oh thanks a popular Italian eatery auctioning off assets to pay unpaid taxes buyers gather to pour yellow brothers pizza on their 8th Street location today one of the stores ordered shuttered by the state Department of Revenue franchise the owner just couldn’t keep up the Department of Revenue does not usually like to go to auction they will try to work with the people that are behind in their taxes but sometimes the amount gets to be so high it’s hard two more locations and powers and research and and fountain also being liquidated the Colorado Department of Revenue only averages half a dozen of these types of auctions every year not too far away another location having an auction making room for three new businesses just set these old Depot downtown on Sierra Madre well it’s getting rid of all those historic and special items raus auction owners say collectors could find some special items either some train whistles some railroad lights there are some photographs around but I love the the cherubs they came out of the old old theater downtown oh that was a great location when it was hopping there several years back kids always enjoyed that the trains going by by the way the auction is at the old Depot next Saturday to 16th Preview will be held the Friday before on the 15th public auction is free it starts at 10:00