[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re outside the
State Bird Provisions. Or at least we think we are. There’s no sign, naturally. Come back. This was ranked the number
one restaurant in America by “Bon Appetit Magazine,”
making it the hardest place to make a reservation. These people have been waiting
hours for a walk-in table. So this reporter has decided to
trade in his journalism ethics for a free meal. Yes, good rhythm, but I
want to lose the last part because it just slipped out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Steve, how are you? How are you? Nice to see you. Thank you for having us. Yeah. When we opened , we
had about 16 employees. And now we have 44. The big one for us is “Bon
Appetit Magazine” in 2012 named us the best new
restaurant in the country. That put you on the map. It did. And so then it was
like, OK, this is nuts. A tidal wave. It just went nuts. Yeah. It was a tsunami. 70% of our dining
room is reservation. 30% is open to walk-ins. No. About a dozen or so
dishes passed around on trays and carts. You see something you
like, you go for it. It’s as easy as that. Explain to me the intersection
of technology and cooking and where we’re, you know,
if you– how do you– Well, we get people
involved in the technology world that need to eat. Oh, got it. I see, yeah. Yeah. Like this is a
good potato chip. That’s right, yeah. We’re going to do
like kind of a riff on one of my favorite
dishes, which is amatriciana, which is a pork jowl. Amatriciana? Yeah, do you know this? No. Yeah, chanterelles are
obviously like a wild mushroom. You probably want to cook them. Yeah, that was not good. This is a– That’s peccary, of course. Javelina. Yeah. Very good. So this is going to be awesome. Should we put the sauce in? Not yet. Keep grating them. Give it some pressure
so that they– they have a little texture to it. This may actually go
on the menu tonight. Steveegee’s PBS
Dish– is that it? Just take a little– Olive oil. Extra virgin olive
oil just kind of to finish it– inspired
by– this is awesome, huh? This is the best
segment we’ve ever done. I bet you say
that all the time. You know, it’s
neat to have things where you’re introducing. We do a lot of work
with [INAUDIBLE]. No, I wish [INAUDIBLE]. You want to share? Not really. It’s so good. Why are you here, anyway. Well, we’re doing
the– tech– tech– tech intersects with food–
intersects with– uh. You ever heard the
expression there is no such thing as free lunch? I don’t know how long
we have to do it. Can I get you a little
dehydrated sweet corn with a little pecorino
and ricotta pancake? Yes? Takers? OK. This is crazy.