We are at Sayamagaoka Station. It’s about 36 degrees Celsius which is about 97 Fahrenheit and the humidity is really high. We’re in search of some gluten-free pizza today. We are heading to Shibuya to
Little Bird Cafe. This side is hot, okay? What’s that? It’s too hot. Thanks for warning me. It’s gonna take about an hour to get
there, taking four different trains. We’re on our way to a Little Bird Gluten Free Cafe. A couple years ago when my friend Michelle visited us in Tokyo we just kept
going back to this restaurant over and over again. Michelle has Celiac disease so she needs to eat gluten-free and our family just chooses to eat gluten free because we
feel better that way. It’s actually pretty hard to find gluten free food in
Japan these days which is really too bad because the food is rice based. But wheat
has just infiltrated everything, even soy sauce. So this was a good bet for us to
meet all of my cravings at that time I was pregnant with Harumi and at the
gluten-free cafe we can get things like pizza. We can get waffles. And I told Kaisho
he can order anything on the menu. He’s really excited about that
don’t miss the sign he is free I think you said three on the directory right so what do you want to get what
else also for dessert we’re getting raw a waffle with ice cream on you know is
this August 1st 3 o’clock closed what time is it now we took like four trains
to get here oh dear that’s just pretty disappointed you understandably so we’re
gonna try this other place called gluten-free teas kitchen we’ve never
been there before then we’re funky let’s go
Wow I’m super about me so that little bird is close but at least search for
people to find another restaurant otherwise we’re getting free ramen could
be found a restaurant for that food we also went back to the most a bakery we
left in Sapporo to try to get more gluten-free cream left and they were
closed oh man just checking the Google Maps is
not enough neither check their Facebook page and your website or something it
sees it’s a holiday all free menu see this so confession you’re like vegan moving okay it’s just
going I need a seat some more money here here
at create free cheese kitchen they have all the types of Japanese food that we
normally don’t get to eat something normally have gluten in them things like
gyoza hi Shan I are gonna try it that kuraki chicken yaki soba which George
and I used to eat all the time before we went gluten-free okonomiyaki ramen I’m
done so if you’ve been wanting to enjoy
Japanese food but haven’t been able to because of the gluten I mean this is the
place to come and they’ve had some desserts on the back here too we’re in
Tokyo gluten-free okonomiyaki first time ever
hope it’s good okay that was a long time ago I didn’t even remember that when
you’re done with that and if you need more food we’ll get you that’s a spice
you just you just you just couldn’t super spicy kitchen space over good I’m
not too spicy for him pancakes
what would honey and yogurt named inside of it sandwich pancakes so what do you
do you stick to pancakes that’s super yummy so we do that on a
high shelf kitchen sounds good well what do they just bring I show what do you think I showed your first
time boobs oh how did trying it the first time – she beat you to it by four
years lucky our weekend what do you think oh boy one and this is
what happens when you get some sugar in lately so I could go for a second dinner