♪ I fall in love too fast ♪ ♪ Uh, yeah
Uh ♪ ♪ I take a sip
Another sip, repeat ♪ ♪ Continue on until I’m finished
with this whiskey neat ♪ ♪ I fall in love too fast-
fast- fast- fast ♪ G-EAZY: Today we’re making
a dirty martini. It’s one of my all-time
favorite drinks. It’s what my grandpa
used to drink at 5 o’clock
every single day. I grew up in my grandma
and grandpa’s house, so you know, he was somebody
I looked up to. So naturally, when I grew up,
that’s what I wanted to drink. My new album’s called
The Beautiful and Damned
and it’s based off of the book
which takes place in the ’20s and they drank a lot of martinis
in that time, so it’s a nostalgic drink for me;
it’s just a classic cocktail. ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ My liquor is the color brown ♪ ♪ Nothing in my life
is ever watered down ♪ In this dirty martini, we’re gonna start with
4 ounces of Stillhouse, my favorite spirit. It’s a versatile spirit. It’s a whiskey but
you can make a martini with it ’cause it’s clear. We’re gonna do three quarters
of an ounce of Dry Vermouth, and then we’re gonna do
a half ounce of olive juice to make it extra dirty, and then end it with a garnish
of three olives. I like ’em cold and dirty. I start with
4 ounces of Stillhouse because I like ’em stiff. So you start with
a double pour.The Beautiful and Damned
connects with me because I’m a Gemini. I mean, I’m split
right down the middle- there’s Gerald,
and there’s G-Eazy. So, you know, there’s these two
kinda, like, twin sides of me. The way it relates to the book
is, you know, this lifestyle that they lived
in the ’20s was beautiful… I’m gonna add in
the, um, the Vermouth. This lifestyle-
they drank a lot, they went out in the ’20s
all the time, you know, but there was this,
you know, darker side to it. Then you move on to the dark,
half an ounce of olive juice. So that’s, like, you know,
my split personality: the rock star who goes out
a lot at night and the Gerald
that wakes up the next day. So I’m gonna add in my ice. I think I made over a hundred
songs for this album. I just got in a really good
creative space. I got in a groove and
I just kept writing. I figured while you’re tapped in
and the ideas are flowing, you might as well
just get them out. And I just got lost
in my studio. And then that’s your martini. I mean, it’s a really
simple cocktail. It’s a old classic, you know.
Been around forever. [contents of shaker] I like ’em like James Bond
[chuckles]. Alright, cool.
Then you pour. I remember the first time I actually got to have a martini
with my grandfather, and I definitely didn’t
like it at the time, but I wanted to act like I did,
you know what I mean, to be cool like him. And that is Young Gerald’s Stillhouse
Cold and Dirty Martini. And then you finish it off
with the garnish. You know, it’s not a martini
without olives. And like I said,
I like ’em dirty, so I do three olives,
and there you are. I don’t wanna make music
that won’t matter. That’s just how
I approach life. You have this one life to live,
like, make it count. Say something. We have enough noise
in the world. That’s my Stillhouse
Cold and Dirty Martini. Try it at home. I mean, remember it’s art
not science, so you know, make it how you
wanna make it. ♪ I try to lay low
I never been no good at it ♪ ♪ Cold turkey flow weak,
but then I’m back at it ♪ ♪ I fall in love too fast ♪