This is Video number three of Europe trip planning series. In the first two videos, I had shared ways to book the cheapest flight booking, process for Schengen Visa, lots of info related to Paris. If you have missed watching these 2 videos, then you will find the link in screen’s corner. My name is Saurabh & you are watching Wandering Monk. If this is your first time on my channel, and you want to see the world from the comfort of your screen or you want travel-related tips & information. Then please press the Subscribe button & Bell icon quickly. So let’s begin this video, in which we will talk about French Riviera. I was going to the French Riviera after spending 4 days in Paris. All the experts have an opinion that, to see the French Riviera, Nice is the best place to make a base. You can say that it’s the center of the French Riviera, I also chose Nice as my base to see French Riviera. Nice is roughly 900 KMs from Paris and takes about 9-10 hours by road. And if you take France’s Bullet train, i.e. TGV, it takes about 6 hours. Riviera is a word from Italian language, In English, it means coastal region. French Riviera is spread from Marseille to Menton, which is on the Italian border. And after Menton, it’s Italian Riviera. There are many beautiful cities in French Riviera, like Nice, Cannes & Monaco. There are many other Beautiful cities in French Riviera apart from Nice, Cannes & Monaco like Marseille, which is the 3rd largest city in France. & St Tropez, which is a very beautiful beach resort. In my trip, I saw only 3 cities, Nice, Cannes & Monaco. Monaco is a country in itself, the richest country in the world. But, if you will not feel after going to Monaco, that it is not a part of France. In fact, France only manages the defence of Monaco. While going from one place to another inside Europe, you may use the website of Goeuro and it’s new name is Omio. If you are going to make Nice your base to see the French Riviera just like me, Then you keep your stating point Paris and endpoint Nice, you will get options for Trains, Buses & Flights. You can see the prices as well for your selected dates. The cheapest option that you can see here are for the buses. But I am going to tell you a website, from where you can get cheap tickets for Bullet Trains (TGV). There is a website named OUI for cheper French Bullet train (TGV) booking and this is a budget arm of the French National Train Booking company. Here you may get the cheapest ticket options for TGV travel in France. Subscribe to their newsletter, you will get the latest deals in your email. These bookings open only 90 days in advance, so plan accordingly. On Oui’s website, you can check the whole month’s prices on the calendar. And you can know which date is the cheapest to travel. To fly inside Europe, you may use Easyjet Which is Air Asia equivalent for Europe and sometimes they give great deals for traveling inside Europe. Let’s now talk about attractions & transportation. The cheapest way of getting to the city center from the airport is to take the Airport Express bus. That will roughly cost about 4 Euro (320 Rs). These buses run daily between 7:00 AM & 9:00 PM. If either the timings do not suit or you are traveling with kids/elderly and have plenty of bags, then you can use Uber, it will take around 15-20 mins. to reach the city center and the fare will be around 20 Euro (1,600 Rs). For what to do & what to see, like always myr recommendation will be Tripadvisor. Go to Tripadvisor, what all is there to see according to your preference in that city. I general, I am not in a favour of City Passes, but French Riviera belongs to those selected few places, where I will suggest the city pass. Simply because of their value for money. There are mainly 2 passes here, one is French Riviera Pass & the other is Cote’D’Azur pass. Now, I will explain about these passes, one by one. Let’s talk about French Riviera Pass first, I had used this Pass only on my trip. It comes in 3 variants. 24 Hrs, 48 Hrs, & 72 Hrs. The point to be noted here is that all these passes have validity in hours. Which means it is not based on calender date. So, whenever you use your card for the first time, according to the validity of the pass like 24 Hrs, 48 Hrs, & 72 Hrs. Your card will be valid until that time. Almost all the attractions are included in these passes. Across French Riviera. If you scroll down on this website, you can see the original prices of all the included attractions included. and inclusions will be shown on the website. There is one more added advantage of French Riviera Pass that you can add transport pass in this. just by paying 4 Euros extra per day. And you can use that pass on the entire Public Transport system in Nice Cote’D’Azur Metropole area. You can use this transport pass on Trams, & Buses. In French Riviera Pass, there is not separate pricing for children. There is a tool on their website, using that, you can calculate that this pass is value for money or not for your child. You are going to what all attractions, and what are the ticket prices for children there. You decide by selecting that, whether you should take French Riviera Pass for your child or not. In the Fench Riviera area, there is another pass named Cote’D’Azur card. Although I did not use this card, I used the French Riviera Pass. This card will be valid for 6 days, within those 6 days, you can use it on any of the 3 days to do the activities. You will get all the details on their website, I have given the link to the website in the description box. You will not miss Indian food in Nice, There are many restaurants serving Indian food there. When I reached Nice, I ordered food from a restaurant named Tandoori Flame in my hotel. The taste of the food was good and the delivery service was very prompt. So for the next 4 days, we had Dinner & Lunch many times in Tandoori Flame. With respect to other European cities, prices were on a lower side here. In Tandoori Flame, the price was 160 Rs for a Naan. Daal or Gravy Veg was 720 Rs in Indian currency. Pulao was of 240 Rs. The owner & staff were very friendly in this restaurant. And this was very close to a Tram stop, Getting here was very easy from any part of Nice. In Nice, you will get 3 to 4 star hotels, in starting range of 3, 000 in the city center If you want choose BnBs instead of hotels, Then in the city center, you will get AirBnb also, in th range of 2,500-5,000 Rs. Let’s make a rough estimate of our trip till now, in my last video, I had made an estimate till Paris. And the expense estimate till Paris trip was 1,81,000 Rs. If we add Nice’s expense in this, Hotel is approx 30,000 Rs, considering 7,500 Rs per night for 4 nights. 20,000 Rs for Attractions & transport. Roughly 10,000 Rs for meals. This was the total expense for France’s 8 days tour that comes out to be 2,41,000 Rs. for a couple, including Visa & flights. In the next video, I will take you to the beauty of Switzerland and will give you all the related information. Which will come handy for your upcoming trip. If you liked my video on French Riviera, then don’t forget to like, comment and share this video. And I hope that you have subscribed to my channel. Thanks for watching the video and keep traveling.