Hi, we’re here at NRA today – 2017 – we are premiering the the Golden Globe – the new S-series slicer from Globe. Nice thing about this is this is going to deliver the powerful features that operators expect and the high quality cuts that customers expect as well. There’s really four things I want to talk about today — number one: ease of use. And this is a very easy to use slicer. With the clear text display where you have the start button you’re able to choose your speed and stroke length very easily. I’m going to put it in automatic operation here and you can see I’ve got it in slow speed now we’re able to dial that up. So four different speeds that are available as well as three different stroke lengths. So if you have a really short product that you don’t need to have that full stroke length, you can have a very small stroke lengths coming back and forth or if for larger product a medium stroke length and then finally a very long stroke length on that. Some of the nice features on here that include return-to-home. So when I hit stop its going to go ahead and park itself all the way back to the beginning so that now you can take your new product and put it on or in or do a between product cleaning and the like. So very simple and easy to use, it also has clear text graphic display. If the operator is not doing something that needs to be done, the clear text display is going to show them that. And that means like if the carriage is tilted back you can see right here it says attention carriage tilted back secure carriage to resume. Likewise if the knife cover is removed as well, it also has auto off feature. So if there’s no splicing that’s detected in 30 seconds, it’s going to go ahead and automatically turn off and let the operator know that it is turning off. Some of the other features on this is it has service Diagnostics to make sure that we minimize downtime. It’s going to tell the servicer what’s wrong, what sensor is wrong, and what needs to be replaced. Also there’s system information that can be accessed. Motor run time, total automatic slices. Powered up time as well. And that’s really nice because chains will like that because they can start to develop some parameters around and prevent a maintenance program on that. So we talked about ease of use on this. The quality cut is what’s really important. And this delivers really high quality cut and also it increases the yield. We have a patent-pending indexing system here that really gives you that really fine precise adjustment in the first eighth-inch of the slice, which is where the money is in slicing. So to get those really fine cut slices you can set that indexing mechanism there for whatever you need. So the nice thing about the top-mounted sharpener – it stays on the sharpener. It stay it has a storage position here and then when you’re ready to sharpen all you need to do is just turn it 180 degrees, put it back on, you make sure it’s in manual number one and then hit start and then all you do would just do a very quick and easy five seconds to put a nice sharp edge on that blade. The extended slide rod here is very easy to take apart also we have the threading at the top so you can take that out and take this apart and take it to the sink very easy to wash rinse and sanitize and then put back on the slicer. To put it back on, all you would do is just put that through, thread it through the shoulder weight and then into the opening. And with the nice large threads you don’t have to fumble with it at all. The multi-directional end weight here really does a good job of holding the product. We want we want to make sure that product stays in place during slicing because when it starts to move that’s when you can have a tail develop or a wedge develop and with the multi-directional time that does a very good job. As well as with the the grooves on the carriage – they do a minimal surface area to put the product down into the blade, but they also do a very good job of holding the product coming back out of the blade so that product doesn’t move. And then lastly, total cost of ownership. This has a two year parts and labor warranty – the best in the business, as well as our part pricing is going to be very competitive compared to the competition and you’re going to be able to get that in many different places through parts distributors or through your local service or even the dealer themselves. So what we have here are four different models. We have a manual S13 and then the automatic S13A. Then we go to the advanced series the SG 13 – that’s the manual – and then the SG13A. Those have some additional features that are designed to protect the operator not only during operation but also during cleanup. Like I just talked about that home start where we require that carriage to be in the home position. As well as the home return, the auto off, and and some other features as well. Has a very nice lift lever here so you can clean underneath it. Very simple and easy to get underneath too and we have a very low-working height profile as well. So again all of those things — easier to clean, easier to operate, better slice quality, and low total cost of ownership all add up through the S-series slicer.