alright guys so we are currently in
Nikko and we’re gonna be checking out tomorrow morning this is the only hotel
we have booked for our two months in Japan yeah it’s crazy it’s been
apartments and we have a ryokan coming up which is definitely not a hotel and
so sit we wanted to take this opportunity to give you guys a tour of
the Japanese hotel us yes what they’re like I think there’s a few quirks a few
differences that you don’t necessarily find in North American hotels definitely
right at the beginning yeah yep so before we even get in look what we have
and in true Japanese style a vending machine of course so let’s let’s summer
got green tea up here much water oh of course our coffees our coffees
more water Oh pokers but that’s like the Gatorade
if Japan basically these are really strong green teas we’ve got those before
peach drink I tried something similar a couple no I tried that actually today anyway if you got thirsty in the middle
of the night indeed checking out I guess check out is in the morning right and if
you’re not leaving right away maybe you’re sticking around town sightseeing
actually I think that’s kind of a brilliant idea it’s great for the hotel
because they don’t have to be running in and out grabbing people’s bags all the
time it’s like you’re responsible for your bag here’s your locker put your
stuff in here lock it up and when you’re done come and
get it oh what a great idea Jesus that’s not that’s it that’s less than a dollar
no five hundred five hundred for these big guys okay I’m not sure if they give
guests a complimentary or what or if it’s five hundred for just any random
person who wants to use a locker but anyways walkers Vegas if they are here
yes so let’s start making our way in they’re checking people in right now yes
there’s a smoking space oh yeah this is before we even get in yeah you can’t
contaminate the air no no tell gotta do it in this little room yeah it’s funny
as progressive as Japan is in so many ways it’s you can smoke in a lot more
places in Japan than you can in Europe and in North America yeah like
restaurants and pubs the other day we were eating and I want just started
smoking next to us and I was like well yeah there’s the smoking and non-smoking
sections oh you got to show the umbrellas sliding doors look before you
even get in umbrellas yes so that you’re not dripping water all
over the police when it rains to stick your umbrella in a plastic bag Oh drinks
this is the best sounds favorite machine yes so look you’ve got your cops and
then over here you’ve got your different energy roasted green tea tea coffee
water and look and you can get it cold exactly I want cold what do you want I
want roasted green tea roasted green I forget it comment it is perfect for
summer when it’s over 30 degrees every single day it’s you know I’m still nice
I’m gonna let you try it try it yeah yeah is it good
we try it ooh I think I like that more than I think I think I like that cold
more than I do green tea cold that’s actually good yeah normal guys this is
so cool this is a homemade take one yesterday they had like little shirts
little there someone else look what are these so which one should
be taking like you’ve been taking my limits me a little presents for Kostas
first thing here great guests Wow we’ll decide later this could be nice for a
Christmas tree okay grandma that’s it that’s the one that’s the one
if you forget stuff it’s s it feel free to take and they’ve got hair brushes
razors shower cap so cool even here toys for girls
Oh moving on down before you bring it to the room of course beer this is the best
this is the best one I actually bought this one yesterday the 400 tall which is
less than four US dollars ah I’m just good ice cold yes the beer
section yeah get your soda is your Mountain Dew your Pepsi your green keys
your juices you will definitely not go thirsty in a Japanese
and there’s more there’s more there’s more I’m going to show you that sign
microwave yeah yeah right nothing to do laundry
and you have a vending machine I know again free of charge
we’ll set for the laundry that’s cheaper than the laundromat no yeah Wow
Tokyo thank you is laundry mat and then this over here you have something that
won’t even water so their clothes maybe they’re creepy there’s another
vending machine with you don’t wash the noodle machine I didn’t even know this
is one when I was in here yeah thank you it’s a cup of noodles curry noodles 200
yen listen to us bucks Oh microwave in case you buy food supermarket yeah
because there’s there’s that market what’s the name of that working again
the old owner yes it’s like a two minute walk away so you could grab something
and come and microwave it yeah I don’t know put your meal other there styrofoam
okay so there one-time use only yeah Wow and we’re the ice machine be done here
that’s probably for ice oh there it is look at that so you put the ice and
these bowls okay so we’re gonna take you up to our room now so we are on the
fourth floor yes let’s go up this is in a really cool
hotel this is our third night here I’ve loved that the staff have been super
friendly and like everyone is so courteous and even even the cooking like
the breakfast definitely when you hand your plates back they bow there’s like
serious like slowly slowly things right away yes first off as soon
as you get out of the elevator yes a deodorizes it’s pretty like in
case you made the elevators they could be
spray it Mullen oh it smells like nasty hair spray perfume pant press machine
that you can take to your room and like Barney depends like press your pants you
know what we have pretty wrinkly clothes we could probably use it could be it
could be some businessmen coming here to close deals oh the countryside that’s
way too much work for me to room 425 got a cute little door bottle in case people
want to visit us let’s press it oh I can hear it I can hear it sounds very free
agent when you go in I’m gonna press I watch I’m gonna press it so everyone can
hear okay okay okay we’re good yep get some light in here take the card in whoa
okay bright super brigh come on in and let’s begin the actual room tour yes of
the first things first this is a Japanese hotel shoes leeches off
including mine we’re gonna put them on only one pair right please do so as soon
as you walk in you’ve got this tiny closet yes like maybe a foot wide I’m
gonna show that because this is one of the most space efficient departments
you’ll ever see like look at the hotel motel room sorry hotel room yeah we have
donors and that’s where we’re keeping our pretty clear shoes yeah for sandals
so yeah you can wear slippers or you can go barefoot as soon as
walking we’ve got this they’re almost at I guess you could call it to adjust the
temperature ends with it that’s for the aircon lots of buttons I try not to
touch things too much because you can get scary very quickly
speaking of lots of buns we have a toilet that’s a bit of a yeah you know
what I’m gonna go in here and read this for you guys okay so I’m sitting down on
the toilet right now at these this is my menu so I’ve got you look over here it
tells you exactly what it means so while I press this this is a shower
for your bum your bum this is a shower in a different direction for ladies of
the day of a day this is where you adjust the strength do you want more do
you want less and the nozzle clean are you do you feel the last person in here
was maybe a little thirty years here’s the funniest thing the C temperature
high and higher low in the winter high would be recommended obviously yeah Wow
full instructions in English I don’t say I’m talking about small it works this
little toilet toilet yep we’ve got a hairdryer they left us two toothbrushes
with toothpastes and little cups here yep there’s got hand soap oh it’s full
it’s full me hand soap yeah yeah and then over here they left us some body
soap and some rinse it’s called rinse in shampoo which is
basically just shampoo yeah also another cool thing so for the shower the way you
adjust the water it’s like the same knobs as here on the sink great so
basically this switch this is which side if you want the water to run into the
sink to or you know after you take your shower you have to switch it over or
else you’re gonna smell it’s pretty yourself accidentally yeah we’ve done
this before not in this hotel but in other places Oh another funny thing yeah
I guess I’ll get into the shower to show you okay I feel like the angle isn’t
quite right it’s like okay this is quite high I can wash my
hair yeah fine yeah but if I put it here okay my hair is not getting wet but I
feel like I’m not really washing you’re not washing to be a lot shorter oh it is
I’ll open up the toilets as you can see like these toilets are just shaped a
little bit differently than North American and European ones they’re quite
interesting mm-hmm okay so moving out of the bathroom the bathroom and come the
the bedroom so we have a bed kind of like flush against the wall yeah very
space efficient I will say this is a lovely duvet yeah like fluffy it is I’ve
had really great sleeps here this is the kind of bed I like yeah I feel like
they’ve got a bit of a Scandinavian inspired feel going on with like the
exposed wood especially downstairs yep like even the furniture it makes me
think okay we just saw a Finland truck right outside this window it was pretty 100th anniversary I have no idea why why
or who or who or what yes happy birthday Finland from Japan continuing the tour
we’ve got like this miniature shelf which kind of acts as a nightstand yeah
it’s got my makeup on here we also have a little nightlight lately yeah done oh
great ooh lights on lights off no it works
then we have a desk a minimalist desk yeah it’s it’s a bit of a mess at the
moment we’ve got our computers here we’re in the stages of packing up here’s
our main camera yeah we’ve also got a little mirror so I can
do my flying in the morning I’m a little kettle another lamp we also have little
bathrooms would you know you haven’t used oh my gosh yes those lovely
bathrooms and look at the smallest little kitchenette I think here a lonely
cucumber that’s mine Sam’s had two of the three cucumbers already some sesame
oil lots of drinks look so in vitamin some vitamins these are ours guys look
at this is just like the smallest little freezer section yeah you can put your
ice cream back so I’ve been putting my ice cream bars yeah Plus that we never
use I don’t even know where you know it’s crazy guys is like I still don’t
think we can really properly convey the sense of scale just how small this room
is like how much they’ve packed in to this small little room like I think the
only other smaller hotels that we’ve seen it may be a good Hong Kong and
trying to think where else no maybe this is the second smallest it’s in recent
years it’s mandatory in the summer absolutely you’ve shown you everything
in the room at this point so that kind of concludes like the room portion of
the hotel tour will remember to bring our cameras downstairs tomorrow morning
we’re gonna have breakfast and show you that breakfast area the foods they serve
the breakfast breakfast is pretty impressive for for this hotel Japanese
and Western food yes so it’s good it’s good that Wilson guys will show you what
they’ve got in the morning tomorrow we hope you enjoyed the tour so far yep
good morning guys picking things up again
yes we’re hungry we’re having it a little bit later we’ve normally going
down right at 7:00 at 7:30 oh my gosh yeah
so we needed the rest when is the rescue mm-hmm grab a train yet grab a tree one of
these yep that have fools is walking out maybe I should grab a bowl for the race
yeah maybe yeah we have optional abuse we’re saved I usually find to do very sweet so I do
like happy juice not water that’s good yeah well sugar no yeah well sugar chopsticks
my peanut my gosh yeah well you forgot it I travel with peel the show I should
we show it to these colleges way oh that’s right and then over here you have your curry
and then over here sausages scrambled eggs tomatoes eggs
and ham and this is the Continental section of
bread cereal and milk got it of my breakfast tray celery I got some rice
yeah with curry cream sauce a little bit of pickled stuff over here a sausage
scrambled eggs you have mini cherry tomatoes they also have slices of
baguette bread and I usually want each scoop and get it no it’s too much effort so it’s sad without fee nut butters gone
yep pretty quick sure did and I would say and that pretty much concludes our
Japanese hotel tour I feel like I’ve seen everything
yeah behind the scenes maybe you found a few quirky elements and I feel like
other things are probably pretty normal yes so yeah now you know what to expect
from your first Japanese hotel when you come in travel here hope you enjoyed it
and we’ll see you next time with more japan videos on the channel tartare guys