Hello Jane here from good food warehouse I just wanted to give you a short video On how to get around our site and just wanted to make sure that you understand exactly how we work In summary what we do is we drop ship orders direct from the producer to you So that means you get a fresher product long life and 100% supplier love guaranteed so how does that work you come in log in register online you can place one order across as many suppliers as you like One payment one invoice and we do the rest of the work for you so all the orders go off to each supplier They produce it they pack it we organize the freight and we make sure it’s delivered to you it’s free delivery Australia-wide there’s volume discounts for every supplier so if you order more than one carton from each supplier you could save yourself hundreds of dollars At the checkout there are no fees so no credit card fees payment methods PayPal credit card bank transfer no fees on Amex either 100% money-back guarantee if your product does not turn up then we’ll get another one shipped Or give you a credit if you have any issues with your product, we have a claim system, so make sure you Log your claim with pictures can be done on your mobile phone and it can be anything like the Packers made a mistake or there’s A damaged product we need to know within 24 hours so we can deal with it and it will be dealt with So that’s it in a nutshell Quickly how to get around our site? Basically you can register for your pricing login read about delivering returns Go down to the footer you’ll find everything you need to know about us you’ll find our knowledgebase You’ll also find on this orange button if you need to talk to someone click on that and you can live-chat Click straight back up the top you can search for products you can either go by category you can go by supplier If you know exactly what you’re looking for jump on to the order form you’ll see lots of carton options and you can order So I’ll go through the order form in the next video on how to place an, order the other things I need to talk to you about is When you search on a product so for example if we search on cookies It bring up all the cookies you can do comparison so wherever you go you can pick if you like Three products hit compare and it will compare the products for you okay once we’re logged in you’ll also see all the pricing Everywhere we give you is your delivered price at serve price We, also workout your recommended retail pricing so everything you need to know is at your fingertips You can click back up on our brand to go back up to the top if you were looking for something by category you can come up here and say, ok I want to look for Snacks so you can go to snacks and it will bring everything up in the snacks So you might say alright. I’d like to look at health bars So click on health bars and it filter it out for you it’ll bring up all your health bars Now if you find something that you’re interested in you can click on the name brings up the product product page has everything you need to know has all the pictures all the information everything down here in the tabs best-before product care packaging so on Dispatcher in transit really important every supplies dispatch day is different and All the cartons are not going to turn up at the same time because they’re being shipped from different locations so You might get some from Byron Bay so I’m from Melbourne so I’m from Sydney some from Brisbane they’re usually within a day of each other But again you’ll get all real-time live tracking from each location and that’s Straight to your phone so you can log in on your phone and say okay, where’s my order at and you can track it immediately? Any way you need to go click back at the top takes you at the top You can print the product page and you can also print the finished product specs for each product Great to put in the store or just have on hand each one will be different because they’re different suppliers So anything else you need to know Best thing to do is recently view products will store all the products that you’ve been looking at Ok, I’m not logged in so I won’t me we’ve got our little footprint so for example if you go to Bakery and You end up going to a slice or something let’s go to rap sweet ballz for argument’s sake You can always find your way back so if I go to rap sweet balls here you might say, okay? I want to go back to the category I can go straight back to that category and look for something else That’s pretty much it you can check out up here so it’s a one-page check out it has everything you need to know you can edit you can delete you can do lots of Information from there so I’ll go through that when in the how to place an order video Again like I said don’t forget you can live-chat will make sure these videos are stored on our help if you need to re-watch anything you can we’re more than happy to help you our One 1300 number for any other questions I think that’s covered it I don’t want to be too long so thank you