This is what it’s like a lot with celebrities
too. Like, I’ve done their hair laying on a plane. Like, some of them are sleeping. I’ve done a lot of really crazy things. Oh, man. I hope I get to the point one day where I
get my makeup and hair done while I’m sleeping. This is The Beauty Lounge, where we learn
hacks so easy you can do them lying down. Hey, guys! It’s Densie Bidot here
and you are watching the next episode of The Beauty Lounge, where lazy beauty hacks
are the only way to go. We are here with the absolutely phenomenal
Sarah Potempa, and she is going to show us the most amazing
beauty hacks because this woman knows everything. So, what would you like to show us first? I’m like, excited and giddy to learn from
you! I’m all about hacks, and I’m all about
making it super easy to style your own hair. So one of my favorite things is taking curls
into waves. And a lot of people are afraid to brush their
hair after having done all the work of curling it. Because you just feel like you’re going
to flatten everything out. If you properly curl your hair, and let it
cool, Then you’re gonna brush it out
and you’re going to have gorgeous waves. So, one of my favorite hacks. Can you please show me? Oh my god, yes! I’m loving this, like girl time, hanging
out on the couch. That’s what I feel like, aww. This is what it’s like a lot with celebrities
too. Like, I’ve done their hair laying on a plane. Like, some of them are sleeping. I’ve done a lot of really crazy things. Oh, man. I hope I get to the point one day where I
get my makeup and hair done while I’m sleeping. Oh my god, I’ve been dying to try this! Yes! Okay, this is the beach waver. First of all, really good for lazy girls. Alright, you wanna do your own hair? You don’t even need a mirror. But I got one! Oh my god, you got one! Baby’s always got a mirror. Okay, I love it. Okay, I’m not gonna lay down for this one
because I don’t want to burn myself. So safety first. Yes, it is a hot curling iron. She real. Okay, so what you’re gonna is, you’re
just gonna take the hair. Okay. I’ll hold that of you. Oh, thank you. I was like, how am I gonna do this? Alright, then you just bring it over, place
it in, then you tap the arrow away. Because you want the curls always away from
your face. There you go! And you control it. Do I just keep going? You just keep going a little more. – Can you see?
– Oh yeah I can. Then you got it! And then I just release… Hold it for three seconds, then you just release
it and slide it straight down. Yes! Wait, look at that, you’re a pro! That was so easy! I’ve been so scared to try these. Easy, lazy. I think the next one I can definitely have
done laying down. So when you curl, you guys, a couple quick
hacks… So when you’re doing a curl, but you want
a really Instagramable beach wave, You actually want to leave those ends out. Right? So that’s a hack. When you’re curling you don’t really want
a hot roller, bouncy curl at the bottom, You actually need to leave those out, and
the curling iron needs to be vertical. That’s how you get this relaxed beach wave. That’s a huge hack. Like, people are always leaving like,
Why is she leaving the ends out? I’m like, guys, because we want it to be
chill and cool and relaxed, right? We need cool girl hair, okay? Let me show you the difference,
because then if you put the ends in… Okay? Watch. We’re leaving those ends in. And the difference is that you’re actually
gonna get like a really bouncy, See how cool these look, right? They’re super relaxed, they’re really pretty. Then I have a bouncy, bouncy curl. Look at the difference. Do you know what I mean? And that’s just from leaving those ends
out. When I’m styling celebrities and I do a
red carpet wave that’s really relaxed and really beautiful,
People are always saying, how do you get it to look all like… Right? It’s all beautiful and relaxed and all going
in the same direction. The key is actually to brush out your curls. So you’re taking curls to waves. Okay. Okay? So what you’re gonna do is actually you’re
gonna take the hair spray and spray it on the brush. Okay, I’m into it. And what’s so amazing is,
Turn this way so they can see. Let’s show them. You guys see these curls? Especially the one we made really nice and
curly? So when you spray the hair spray on the brush,
you’re evenly distributing the product. And it makes it touchable. – So it doesn’t get crunchy.
– So there’s that thing when you spray the
whole hair and it’s like, ugh, I can’t touch my hair. So watch, all you’re gonna do is, watch
the shine and how beautiful. See that? Look how beautiful the wave is. Did you see what I did? I just transformed the curl into a wave. It’s beautiful. Here, you try it. Okay. Any kind of flexible hair spray really works. I’m like, ech. But this is a good solution for any styling. Do you like, let it sit for a second, or do
you go straight in? Yeah, let it sit for a second. If your hair really holds a curl, then you
can just go for it, But yeah, you can make it a little dry. Brush it through, and you’re actually evenly
distributing, you’re actually adding a lot of shine too. Ooo, it looks pretty. And don’t be afraid to really get in there
and brush it. I’m totally scared, you can see me. I’m all like, haha. Oh my god. But you see how it just gives you that gorgeous,
relaxed wave? It like, that perfect minimal chic too, though. You just changed my entire life. – Sarah, thank you so much for joining us
– You’re welcome! – and giving us your beauty hacks.
– This is so fun! I am taking this with me for life! Now we can just chill out and lay here. Now it’s time to be lazy. You, guys, thanks for watching The Beauty
Lounge! Bye! Thank you guys for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the
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at 3 P.M.