-(man) All right,
thanks for coming out, everybody. I’m really excited
that all you guys are here. We got a really exciting mission that we’re going to be
doing today. We’re gonna be freezing in place on cue
at the exact second. We’re gonna hold that
for five minutes, and then we’re gonna
unfreeze and we’re out. -You see that guy over there? -They stopped what they were doing
and just stood like… frozen. -How long has this been happening?
-I don’t know. -I just walked in.
Has it been going on for a while? -No, ’cause this guy
just dropped his papers a couple minutes ago. About a minute ago.
Not even. -Dad,
look at that lady over here. -It’s like everybody.
-Yeah. [horn beeping] -(man into radio)
Can’t move my cart. There’s hundreds of people
frozen everywhere. This is wild. -(man) This is so weird. -I don’t understand what’s going on.
-I don’t either. -(man) I think it’s
some kind of protest, probably. -(man) It’s either that
or an acting class. -(man into radio)
No, they are not moving. I can’t move my cart.
I need some help. Uh, never mind.
They’re moving. [applause] -That is the weirdest thing
I’ve ever seen. I thought it was only me
who was seeing it for a little while. Captioned by StreamCaptions.com