♪♪ ♪♪ You waited tables
at the Ritz. Yes, ma’am. So I’m gonna start you now
on a trial basis. No fraternizing
with the staff or guests. That means no sex.
Understood. ♪♪ We’re the last family-owned
hotel in Miami Beach. Welcome, my daughter. [ Laughs ] And that is
the family. ♪♪ You look tired. Well, that’s
’cause I didn’t sleep much. ♪♪ You know Daddy hates it when you hook up
with the guests. Added bonus. I saw you playing nice with
the evil stepsisters over there. They’re harmless
if you just ignore the hideous things
they say. But I’m not thrilled
about Dad’s new wife. ♪♪ Who’s that?
Boss man’s daughter Alicia. Otherwise known
as off-limits. Danny? Let’s go. ♪♪ I want to thank
Gigi and Santiago. We’re just delighted
to be purchasing this wonderful property. Dad, you sold the hotel? This was Mommy’s hotel
before it was yours. She wanted us
to have it. You’re making
an awful scene. You were her best friend
and you wasted no time before swooping in
like a vulture. That’s enough! You seem upset. Well, I’m not about to talk
about it with a total stranger. You can ignore me
or talk to me. Whatever you want. ♪♪ I’m a pretty
persistent person. ♪♪ Danny? You’re a waiter? I was gonna
say something last night. You went night-swimming with
this guy? Now who’s the slut? I know you’re loyal
to the staff, your people. I thought
they were our people. The hotel is failing. It’s a money pit. We’re gonna pay back
the bank. It’s not the bank
we owe. Who do we owe? ♪♪ You’re on vacation.
Live a little. I’m pregnant. Things are about to
get tough around here. I’m not going anywhere. You can’t touch me, unless you want the entire world
to know what your husband did. ♪♪ Nothing bad ever happens
at the Riviera Grande, Didn’t you know? ♪♪