Now I am going to show you the standard hookup for a 34 Liter 58 Liter 103 Liter or a 116 Liter cylinder of gas. First thing that you are going to need is you need your Gas reader that
came in your box with your docking station go ahead pull that out making sure that the card reader is plugged in to the end of the iGas reader cable it has become unplugged make sure that
is plugged into the end of the cable that does not have the white fitting on
the tubing Then go ahead and choose ethier port 2 or port 3 on the back your docking station you will then take
and make sure that your iGas reader cable is plugged
in directly beneath the port that you have chosen and screw that white fitting onto the appropriate fitting on the back of
the doc the green light will illuminate on your card reader at this time take the regulator and thread it onto
your cylinder gas this is a demand flow regulator that you will be using so you do not need to worry about the gas flowing until is called for from the docking station next go ahead and on the side of your iGas reader
there’s a white four pin connection you plug in the pressure transducer
switch from the side of the regulator into there then go ahead hook your tubing up to the regulator and
finally slide the card into the card reader slot
snapping into place and when it snaps into place you’ll hear the docking station beep you know screen of the docking station it
will say green say reading settings