– While people bustle
about Asheville’s packed square outside;
inside, folks are packing squares and
prompting smiles. It’s all part of
a typical day at French Broad Chocolates. – We’re a dessert-focused
restaurant, that’s ingredient driven. There’s very little that we
don’t make with chocolate. – Just one wide-eyed gaze
at the display counter is proof of that. There are nearly 150
items served up here in the French Broad
Chocolate Lounge, in one form or fashion; everything from
confections and cookies, to cakes and shakes. – It’s a distinct
taste, everything from the truffles to the cheesecake, to the hot chocolate as well so, everything’s just phenomenal. – A distinct taste,
that’s deeply tied to a passion for chocolate. For Dan and Jael Rattigan,
chocolate is far more than something to be savored. – My husband and I were
living in Costa Rica for two years, we were
able to live in an area of the world
where cacao grows, which is extremely special,
and made a big impact on our lives and our
decision to dedicate our life and our
career to chocolate. – There is certainly a
spot to sample and purchase dozens of types of
chocolate truffles, but the French Broad
Chocolate Lounge is much more than a place to
buy chocolates and walk out the door. Staying a while, is
strongly encouraged. – Sometimes you want a
place to celebrate together, with friends, and that’s
what this place embodies. To come together around dessert is such a fun thing to do. – They have really good
desserts, and I like it to just come here, sit on the couch, hang
out, we can have a glass of wine if we want to,
it’s just really fun. – There are dozens of
desserts on the menu, but a few are
exceedingly popular; including a cake with a
uniquely Asheville theme. – Our Highland Mocha Stout cake, is a chocolate cake
made with a local beer, the Highland Mocha Stout, and it’s filled and frosted with coffee butter cream, made
with locally roasted coffee. – I’ve had a lot of
sweets, you know, traveling around, and
I love chocolate, but, there’s just something
about the liquid truffle, which is thicker
than hot chocolate, it’s a literally, like a
truffle in liquid form. It’s really smooth,
creamy; just delicious. – Baking their sweet
treats in a sustainable way is critical to Dan
and Jael Rattigan. – [Jael] We are a full
service chocolate company, so we start by importing
cacao direct from origin, and we transform it into
chocolate at our factory down the street. We then use that chocolate
as an ingredient in our recipes for our
pastries and truffles. If it’s not local, we’re getting
it as direct as possible. So we have a commitment
to purchasing as close to the source as we can, and making sure that the
farmers are well paid, and well supported. – The Rattigan’s say
their commitment to sustainability also
benefits taste buds. – The cacao that we’re
getting is of high quality, so it has a lot
more flavor than the commercial-grade quality. It’s refined in
really small batches, with small equipment
that is very different from the industrial equipment
used by a large company. So it does have a
different [pause] texture, and a more unique
flavor profile. – Something regular
French Broad Chocolates customers have
certainly noticed. – [Deborah] The French
Broad Chocolate Lounge is at 10 South Pack
Square, and it’s open every day at 11:00AM. And they stay open
late every night. For more information, give
them a call at 828-252-4181. Or, go online to