Hi, I’m Jimmie Dale, CEO of Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air. If you’re watching this video you probably have a problem with your gas
line, a leak, maybe yours shut off. One of the things a lot of people to understand
about this is if your house is pre-1980 it probably has
metal screw pipe in the ground from the meter to the yard as well as under the
house. More than likely these lines that are between the house and the meter are
gonna be bad if they’re over like 35 to 40 years old. Being in the ground with
the moisture and the screw pipe, it’s just not good conditions and it’s not gonna
be able to hold a test. A lot of people also don’t understand that the code
requirements that the city’s require us to put six pounds of pressure the system
operated half a pound of pressure at the highest. So when we do this, we’re putting
twelve times the amount of pressure normal system might see. So for us to get you a
green tag and get your gas back on, we’re gonna have to be able to do that at a 6PSI. With Baker Brothers we also some of the best warranties in the
industry. We feel like all companies make mistakes but how we correct those
mistakes defines a good company from a great company. We have a 24 to 48 hours
response time on all callbacks or warranty issues. We also have a national standard
pricing guide. You have to approve all pricing before we ever start to work. There’s no guesswork,
you know exactly how much you’re gonna pay. To schedule your service call today,
call Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air at (214) 324-8811 or you can visit us online
at BakerBrothersPlumbing.com where great quality meets great service!