Today’s final’s day. I was pretty lucky I got here by basically winning the twin and then having a good match with Kerr in the single-fin. Accumulated enough points to put me into the grand finale and…here we go! It’s really hard to….As much as this is a surf contest, It’s more about the beauty of the Maldives and sharing with family
has been probably the best time we’ve had in a while on such a luxurious surf trip. The seaplane was amazing. Really cool experience you know. Take off here in the lagoon and just land in a wave and pull up and throw the anchor out. Climb out the wing, jump off and have a surf, and we sat down we had lunch sitting on the floats and got back in and flew home. It was everything you dream of doing as a surfer coming to the Maldives and doing that. Yeah, obviously here at the Four Seasons. This trip in particular feels like, whenever we come here, we are doing things
that we would never normally do, riding a hobie cat, we’re windsurfing, foiling behind a hobie cat… trying all sorts of stuff! I already had a couple of good scores in
that final and I knew, you know to put the nail in the coffin I was just going to throw everything at next wave I got through the club sandwich.
Really surprised when I came out of the manoeuvre really clean. It was
almost like there were pillows under me when I flipped the board around, just shoved me out of the foam like oh here you go enjoy the ride
I’m like ha-ha! just have the biggest smile on my face
for the rest of the way it was cool.