Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
and today we are making a giant 3 kilogram or 7 pound MARS BAR In this giant chocolate bar series we have
made a snickers, twix, kitkat, ferrero rocher and of course at the end we give them away
to someone who is doing giant things. So keep watching to the end so you can see who gets
this one. To make the caramel part you will need.
sugar, 2 cups of glucose syrup or light corn syrup, milk and cream.
All of the recipe quantities are written out on the howtocookthat.net website in grams
and ounces and cups, there is a link in the description below the video. Pour all of the ingredients into a saucepan.
And then stir it over high heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add a candy thermometer
and continue to heat without stirring until it reaches 245F And this will take a little
while so while that is bubbling away choose a rectangle container with straight sides
and line it with non-stick baking paper. Now it is at 230 and you can see it is starting
to change colour and get a little thicker. Now it’s at 243 it is a bit darker again,
but it is hard to judge without a candy thermometer so I’d suggest getting one. Pour it into your container and then place
the whole thing immediately into some water. This helps it to cool it down rapidly so the
caramel doesn’t keep cooking. Because if it gets hotter it’s going to get harder when
it is cooled down. which means it is going to be too hard. We want it to be that nice
ooey gooey mars bar caramel. While that is cooling let’s make the nougat.
You’ll need egg whites, glucose syrup and vanilla extract. Place 1 teaspoon of vanilla
into the bowl of an electric mixer and add the egg white followed by the glucose syrup,
if you don’t have glucose you can use light corn syrup instead. Then just put that bowl
to one side. Measure out your sugar, water, glucose syrup
and malt extract – and this is just for flavour. You will also need cocoa powder and some chopped
up milk chocolate. Place the water, sugar and the syrups into
a saucepan and stir those together. Then just like we did before you want to stir those
over high heat until that sugar is dissolved. Then keep it on high heat but you don’t need
to stir it. And just watch the temperature with a candy thermometer until it gets to
about 240 and at that stage turn on your egg whites to whip. Once they are whipped check
your syrup and it should beat about 260F. Remove from the heat and pour in a steady
stream into the egg whites while they are still mixing. That will thicken up and then
turn it down onto low and add in the cocoa powder and chocolate. Then turn off the beaters
and continue to fold it in by hand until you have a smooth even colour. Pour this on top of the caramel this nice
nougat and then smooth it out so you’ve got a level top. Leave to cool completely. Place
a layer of chocolate over the base. Then I’d suggest you chill it for a few hours in the
freezer so it is firm enough to hold it’s shape while it gets covered in chocolate.
I didn’t put mine in the freezer and as you can see here the thick layer of soft nougat
not quite strong enough to hold itself without the chocolate on it. Once the chocolate is
on it it will be fine at room temperature. Pour the chocolate over the top and then once
that is set you can add a second layer of chocolate if you want.
And I have rested the card here on a thick layer of card covered in non-stick baking
paper. And then place that onto three cups. And that just lets all the chocolate drip
down. Then once that is second layer is set just
trim off all those drips from the bottom. You can leave the top plain or you can add
some more chocolate to the top of the bar to make pattern. Once it is all set cut a sheet of plastic
book cover to the right size and precut a strip off the backing on each side there but
leave it in place. Wrap it around the mars bar and stick at the back. Then remove that
precut strip of the backing that we cut. Line up the two edges in the centre and stick them
together then fold in each corner and flatten. Use some scissors and just trim of any uneven
bits using scissors. And repeat that on the other end. I found this was much stronger
than using just wrapping paper and considering the weight of the bar you do need some strength.
Print out a mars. Add then add that word mars word on the top using some glue. On todays show I have with me a professional
athlete, Topou Supoaga plays for the Penrith Panthers Hey guys how’s it going? Topou I’d
love it if you could tell us what life was like for you growing up before you became
a professional athlete. Ahh ohh I wouldn’t say that I grew up in um I guess wealthy or
anything I was you know most like most of my neighborhood friends. Umm we didn’t have
much but we were really happy. We were really happy. Big family, small family. Yeah big
family I’ve got ahh 3 brothers, 2 sisters and my mum and dad so um you know there was
a lot of us to fend for. My mum and dad and I’m just thankful that um you know they were
a good inspiration for us to I guess try and achieve my dreams and um I guess pursue them.
And I heard that you wrote in your end of primary book what your dream was for in ten
year time. What you’d like to be doing. What did you write in that. Well in ten years time
which is so ten years ago from this year, I said that I wanted to play for the Penrith
Panthers. And who would of thought that ten years later I am living my dream and playing
with the team that I grew up loving. So and in a different country too so. Yes and your
dream has come true. Which so many people so many of my viewers would have dreams that
they want to pursue. And I know so many people who would say oh yeah I had a dream when I
was a child and it never happened. Yep. What’s the difference do you think. How did you get
from it being just a dream to it being a reality? Ahh I guess for me I just had a big sense
of drive and umm when you have a lot of drive you know when you have an obstacle you know
we had a few obstacles coming up when we were young and ahh we didn’t hold onto the obstacles
I’d rather hold onto my dream and my drive. And I guess that is what made me and a few
of my brothers become professional athletes. Umm Yeah I reckon drive is a big thing and
it doesn’t matter where you are from and how old you are you know what background you are
from. It’s all about how much drive you’ve got and how bad you really want your dream
to come true. Back then I really wanted it bad you know. I didn’t have much, we didn’t
have much just like the local community but umm you know we always said if we want to
make it one day something has got to change. That’s amazing. And now you have reached that
dream and many professional athletes who have reached the stage that you have would spend
their spare time I assume having with mates and partying but I’ve heard you spend your
Friday nights not doing that. What do you usually do on Friday night. Yeah on Friday
nights I usually go to a local youth group and ah you know I just hang out with them.
These kids from different areas of life and umm you know it’s just good to be around kids
and i guess helping them out. You know sharing stories with them, you know I am listening
to their stories and just umm encouraging them and stuff. You know some kids got problems
and you know I’m just another ear to listen to an you know. It makes me feel younger too
hanging out with younger kids. Achieving your dream and going after that
drive passionately enough to get your dreams is amazing and then also once you’ve made
that going back and giving back to the community is awesome as well.
So on How To Cook That we have a special way of saying thank you to people who inspire
us. And so we have a gift for you today. Beautiful.
Which is ohh [claps hands]
a giant mars bar ohh come on
yesss did you, is this real It is real. Oh my goodness. All right can I go in go in
for the kill alright. mmm
that taste like a full on mars bar. yeah. This is awesome. I’m going to have another
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mars bar was requested by Sarah Taylah Brielle and all these other wonderful people Be inspired to do giant things, have a great
week and I’ll see you all on Friday. [music: youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]