Did you get the money? Come on in. What happened man? why do you need all this cash all of a sudden? We had invested everything we had into our new project. Then, why do you need all this cash all of a sudden? This years national award has been announced and award for the best singer goes to Karthik Devan Hello, Adithya Hello Karthik, where are you bro? we have to be there by 4 P.M., the show is scheduled at 7 pm and soundcheck is at 6 P.M. OK Adithya. I’ve been receiving some texts from an unknown phone number.Whomever it may be, they’re saying that they are my fan. I’m smelling something fishy. Look bro, You’re a celebrity. So, it’s normal that you’ll receive these texts Hm… Ok I’ll call you back Karthik? Yes. You have a mail. Please sign over here. Hello Hello Karthik. How are you? Who are you? What do you want? Cool down Karthik cool down. As I said before. I’m a big fan. I love all your songs Hey!! Don’t try to play games on me. What do you want? How did you get this video? Oh… so stubborn Karthik I’ve heard stories about your professionalism and responsibilities. What do you want? What are you trying to achieve? Your downfall! [Laughs] Don’t worry Karthik, I was just kidding, all you need to do is do a favor for me What favor? What should I do? Hello… Hello… Hello… Hello Hello Karthik. Are you thirsty? [Laughs] There’s some water on the table, go have it Please don’t mess with me. Have I ever done anything wrong by you? Then why are you doing this to me? I do not wish to harm you. All I need is a small favor What do you want? Hm… 50 lakhs 50 lakh rupees 50 lakhs! This is blackmailing! No…no… never This is mutually beneficial I do not wish to sabotage your image and your career. You’ll give your fan some money. It’s just a mutual help You better think wisely, Karthik.. Is your career and reputation really worth only 50 lakhs? Time is ticking Karthik Wait! I’ll give Wow! Superb I knew you would take a wise decision Karthik. Get the money ready and wait for my next call. Hello Adithya What happened man? We had invested everything we had into our new project. But…, why do you need all this cash all of a sudden? Well…. that’s, that’s because a friend of mine is undergoing surgery, that’s why. A friend? Who is this friend that I don’t know about. I’ve known you since childhood I said it’s my friend, just do your job The reason that I give you salary is not for you to interfere in my personal matters. Okay… Fine, I’m leaving! Adithya! Karthick put the cash on the elevator and send it to the ground floor also put the mobile phone in the bag and wait for my next call. Well done Karthik you played this game very well. Thank you for your participation Hmm…..You should also read your mail sometime. [ EVIL LAUGH ] Adithya? Did you call me for something? I was under a lot of stress I was very rude to you That’s not an issue, Leave it bro. Okay.. when’s our next concert? Is the date fixed? That’s not an issue, we are looking into it. hehe, How can you say that’s not gonna be an issue? Only then can we start planning In todays news, Shocking scandal video on this years national award winning singer Karthik and leading Tamil actress Anjana is spreading like wildfire all over the internet Sources say that the video was released on his own facebook page itself and now the internet seems to play its part. Hello Hello Karthik. Where were you? Why didn’t you pick my calls? Well… I was sleeping I didn’t notice. Ok baby, I’ll touch down at 4 in the morning. Please be there on time. Don’t be late. Ok, I’ll be there on time Bye