DANIEL: Hi there. I’m Daniel Sieberg
with I/O Live. And we are in the Nexus lounge
of Androidville. And we’re going to be talking
about a number of different devices and services that are
all tied to your content, how you get it, where you can view
it on different devices. Plus, we’re going to give you
a look at the Q right now, which is super cool. It just got delivered
here to I/O in a very dramatic fashion. I’m joined now by Justin. Justin, introduce yourself for
the folks, first of all. JUSTIN KOH: Hi there. My name’s Justin. I’m a software engineer on Nexus
Q. And I work on both the software on the Android
device that controls it, as well as the software
and the Q itself. DANIEL: All right. Well, we’re all blown away
by how it got delivered. But perhaps even more so, the
technology that’s in there and how people can use it is
relevant to folks out there. We can see it behind us. It’s hooked up to the device
that you’ve got here, which is the Nexus 7. So give us a little spin here. If you want to share
your content– let’s just imagine this
is our living room. JUSTIN KOH: Great. DANIEL: And you want to
share that with folks. How would you do that with
music, first of all? JUSTIN KOH: Great. So I’m here in the music app. And looking at the Nexus Q
and I’m looking at what song’s coming up. And I decided, you know what? We should play something else. So I can come back here and I
see all of the songs that are in my Google Play
music library. DANIEL: Sir, turn that if you
can just a little bit for folks to see. Got a list of all your
songs there. JUSTIN KOH: Right. And so I can just select one
and say, add to Media Room, which is the name of our Nexus
Q, and it will play up next. But let’s say that
we’re impatient. We want to play it right away. I can just go down there, find
it in our Q and hit, hit. And you can see that we start
playing it right away. DANIEL: That’s very cool. JUSTIN KOH: But what’s
even cooler– DANIEL: Yes? JUSTIN KOH: Is that if you had
your Android device hooked up and you had the Nexus Q app,
you could go through your music library. You could find your
own tracks. And you could add it
to my Q as well. And so we could be listening
to both of our music at the same time. DANIEL: So it’s sharing that
experience together. JUSTIN KOH: Sharing
that experience. Right. You just downloaded a new album
and you want to tell me about the best track on it,
you can just show it to me right away. DANIEL: That’s very cool. And now, music is one thing,
which is obviously great for a social environment. Video. So if it was, say,
a YouTube clip. JUSTIN KOH: Excellent. DANIEL: Would you do
the same thing? JUSTIN KOH: Yep. So in YouTube, I think there’s
a new video today that I really want to see and I really
want to show you. So let’s just search
for Google Nexus. And we’ve got the Introducing
Nexus 7, which also got introduced today. We just tap on our Android
Beam icon up here and then hit play. And you can see that we’ll be
showing each other hilarious cat videos and product videos. DANIEL: Not more cat videos. JUSTIN KOH: Not more
cat videos. DANIEL: And all the content you
can get on YouTube, you can just share it with anybody
who wants to see it here? JUSTIN KOH: Exactly. And you can share it,
I can share it. And moving on from YouTube, we
can actually do the same thing with the new Google Play
movies content. So that’s movies that you’ve
purchased, movies that you’ve rented, or TV shows. And you can share that all on
the big screen with everybody who’s watching. DANIEL: All right. Let’s talk a little bit about
the Q itself, the device. JUSTIN KOH: Sure. DANIEL: Who makes it? What are some of the
cool specs you can share with us on it? JUSTIN KOH: So Google
makes it. And this is really exciting
because it’s the first piece of consumer hardware that Google
designed in-house and is manufacturing. So the Nexus Q has an OMAP 4
processor inside, which is the same chip that’s inside
the Galaxy Nexus. And so you can imagine
with all that power. Or we can deliver a 10 AP video
to the best screen and speakers in the house. The Nexus Q is also hooked up
for just being a music device if you’d like. You can hook it up using
[? split off ?] optical audio out. Or it also has a 25-watt digital
amplifier that you can connect directly to speakers. And just spread Q all
over the house. DANIEL: So there’s a lot of
power packed into that relatively small device. JUSTIN KOH: Exactly. And they work well with
each other as well. So if you have multiple Nexus
Q’s in your house, they will play music all synced
up at the same time. DANIEL: And that’s, I guess,
the beauty of it as well. It’s meant to be
very seamless. JUSTIN KOH: Exactly. DANIEL: People don’t have to
set up a lot of things and find out how to integrate it. Out of the box it’s
working for you. JUSTIN KOH: Exactly. Nexus Q is meant to
live in your home. It’s meant to be unobtrusive
when you don’t want to be there. But when you want it there, it
can really put on a slideshow. DANIEL: All right. Anything else you wanted to show
us with the 7 while we’ve got it here? JUSTIN KOH: I think one of
my friends might be able to help with that. DANIEL: OK. Well, as a matter of fact,
we’re going to talk about Play first. So Justin, thank you so
much, by the way. JUSTIN KOH: You’re welcome. DANIEL: That was fantastic. And we’ll just let this play. Are we safe to let this
video keep playing? Should we put some music on? JUSTIN KOH: Oh. DANIEL: Let’s put
some music on. JUSTIN KOH: Let’s put
some music back on. DANIEL: Some sort of mood music
to set the scene here. JUSTIN KOH: All right. Back to our playlist. And let’s just go right
back up here. And we’ll just go right back– DANIEL: Oh, very cool. Some Rolling Stones? Nice job. All right. Justin, thank you so much
for dropping by. That’s great. JUSTIN KOH: Have a good day. DANIEL: And Nicole,
come on up here. This is like our guest couch
and you’re the next one to talk to us. NICOLE PLANA: I know. DANIEL: You’re gonna kind
of stitch all of this together for us. Because Play, where people get a
lot of this content from, is what we’re going to
talk about now. So how would you describe Play
to someone who’s either unfamiliar with it or maybe
wants to know more? NICOLE PLANA: So I would
describe Play as your store for all your entertainment. On Play we feature apps, music,
movies, books, and we now feature television
shows and magazines. DANIEL: Cool. Well, we got a look at some
of the music stuff. And we’ll get into that
in just a second. But if you want to talk a little
bit more about each of these– we’re going to
call them verticals. NICOLE PLANA: Sure. DANIEL: Different content,
multimedia content, that people want to consume. NICOLE PLANA: Yeah. DANIEL: Do you want to start
with talking about apps in particular, maybe? NICOLE PLANA: Sure. So I’m Google Play I can just
open apps right now. We have over 600,000 apps and
games and a wide variety of types of apps and games. So users can check their stocks,
read their news, or just play a game on their
tablet or device. DANIEL: And games– very,
very popular in the apps store, right? NICOLE PLANA: Definitely. DANIEL: It’s one of
the big ones. NICOLE PLANA: Definitely. DANIEL: And in terms of
multimedia content like music, what are some of the new
features with finding music in the Play store? NICOLE PLANA: Yeah. Music is definitely something
we’re very excited about. We feature millions of tracks. And another really cool feature
about music is we offer personalization. So we make suggestions based on
what you’re listening to. DANIEL: Oh, that’s very cool. Yeah, I’m a big user of
Google Play myself. I get most of my music from
there these days. It’s fantastic. And those recommendations,
I think, is really cool. NICOLE PLANA: Great. Yeah, definitely. DANIEL: OK, so now we talked
about apps and music. How about movies and TV shows? NICOLE PLANA: Yeah. So we offer hundreds
of thousands of movies and TV shows. TV shows is something new for
Play that we just launched. And it allows users to catch
up on all their favorite programs, like Breaking Bad
or Parks and Recreation. DANIEL: Cool. And then finally books,
of course. Very, very popular. NICOLE PLANA: Definitely. DANIEL: Easy to get
and download. NICOLE PLANA: Yeah. DANIEL: What’s new in
the books world? NICOLE PLANA: Books is actually
the largest ebook store in the world. And we offer a wide
variety of genres. So it appeals to everybody. So we have cookbooks, fiction,
biographies. DANIEL: Cool. So maybe you could just hold
that up for the camera so we can get a see. This is what the whole Play
interface looks like. Maybe hold it up just a little
bit higher for the camera. There you go. NICOLE PLANA: Music. And also magazines, which
is something new. And magazines is also something
that we try to appeal to everybody. So we have magazines on
photography, health. In the area of health we have
Shape and Men’s Health featured on magazines
right now. DANIEL: And just to be clear,
folks can get this content on any of the Android devices. NICOLE PLANA: Yes. DANIEL: I have a Nexus Galaxy. Phone, full disclosure. We have a Nexus 7 here. But that’s part of the beauty
of getting this, is you can access it on these different
devices and share it. NICOLE PLANA: You can. You can access whatever you
purchase on your account, as long as the account’s
on the device. DANIEL: Very cool. All right, anything else you
wanted to mention while we’ve got you here? NICOLE PLANA: No, I think
we covered it all. Thank you very much. DANIEL: All right. Well, thank you very much. I’m going to send it to
the output couch now. NICOLE PLANA: OK. DANIEL: And our final
guest from the input couch, Krithika. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Hi. DANIEL: How are you? KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Good. DANIEL: And you have got in your
hand something that a lot of folks want to get
their hands on. This is the Nexus 7. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Yeah. You guys have gotten a bit of a
glimpse of it watching the Q demo and the Play demo. But I’d really like to get into
the hardware of this. DANIEL: Yeah. Well, introduce yourself
to folks so they know who you are. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: So I’m
Krithika Muthukumar. And I’m a Product Marketing
Manager on Android. And I’ve been working
on the Nexus 7 and bringing this to you guys. DANIEL: OK. So power it up for us here. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: So
actually, first I’d like to show you that you can get
into your tablet just by using your face. DANIEL: Oh. See, it saw my face there and
it got a little concerned. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: So it saw
your face and it didn’t recognize you. Let’s try mine. And I’m in. DANIEL: Hey. And it worked even with me kind
of like leering over your shoulder there. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: And right
up front is all of my favorite content from Google Play. So this tablet is really
made for Google Play from start to finish. And starting with the vibrant
seven-inch display and the corning glass that’s
around this. And you can just enjoy
your HD movies in brilliant clarity here. So actually let me just jump
into one of these movies. I just get right into Play and
start watching a movie. So it’s just that simple. DANIEL: That’s very,
very cool. Now obviously there’s
a front-facing camera on there as well? KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR:
That’s correct. DANIEL: Of course which is
needed to recognize you. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: So using
the front-facing camera you can do Hangouts, you
can chat with your friends and video chat. So that’s another part of it. DANIEL: That’s very,
very exciting. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Exactly. DANIEL: To be able to do
these kind of mobile Hangouts would be cool. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: I actually
talked with my grandma the other day,
who’s in Singapore. And she was on her cell phone
and I was on my tablet. DANIEL: Really? KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: And we
had a Hangout right there. DANIEL: That’s fascinating. And for people who don’t know,
a Hangout is this up to 10 people video chat for Google+. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Right. You can Hangout with up to nine
of your friends at the same time right through
Google+. DANIEL: That’s very cool. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: The other
thing that I’d like to show off to you guys is just that
it’s built with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is the latest
of the world’s most popular mobile platform. And it’s just smooth and fast. And it’s got some cool new
features like a new search interface and Google Now, which
brings you just the right information that you need
without you even having to ask for it. DANIEL: Now I see Chrome on
there as well, of course. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Exactly. So Chrome is the browser
of choice. So you can browse the
web Chrome-fast. You can also get any of the
other Google mobile apps. It’s really the best
of Google on your tablet and mobile device. DANIEL: Have you had a lot of
fun playing around with this, by the way? Because you look
like you have. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Yeah. DANIEL: You’ve got a chance to
see this stuff before lot of other people. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR:
That’s true. I’ve got my demo device here. You guys will see the little
number up here. I’ve had a chance to play with
it for the past month and a half or so. And I find myself just enjoying
content more. It is really built for all
your entertainment and enjoying it. So I’ve read a couple of
the books that came preloaded on here. I’ve seen Transformers
3 a couple of times. And actually I even checked out
the Food Network magazine. DANIEL: OK. You were doing research. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: And
found a good recipe. DANIEL: You were
doing research. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Exactly. DANIEL: Yeah, yeah. I understand. And so give me some of the
technical specifications of this too that people
are curious about. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Sure. So this has got a Tegra 3 Quad
core processor from Nvidia. It’s made by ASUS, one of the
leading manufacturers of hardware devices. And other technical specs that
you’d want to know is that it’s got the 1.2 megapixel
front-facing camera. So you’ll look great when you’re
video chatting with your friends. DANIEL: It’s very, very cool. Anything else you wanted to show
us on it while we’ve got you here and a captive
other part of this experience is really for Play. And you’ve seen a bit of it. But I think the consumption
part of it, not just the store, has also been
optimized for this. So as a seven-inch tablet,
it’s really perfect. It’s thin, light, and portable
and it fits in your hand. You can just open up an
ebook and immediately start reading it. And the display makes it really
easy to read as well. DANIEL: That’s very,
Whether it’s at night or you’re hiding– DANIEL: It’s got to be
very light, right? KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR:
Super light. DANIEL: That is incredibly
light. Do you know exactly how
much that weighs? KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: I
don’t want to guess. But you can find the specs
at google.com/nexus. DANIEL: OK. And availability, price, tell
us all about that stuff. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: It is
ready to pre-order today. And it’s available in either an
8 gig or a 16 gig version. So even though Google Play is
made for the cloud and you can store all of your entertainment
without needing the hard drive, you can still
store a lot of your favorite content and keep it when you’re
away from your internet connection. DANIEL: OK. And I assume this all
works together. We’ve talked about Play,
which we’ve seen. And the Q. This can
Absolutely. This is a Nexus device. So it brings the best of Google
to your mobile device. DANIEL: That’s great. Well, I’m going to bring
you two guys back up here for a second. Since we have a little
more time left. Anything else you guys wanted
to mention while we’ve got you here? I’m just fascinated by
all this cool stuff. And we’re hearing some of the
music right now thanks to Q. Anything else you guys want
to throw out there? KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: Yeah. I think the best part is
actually playing with a bunch of your friends. The Q is the first social
streaming media player, so you can bring your device to the
party and just start playing. JUSTIN KOH: Right. I think it’s great how the
products work well together. You’ve got the tablet when
you’re using your personal consumption, and then when you
want to share with other people that’s what Q’s for. DANIEL: And there’s all
that content in Play whenever you want it. NICOLE PLANA: Exactly. So you can share your content. Again, if you bring your device
to a party, you can go back and forth between who
selects the music. So I think it’s a really
great way to integrate all the products. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR: One thing
I did want to mention is that it’s also fun to play
games on this. It’s got a gyroscope and an
accelerometer, so it’s got all of the things you’d want to
really dive in and use that entertainment. DANIEL: Cool. And then you could have that
experience, potentially, on the big screen? JUSTIN KOH: Can’t say for now. DANIEL: OK. That’s all right. That’s fine. Well, thank you to
each of you. Maybe just say your name
again so everybody knows who you were. KRITHIKA MUTHUKUMAR:
I’m Krithika. NICOLE PLANA: Nicole. JUSTIN KOH: I’m Justin. DANIEL: All right. This is our little party here
and we’re going to keep hanging out. Thank you so much
for joining us. That’s Play, the Q,
and the Nexus 7. Check them all out. Stay tuned for lots more
here on I/O Live.