[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, I’m Stephanie
Essin, here at GDC. I have Karol from 11 bit
studios up here with me. And he’s showcasing a few things
at the Intel indie game lounge. So tell us, Karol, what did
you bring to GDC this year? OK, so we brought
two games today. One of them is Frostpunk, a
title that I hope everyone now [INAUDIBLE]. Smash hit last year, and we’re
still developing and working on this game. So we are showing here some
new stuff about the game, because hopefully, some
people still haven’t played it and might be interested in it. But also, the other
game we have here is called Children of Morta. And that’s a very
different piece of [INAUDIBLE] because
we are right now, not only the developer,
but the publisher of games. Children of Morta
is one of the games we’ll be publishing this year. Great. So people can come to you guys. Say, hey, I have a game. Can you help me publish it? Yes. I mean, we know. Back in the days, when
I joined the company, we were much smaller. There’s 20 people. So we know how hard
it is for some people to publish the game these days
when you have Steam and all the platforms and other things. But then, to navigate through
those murky waters isn’t easy. And we can help with that. And then again, because we have
the past of being a developer, we know about all the traps and
all the possible bad situations that can happen. So we avoid them. And basically, we can
have our full cooperation that everyone benefits from. That’s awesome. You guys help game developers. Yeah. And of course, you know, Intel
likes to help developers too. So tell us how they played
a role in getting you here to do GDC today. So we’ve been friends with
Intel for a while right now, and especially with
the European department, just much closer to Poland,
where we are located. But we’ve been traveling a lot. And we’ve been
given an opportunity to be showcased in
things like GDC. So for us, every attention
we can get, every chance to show our game to
people, there’s a chance that someone that haven’t
heard about our game will have a chance to see
it, or to play it, or even discuss with a developer. Because just like before,
one of our programmers was here, and just
see the conversation that one of the to
become game developer wanted to ask some
questions, like how we did some stuff in Frostpunk. And being in places like
here is a great opportunity for everybody to learn. And we are happy to share
the knowledge we have. And then again, we’re happy
to learn from Intel, because I remember when we
were implementing [INAUDIBLE] for
Frostpunk, it wasn’t easy to make it
work on this device. But thankfully, our
programmers allowed us to get additional knowledge. And we find a way
to make it happen. You guys did it. Yeah. And you’re here,
growing a community. So that’s awesome. So where can developers
go to learn more? So if you want to learn
more about our company and our games, please go to
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 11 bit studios, and our
site, 11bitstudios.com. Awesome. Thank you, Karol,
for joining us. And make sure you check out the
links provided to learn more. Thanks so much.