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I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a giant twix bar and at
the end we’ll be giving it away to an amazing young lady so make sure you hang around to
meet her as well. But firstly to make it we need two rectangle
boxes out of some thick cardboard and then we want to make a rounded base so we are going
to insert an extra piece of cardboard into each one.
Then staple them into place and line it with some non-stick baking paper. Now I have made
a bit of a mistake here I’ve just lined it to the length of it but I suggest you make
it longer to cover the sides all in one piece instead of in a seperate piece because my
caramel leaked around the back of that curve there.
To make the biscuit you will need some flour water, butter, egg yolks, sugar, skim milk
powder and salt. All of the recipe quantities are on the website howtocookthat.net
Place your butter and sugar into the bowl of an electric mixer and beat it on low speed
until it is smooth. Then add
the salt and the egg yolks
and continue to mix that on low until it is well combined.
Then add in your skim milk powder and the water and mix it again. Once it’s all evenly incorporated swap over
from your scraper mixer to your dough hook and then add the flour. If you don’t have
a dough hook you can mix the flour in by hand that’s totally fine.
Place the mixture between two sheets of baking paper and spread out until it is big enough
to make at least four biscuits. And to get it thick enough we are going to need to use
two biscuits a double layer. We can’t just bake it double the thickness because then
it doesn’t go crisp it just goes cakey. So we are going to bake it thinner and put tow
of them in. Bake it in the oven for around 20 minutes then take it out and immediately
cut it into lengths that will fit into your box.
Spread them out and put them back in the oven just turn the oven off and leave them in there
to dry out. To make the caramel place the sugar, milk,
cream and the glucose syrup into a pan. Now you can use light corn syrup here instead
of the glucose syrup if you can’t get glucose syrup where you are.
And then stir it over the heat for several minutes until the sugar dissolves and the
mixture starts to boil. Add a candy thermometer to the side of the
pan and let it bubble away until it reaches 240 degrees F or 115C.
Now for those of you without a thermometer who are trying to guess when it’s ready at
224F if you take a spoonful out and put it on a cold surface it looks like this it is
a thick smooth liquid. At 235 it’s looking like this it’s starting
to get thicker and it will make strings if you lift up the spoon.
At 240 which is what we want it is thicker again and it’s starting to set on the counter
top. As soon as it reaches 240 take it off the
heat and pour it into your mold. Now this is where I was saying I lost some of my caramel
going around the edges of the curve. So if you’ve just got that one piece of baking paper
that should solve that problem. While the caramel is still hot add in one
biscuit. Then some extra caramel and a second biscuit
on top of that. Let that cool down completely and then pour
either tempered chocolate or you could use fake or compound chocolate over the top. If
you have no idea what I am talking about with types of chocolate there is a video explaining
that on the channel. Just click on howtocookthat under this to go to the channela nd look in
the chocoalte playlist. Tap the mold on the bench to let the chocoalte
run down the gaps and the edges and then let that set completely. Rip open the your mold and take out the body
of your twix. Then balance it on two cups. Then take a ladle
and smother it from one end to the other in more tempered chocolate.
Use a spoon to drizzle a pattern of extra chocolate across the top just like the bars
have. Then repeat that for the second bar and then
you need to allow them to set. To wrap them place the twix upside down on
your paper and then place a piece of card that you’ve covered in baking paper on the
top. And then use glue to secure the paper into
place and then flip it over. At the ends push the sides in and then flatten
the paper down. Open it up and add glue then refold it along the lines you’ve already made. Cut off the extra paper using zigzag shaped
scissors. And then use the back of a knife to push indents
into the paper along the join and then print out a logo and then stick that on. Now who should we give this giant twix to?
In Fiji there are a large number of children who are born every year who are profoundly
deaf. And without treatment the future for those children is very bleak.
I have here with me today an amazing young woman who is profoundly deaf herself but with
the aid of lots of therapy lots of hard work and with a hearing aid now as well she can
speak normally and she can hear fairly well with the hearing aid as well. And she is helping
those children. So Virginia why are you so passionate about
working with deaf kids? Um its funny I wasn’t, I actually wasn’t when
I was younger it wasn’t something that I was passionate about at all. Mum just started
working in Fiji and I was at university at the time and studying Forensic psychology
and I thought I’d go for a holiday. So I went over to Fiji and I met a man who
was 30 and he had the same hearing loss as I do. When you lay our audiograms over each
other it was an identical loss. Umm And this guy was actually not able to speak. Umm had
never had hearing aids in his life was signing to me and my signing wasn’t great at the time
so it was a very sort of jarred conversation. And he was asking me these questions, so you’re
at university and your friends are they deaf? Or are you half deaf, are you deaf are you
half deaf? And was going no, no it’s the same its the same. And then um he’s asking me do
you go and shop for yourself and all these things and it was a really embarrassing conversation
for me to have. And I remember looking at some of the little kids that were there and
just thinking that’s kind of the trajectory of what happens without what I have access
to here in Australia. And so I think at that time I just couldn’t shake it and I came back
to Australia form Fiji and changed my degree and enrolled in speech pathology and sort
of from there I have been up to my eyeballs in it. So you enrolled in speech pathology how did
that work, how did the university react to that someone with profound hearing loss doing
speech pathology? Yeah look it was a challenge initially um
I was approached and asked did I think I was going ot be able to get through the degree.
So much of what you do as a speech pathologist involves the ability to listen and discriminate
small sounds. Um and I understood the concern and I thought come back to me in a year and
if you don’t like how I’m doing then I’ll leave and I ended up doing quite well and
graduating with really good marks. And what exactly do you and the Carabez Alliance
do when you go to Fiji? OK so we go over with a team of people that is always changing.
We have surgeons we have audiologists, speech pathologists, we recently started taking occupational
therapists um teachers of the deaf auditory verbal therapists. We all go over and we are
working with local organizations to up-skill those organizations, up-skill their local
staff. And with them we are working in early intervention settings and providing hearing
aids. So the diagnosis of hearing loss, what type of hearing loss how severe, all of those
things. Umm we provide hearing aids free of charge which phonak have very generously donated
to the Carbez alliance. Um and they are amazing hearing aids, state of the art hearing aids
so yeah we provide those to the families for free and then we do the rehabilitation process
with them. That’s awesome.
Yeah, it’s fun, I enjoy it. It’s so good. Well to say thank you for everything
you’re doing we’ve got a little donation to help you on your next trip to Fiji
Oh thank you And we also have a giant Twix [laughter] which
is not going to help anyone hear. That is amazing, it’s so heavy, that is amazing.
2 kilos of Twix Wow, yeah wow oh that’s incredible. Look at
that [laughter] See if you can get a bite.
mmmm [laughter] that is awesome, that’s amazing. Tastes like
a twix, like it tastes like a twix with all the good bits I really like the caramel. That’s
amazing wow thank you. If you’d like to find out more or if you’d
like to help the Carabez alliance you can go to their youtube channel or their website,
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