Bee Lean’s dream of
becoming a chef was cut short when
her mother passed away under mysterious circumstances. A year later, she found
her mother’s secret recipes which re-ignited
her passion to cook. The recipe for her mother’s
Fried Rice Paradise was missing. She had been trying
without success to recreate the dish. Since she found the recipes, her life has been in danger. I got you this. She found herself falling
for her enemy’s son. Bee is still trying to solve the mystery
behind her mother’s death. She’s one step closer to the truth. Someone… wanted you dead. I should really put a
lock on that door. Is this your work? You should know by now I’m not in the plumbing business. Someone sabotaged my kitchen, and caused the explosion. I think that someone
was trying to steal my recipes, and that someone is working for you. Not only are you gifted in cooking, you also have a talent for fiction. The way you bend
the truth is remarkable. What do you have against me? Is it because of my mother? I don’t know what you’re planning, but know this… Ma never liked you. And no matter what you do, I will open that restaurant. There’s nothing you
can do to stop me. That’s the truth. Why did you do it? Why did you let me
do it before you? We both wanted her dead, right? Bee? Bee. It’s time. Time? Your restaurant. It’s opening day. Pa, can you hurry up? What’s the hurry? There are many things to prepare. We need to make sure
the ingredients are in, arrange the tables and chairs… I even hired a band for today. Band? Are they free? No. Can you don’t look so grumpy? This is my happy face. Nothing will go wrong. Everything will be fine
on this day, of all days. Everything will be okay. What do you mean the sign
can’t be repaired today? My restaurant is opening
today. I need it today! Stop saying sorry. You brought out
all the old furniture. Your mother would have been pleased. She would have panicked by now. It’s like breaking a mirror. It’s bad luck. Do you think Ma is trying
to tell us something? You’re not supposed to be
superstitious when you’re young. Then what am I supposed to be? Hopeful? I need to check on the kitchen. Hi, welcome back to the show.
This is Chris. Today we celebrate National Day. For those of you who remembered the historic day
of Singapore’s separation, this very day in 1965,
it was a day… Rumours of Singapore’s
separation remained just that. Rumours. More policemen are patrolling
the streets, however, to deal with the fears of civil unrest. That remains the no. 1
topic of discussion… Cinnamon, star anise and basil. Ah Teng, what do you taste? I don’t know. Crocodile meat. It’s good for the lungs. Ginseng, they say it’s
good for the qi, and it improves your
appetite in the bedroom. Men like him would buy. Anyway, I have connections in F&B. I can help you market this and sell it everywhere. Like fast food? -But this is like art.
-What art? This is food. But this is good food. I never thought my food
can be like art. What does he know? He doesn’t even know
what ingredients you used. Come, I’ll cook you
something else. We’ll continue to
update our listeners on the rumours of
Singapore’s separation. Stay tuned. Great, the drinks aren’t here yet. I’ll go and collect them. It’s okay. I can do it. What do you want? Boss. My boss says, “Congratulations on your restaurant opening.” First rule of restaurant business. You must be nice to
your customers. You are not my customer. Second rule of
restaurant business. You must protect
yourself from people who like to cause you trouble. Let me guess. Third rule of restaurant business. Protection costs money? Uncle, you know your business. But you, I’ll teach you. For free. Let me get this straight. You want me to pay you money, to protect myself from you? I can give you a discount. -$1,000.
-What? -By today.
-What? End of today, six o’clock. And what if we don’t pay? Six o’clock. Where are we going
to get the money? I’ll go and get the drinks. Everything will be okay. Hello? Wait, what? Food poisoning? Okay. Who is that? Great. Now we don’t have a band for the opening of the restaurant. This is really bad luck. Don’t forget to call in with
your composition… -for the National Day song competition
-Sayang… by the end of the day. -Not again.
-Hey… I’m trying to get inspiration here. I’m scribbling a few ideas for lyrics. Next year, this song will be the National Day song. That’s what you said
last National Day, and the National Day before that. I don’t understand why no one understood my lyrics. The world is not ready for Rasa Sayang Nasi Padang. It would be unforgettable. Hey, wait a minute. I’m thinking of the title. Are you ready? Not really. We are… One. One what? One dish with many ingredients, you know, like a metaphor
for many races. We are like rojak. Pak, it’s a National Day song, not a National food song. Of course…! Pa, what is it with you and songs? You and music? -To answer that…
-No… -Don’t tell me a grandfather story.
-No. I will show you something. Jo, I’ve never shown you this before. It’s from way back. Who’s the skinny guy? Me. Did you eat your neighbours? -Hold on.
-Yes. That’s Ibu? Yes, she still has it. I thought she’s lost it. What are you talking about? What are you talking about? I’m talking about
your mother’s beauty. Yes, she still has it. Back in the kampung days, your mother was known as The Kampung Queen. -Kampung Queen?
-Yes. Every boy in the Kampung
was crazy about her. Every boy knew
your mother loves kueh. Unfortunately, my kueh kungfu was not as good as the rest. So, through the days and weeks, I wrecked my brains
thinking what I can do to make me stand out from the
rest of the kueh masters. There she was standing, like a vision from heaven. And that’s when… it hit me. Really, a coconut? Luckily it was not a durian. Are you okay, Osman? Siti. In every village by the sea, there stands a tall and
ancient tree with shelter from the sky above. A tree of hope. A tree of love. Not again. Sayang, are you telling Johan
the kampung story? Of how you sang? He said you married him because you were impressed
by his singing. I married your Bapak, so that he will quit singing. But you have to admit it. My song is better than
my kueh, right? Yes, Sayang. Johan, Bapak is lucky. I see a girl, fall in love and she loves me back. One shot, one kill. You might not be as lucky as I am. But you can make your own luck. What are you trying to say? Sometimes you have
to do something if someone you like doesn’t like the way
you like them. For a start, give yourself some room to think. Give yourself some space, or whatever. Don’t just do nothing and expect things to get better. Jo? I need your help. It’s an emergency. Okay, I’ll ask, but no promises. Thank you. Bye, Bee. $1,000. And what if we don’t pay? Six o’clock. What’s the big deal? Do you really need the band? I just want this to be a success. Ma would’ve wanted a band. I’m sure she would be happy just
opening the restaurant. No, she won’t. -Trust me, she will.
-No, she won’t. -Yes, she will.
-She’s not your mother! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. It’s okay. It’s just… I know Ma, okay? Okay, you’re forgiven. I just want this to be perfect. But I don’t see
how it can be perfect when my sign is damaged. This place is a mess. My band is gone and that Rickson goon
wants protection money. I’ll handle it. What do you mean? I’ll handle the money. What are you going to do? Rob a bank? We don’t have that kind of money. Everything will be okay. Hey, baby poo! I went shopping and
got a few shirts for you. Let me know which one you like. This one is perfect for dancing. I got a matching dress. This green one is so classy. It’s perfect for this Saturday when we visit the
new steak place at Yaohan. Campari, you’ve got to stop. Stop what? All of this. Girls got the right to pamper
her boyfriend, you know? Campari, I’m not your boyfriend. Okay, I get it.
I’ll return the green shirt. This has nothing to do
with the shirts, pants or socks or wallets. It’s just you and me. We just cannot match. Then who can match? Hennessy. Talk to you later, okay? Hey, Bee! How is your restaurant
opening coming along? You tell me. What’s wrong? Your guy came over to ask me
for protection money. What? No, this has nothing to do with me. I don’t care. He’s your guy. So either he works for you, or he works for your dad. So please, tell him to back off. -You don’t talk to my boyfriend like this.
-No. Boyfriend? She’s not my girlfriend. Just tell your dog to back off. She’s really not my girlfriend! You are my boyfriend. Campari, you were never my girlfriend. -What about the time when we…?
-No. -And then there was that…
-Never. But you always sign off
on my birthday card -as “Yours forever and ever”.
-I know… It’s only because my Dad
wants me to write it that way. So that he doesn’t have
to pay you for your overtime. What? I’m sorry. Is everything okay? I don’t know. I was supposed to perform at my friend’s restaurant opening but… -You know Bee, right?
-Yes. It’s a last minute thing. She got a band to perform but
they can’t come. So… Why didn’t she call you
in the first place? She meant well. She didn’t want
my mum to find out. So now you don’t want to perform because you’re afraid that
your mum will find out. No, it’s not that. I just feel like I’m always there for her, always on emergency standby. But that’s what friends
are supposed to be, right? Yes, I know but… You don’t like it that way now? Is she still a very
good friend to you? Yes, she is. But I don’t know. Then, I think you should still go. You think so? Can I come with you? Did you send Spider
to threaten Bee? Why didn’t you tell me? Should I be telling you? I mean it would’ve helped. She’s mad at me. We were getting close. It’s not helping me
to complete this mission. Son, you know I don’t put all my eggs into one basket. You have your way.
Spider has his. You should be thinking
of how you can turn this situation to your advantage. Brandy? You need to call off your dog. Which dog are you referring to? The dog that is threatening
Bee’s restaurant, Wai Ling’s dream. How did you manage
to get reservations? I heard this place
is booked for months. Let’s just say I have connections. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Shall I order? Let me do it! Sure, go ahead. Thank you. How is it? It’s excellent. The service is very
good as well. What do you think
about the decor? It’s elegant, and I like the way they
arrange the tables. Not too close so you can talk without worrying the next table
can hear you gossiping. Wouldn’t this be the perfect place to open your restaurant? It would… if I can afford to
buy over this place. I could sell you this place for a dollar. You are very funny. What did you do? I bought over this restaurant. You bought it over? From Chef Wong? Chef Wong loves this restaurant. It’s his family restaurant. He would never sell. Well… let’s just say that I made him an offer he simply could not refuse. What did you do? -I made him…
-Did you threaten his family? Did you hurt him? A talent deserves a restaurant
where he can flourish. And I have found you
that restaurant. Think about what
you can do with this place. Think about where you can
bring this restaurant. With me. Not with Teng. With my PR and connections, I will make you the culinary
superstar of Asia. Wai Ling. No. I’m sorry, Rickson. You need time. I’m really sorry. You shouldn’t have done this. Why don’t you just tell
her you like her? You’re good with writing. Write her something. Like what? It’s no use. Maybe she should
just go with Rickson. He knows food better. He’s richer. Maybe he can help
Wai Ling more. You are right. She is a woman
of high maintenance. If you go with her,
you won’t have a good life. Yes, that’s true. So, just forget her? Get her? You think I should
work harder to get her? That wasn’t entirely
the purpose of… Purpose! That’s it…! Purpose. I can do this! Devi, you’re a genius. Thank you. You’re welcome. Why did you bring me to
an old folks’ home? This is the time
when they usually eat. Just look at the food
they’re eating. I don’t know any chefs. I can’t tell you what to cook. But I hope that I can give you
a purpose to cook. Wai Ling, you should
use your talent to create dishes
for people like them. I will cook something
special for them, and I will make sure
those dishes will be on the menu
of my dream restaurant. Did you come here all the way, just to stroll down amnesia lane? Bee has a chance to fulfill her mother’s dream. The restaurant was always
about Wai Ling’s vision. Not ours. If you have issues with me, come and settle it with me. Don’t let our differences ruin the dream of a woman
that we both love. Rumour has it that your wife’s death
is not accidental. Rumour, where from? I heard someone close to Wai Ling was responsible. Pa, look. It’s good as new. Uncle Osman really did a great job. Where did you go? I went to settle something. The restaurant is looking good. You said 6pm. It’s not 6pm yet. Yes, I said I would come back at 6. But I didn’t say what time I’d come
back to collect the money. I don’t have the money. What are you going to do? What are you doing? Doing my job. Just leave them alone. If she doesn’t pay, I can’t promise that bad luck… -won’t happen to this place.
-I know. I hope that this is enough to
chase away the bad luck. Do you know what you’re doing? What do you think? What do you want
me to tell Boss? You can tell him
anything you want. Hennessy, the money… It’s okay. My money is my father’s anyway. -Just let him take it back.
-But… All I need you to know is that I really didn’t
know that Spider was doing all this to you
and your restaurant. And I’m so sorry. I’ll see you soon, okay? Hi, Bee! What’s this? The neighbourhood
had decided to come and sing for you. My friend, Aishah,
decided to volunteer to help. She plays the guitar really well. Thanks, Aishah. -Nice to meet you.
-My pleasure. And these are my
back-up singers. -Boys!
-Hi! Hi! Auntie Siti, I know you don’t like Jo to sing, but I hope you don’t mind since he’s helping a friend out? I’m not singing. I’m just playing the keyboard. Jo can help as long as he’s helping a friend. Thanks, Auntie Siti. Come on in! Hey, you! Are you drunk? You chose him? You chose him over me? -What is wrong with you?
-Rickson… Go home before you
embarrass yourself. I gave you a chance
to pursue your dreams. I was the only man who
believed in your potential. And you chose him?
You chose that loser? You need to calm down. What are you talking about? I didn’t go with anyone! But I saw… You want to know
the truth, Rickson? I could never be more
than a friend to you. It was never you. That’s the truth. What does he have? What did he do? Did he hire for you top chefs? Did he buy you a restaurant? I brought her to
an old folks’ home. Yes, he did. I bought you a restaurant. He brought you
to some old folks’ home, and yet you chose him? What is wrong with you? Good question. I will spend the rest of my life asking myself that question. With him. The trouble with you is that you see the world as
what you want it to be. But I see the world as what it is. Good bye, Rickson. It is official. Singapore has separated. From here forth, we will be a multiracial nation. We will be united
regardless of race, language and religion. This will always be
our home, dream. What is wrong with you? Ma had a dream of opening a restaurant. Not just any restaurant, but a restaurant with purpose. To serve food that is delicious, healthy, beautiful and affordable. And I promised my Ma that should anything happen, I will carry on that dream. Thank you. Come, join us! -Why?
-We’re short of a strong female voice… -Please, come! Come…!
-No! Rasa sayang sayang hey Hey lihat nona jauh Rasa sayang Sayang hey Once upon a time,
there were only trees and a lion or two
enjoying the breeze. Then a boat arrived
one sunny day, and human beings
were here to stay. The king of the jungle
couldn’t really complain. He got the whole island
named after him. And as for the lions, here’s
news for you. You can see their descendants
at the Mandai Zoo. The island since has come very far, all thanks to the man named Utama. We couldn’t forget him if we tried And what about Raffles?
We love that guy! So here we are having
so much fun, Can hardly believe
this was a jungle once Sometimes I can still
hear the lion’s roar, Going “Singa, Singa…pore!” 1, 2, 3! Rasa sayang hey Rasa sayang sayang hey Hey lihat nona jauh Rasa sayang sayang hey Now I can explain in a little while This is not your ordinary tropical isle Everything we have has to be the best of the fabulous East to the
wonderful West Of all the things we’ve got that’s good at the top of everybody’s list is food We’ve got prata,
mee pok, so sedap What about the ketupat
at the satay club? If no chye tow kway,
then kai fan lor Eat till you faint,
so cheap some more The best thing has to be the price Singapore’s my Fried Rice Paradise We can eat, eat, eat
till we nearly drop Then we all get up
and we shop, shop, shop And if you asked us
how we rate this place, we’ll just say this is great! 1, 2, 3. Rasa sayang hey Rasa sayang sayang hey Hey lihat nona jauh Rasa sayang sayang hey 1, 2, 3. Rasa sayang hey Rasa sayang sayang hey Hey lihat nona jauh Rasa sayang sayang hey Hey lihat nona jauh Rasa sayang Sayang hey Excuse me… Sorry. Choo Bee Lean! Who is Choo Bee Lean? I am Choo Bee Lean. Can you please come to the
police station with us? What for? What did she do? There’s suspicion that
her mother’s death may not be accidental. Let go of me! What has that got to do with Bee? She’s a suspect. Choo Bee Lean had a dream, just like every resident
of Jalan Calamansi. But not all dreams find success. And while some will find
comfort in a bottle, inflicting pain on themselves, some will find comfort inflicting pain on others.