautiful room! What a beautiful room! Again the weeral pity that there is so much destruction, the black and yellow paint. What a gigantic hotel, why they have this left? For example, a busy city with many people. And then they show this beautiful architecture here simply wither. We’ll go up and look again at this beautiful hotel. All rooms of course. A special bath. It is freeky. I do not feel comfortable. There is a fearful atmosphere. We must be careful that there are no people here happen to have taken shelter. I do not know why, but it gives me a tightness here. An emergency exit. The staircase. Everywhere there is a lot of clutter. And we’re back to the entrance. Here was the bar. Looks like this hotel has already suffered a lot of damage. I’m afraid there’s not much more to see outside that one magnificent hall. These empty rooms, full of decay. Decay that all of the ceiling fell. I think we’ve seen the best. I think we need not look much further, the main we have seen. We have seen the key here and it feels like there possibly people are sleeping. It is very hot outside, and here it is very fresh, that plus the fact that we are in a big city …. It is almost inevitable that there are people living here. We go back out through another exit, so we come directly to our car up. And I would say, we’ll see you in another movie to another location here in Italy “. Until the next!