What’s up guys this Furious World Tour is from Seoul Korea We actually uploaded this video many years ago in the poorest of quality And unfortunately that video actually got blocked in a lot of countries due to one little technical issue I actually managed to get my hands on the highest quality version of this episode Which I feel like a lot of you guys haven’t seen yet because it was uploaded so long ago for you guys that haven’t seen It I hope you guys enjoy and for those of you guys that have seen it Enjoy it once again in non potato version also keep your eyes open for Furious Depot this weekend as we Reopen once again after five months of being closed for one weekend only we are gonna have our new 18 carat gold necklace on there as well yours at furious depot.com Oh, it smells like the ocean yeah, it’s squishy That body suit My Mr. King the Great King used to look over this country and now furious Peterson Alright something up my alley a burger challenge. Apparently, this is Korea’s biggest burger. Let’s give it a go Cool sweet even beer on top All right So is this is your menu, huh? What’s your what’s your biggest burgers? I heard you have Korea’s biggest burger With Korea’s got all the gut buster. That sounds awesome. All right, let’s go for the gut buster Nice look at that. Wow, that’s definitely your speed sighs I’m gonna show you guys how we eat burgers in America because we’re always in a rush. This is what I call fast food All right That was delicious I never seen it before It’s not Korean, right? No, that was a fantastic burger, you know, but I I’m here to explore Korean cuisine So I’m off to explore. So I’ll see you later guys Seems like this is like a sacred place where you send messages and stuff like that, maybe to give yourself a walk in life and Have a good relationship What some just a really good food here in Korea Early in the morning here in Seoul and we are here at the largest fish market In the city and I’m here to meet a food blogger. That’s actually going to show me around. Oh Hey, what’s up, you must be Dave nice to meet you. Yeah. Yeah, let’s do it. All right I Wonder do you eat live octopus? Like they can either chop it up for you Or you can just eat like the whole I know way you want to show me how you do it That’s it for him Have you ever tried swelling and like it’s stuck in your throat, although people died. That’s how people die Quite it’s chewy. You can feel it moving at the start which is really cool Or it’s really curious That’s really chewy salty I like Turkey yes Look at it look at it squirt. That’s the funniest thing. I would receive in the ocean I know this guy wants it. I mean, yeah, she really wants me to eat it For that Market and these are all of the restaurants that are cooked the seafood that we just bought for us. That’s cool. We said the place So we just pick one. Yeah, should we try this one? You wait you gotta take your shoes off first, oh we’ve said some tradition here, let’s see cool Japanese styles get there sit down Look at that bad boy looks beautiful Oaks great We don’t do it like all the juices are still going to get all that flavor Lobster that looks awesome The surprising I didn’t expect that Really all right cool looking forward to it. I’ll catch you later The top chef here in Seoul is known as the crazy chef so let’s see what kind of crazy dishes you can make for us Hello, I’m Peter nice to meet you I heard I heard you’re the crazy chef Okay, all right, but can you can make me crazy things I heard you can make crazy food though sure. Yeah, all right Well, then let’s try something New commander cool hunger ice cream Latino chairman Joe Hungarian beer we’re Hanging to Roger Goodell now we’re rooting for Joe vomits Karima Wow Yeah, just it tastes like like seafood Seafood in an ice cream like a sushi ice cream kind of thing. I can’t even explain it. It’s hard to describe Attackers could endure the Bamiyan. Yeah nizam Castro. Yeah, could you miss i’m andras channel network is key More ice cream, huh? What is this? Laughs a curry powder is love secretion pasta That’s that’s delicious I thought it was gonna be warm again, there’s always a surprise in every dish I’m eating What do we have here soya sauce It’s cool that they made a jelly never soya sauce it’s that’s quite nice Well, thank you very much. It was it was definitely an unusual experience. It was very good. And yeah, thanks for having us Thank you. Thank you Didn’t really want to be too rude in there, but that that just wasn’t for me sea urchin ice cream If you ever have the opportunity to try it don’t The soul is Definitely pretty pretty fashionable. I mean everyone’s well dressed and you know looks proper and everything but Like most Asian countries everyone’s really skinny Doesn’t I don’t know did they eat anything at all here it’s kind of It’s kind of funny cuz I haven’t seen one fat person here yet Let’s let’s give this a try so this is all that oh, right? Yes it is I’m spicy You like one do you do how do you eat them you just see them pass I think it’s baby stomach Korea is known for its Taekwondo and what better place to learn Taekwondo than in the place with 18 world champions It’s still what I got So can I so I’m here to learn some Taekwondo, can I learn some Taekwondo teach me something? Yeah Get to see you guys again, oh, hey, how’s it going good to see you again? Hello good to see you again, so you guys ready to eat or what you guys hungry you hungry hungry? Good good. All right. Let’s get some food So you take the meat and then you grill it at the table, yes That’s that sounds good. We’re gonna grab some beef. I like beef You should turn on the fire so how do I do that? Now I’m gonna show you guys what I’m capable of doing I’m good at eating so we’re gonna do an eating contest Okay, five minutes on the clock. Let’s see who can eat the most You guys ready? Okay ready? All right, dude, three two one go And satisfied now, it’s like I got these guys It’s like we got one two, three, four five six seven eight eight plates not too shabby. I must say So, thank you very much thank you. Thank you So this is the famous palace basically every tourist comes here It’s a must must see pretty much all the guards are all dressed up, but it’s nothing really to eat here So I’m gonna just keep going These make a wall Thirty thirty-two 664 135 5 on the mini size is 1000 Jani ball one unit Cantonese OMG, oh my god. Take it easy Yeah Hey There we go, finally Got my own little magic trip No, that’s not for me it’s like One of the most popular dishes here in Korea is kimchi and where you’re a kimchi world to find out how to make it One by one with one by one Well, I learned how to make the famous kimchi Unfortunately, I can’t wait two weeks when it’s two weeks for food. I’m gonna go find something Ah, there we go, I’m looking all over for this place. All right good to see you again. All right Well, you’re gonna show me something. So what’s going? This is one of my favorites – Looking forward to it Dead body soup, really basically, there’s actually a urban legend some Korean students were studying abroad in Germany They were actually making this in their flat and then their neighbors call the cops They call the police because they thought they were hoarding corpses in their house. I mean, that’s how bad the smell was to them I guess I think it smells a lot worse than a taste. This isn’t this isn’t so bad There we go day one Tell you one thing I don’t want a second. Oh This is so jus basically Kind of things like water down box. Oh definitely wash out that taste from your mouth. Uh-huh Yeah, it’s like watered-down vodka. It’s only 19% So Official drink of Perea Yeah, you need a shot. Yeah, obviously the other person before us without offence, okay? That makes sense. Yeah, this is my first time Using two hands like this others, right? Okay, so Sure Show you that I can eat more than you ready. Three two one Good I Think if you’re lucky you had three Finally beat you yes. Yes. Yes. I Thought and then if you burp after meal it means that you’re satisfied and it was delicious What does she have some And there you have you guys that’s so Korea We tried some stinky food some live seafood and some great Korean barbecue a great experience here But now it’s kind of our mother’s move on to the next country. Let’s go. Yeah