Greg Palkot is live in Lyon. Hi Greg. Guess what. History has just been made. We are here at a sports bar in Lyon, France. Listen to what–
F— Trump! F— Trump! F— Trump! We are in a sports bar, we were gonna be outside,
we were gonna be looking at a screen out with the football game there but in fact that game
was canceled by the officials because they were worried about security measures. So the American fans here they came in from
that location over to this sports bar. It’s been a great crazy time here watching
history being made that women’s soccer team wants to do all that women national soccer
team winning for the fourth time. That is a record for them, a second consecutive
time in a row and they’re watching the scenes on the screens now with people going crazy. Did you have any doubts if they were going
to lose or no? None. None whatsoever. Now we need to win in 2020. Democrats! Democrats! USA Democrats! Get that racist out of the White House! Absolutely, they are very happy. It’s a political thing, too, as you can
see. But they are very happy about this team winning,
very big stuff. This is a Fox News reporter making the mistake
of thinking that his network’s brand is associated with anything other than racism,
xenophobia, and blind deference to Donald Trump. So when the US women’s soccer team went
on to win the World Cup and a reporter tried to do a straight news broadcast, he got exactly
the reaction he deserved. Because while the quote “news side” of
Fox might serve as cover for the network, what actually defines Fox is their opinion
hosts, the ones with the prime time slots. Fox might think that by virtue of having Chris
Wallace and Shep Smith on when no one is watching, or hosting a sweet little story about how
the women’s team won the World Cup, that they can pass themselves off as a legitimate
news source, but when you have Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson spouting blatant white
supremacy talking points, when you have Sean Hannity getting on stage at Trump rallies
and calling every media outlet that isn’t Fox “fake news”—
Trump: Sean Hannity. Come on up, Sean Hannity. Hannity: By the way all those people in the
back are fake news. –then they’ve undercut every shred of legitimacy
that they claim to have. You don’t get to say this at 10pm—
Ingraham: Because in some parts of the country it does seem like the America that we know
and love, doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted
upon the American people and they’re changes that none of us ever voted for and most of
us don’t like. Virginia to California, we see stark examples
of how radically in some ways the country’s changed Now much of this is related to both
illegal and in some cases legal immigration that of course progressives love…
–and then go to a bar and let some people cheer on the Americans 6 hours later and think
there’s any equivalency, that one IN ANY WAY balances the other. Think of it like this. If your accountant does a perfectly fine job
on your taxes but then also murdered someone, the thing your accountant will be known for…
is not accounting. And to make matters worse for Fox News, which
exists as a de facto arm of the Trump White House, is that the team’s star player, Megan
Rapinoe, has been outspoken in her contempt for Trump. And she’s been just as vocal about the fact
that she, nor most of her teammates, would be willing to visit the White House for a
visit with the president. Which means that a butthurt tweet uninviting
a team that’s basically already said they’re not coming is only moments away… because
the president of the United States is DEFINITELY not an insecure teenager. But beyond that, Rapinoe was also the first
white athlete AND first female athlete to follow Colin Kaepernick’s lead and take
a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality, a position that Trump has
aggressively attacked. What that means is that instead of cheering
on the player who scored the game winning goal and won the Golden Boot, Republicans
are left in a position where they can’t even cheer on the American women’s team
because they’d rather be saddled by Trump’s baggage. At some point, even the right has to realize
that if they’re going to hate all of the things that Trump hates, if they’re going
to fight every single one of his battles that pops up when his delicate ego gets bruised,
they’re not going to have anything left besides pillows from MyPillow and …AR-15s. And they’ll be in a position where they
can’t even enjoy the fact that the US women’s soccer team is world champions because they’re
too busy getting pissed off in solidarity with the president. Because that’s EXACTLY the position that
Fox News has found itself in. And now, since Fox has opted to tie itself
directly to Trump, we’re in a situation where a supposed NEWS SOURCE actually stands
to be embarrassed when regular people chant obscenities against the president. That this is even news is a testament to just
how biased and morally bankrupt Fox News is as a network. And yet with all that said, watching them
accidentally broadcast exactly how real Americans outside of retirement communities feel about
Trump on live television is a pretty nice silver lining.