The nice thing about the Four Seasons is that
anyone that’s ever experienced the hotels they’re just beautiful facilities We’re 50 years old. Many of the people in Four Seasons have been
here all of their careers. The culture of the brand is very, very unique
in the industry for five star luxury hotels. I’m Marco Trecroce, I’m the CIO for Four
Seasons Hotels and Resorts. We have 90 hotels around the world. Most of our general managers are mobile and they spend a lot of time on airplanes
and so do our executives. We really wanted to think through how do we
build out business intelligence globally. We ended up landing on MicroStrategy for a
number of reasons. First was foremost your mobility which was far superior than what we saw on
the marketplace and then the culture of MicroStrategy. I thought the culture for MicroStrategy and
Four Seasons, this willingness to create something innovative around your cloud offering. We don’t have a large IT department, so
we don’t have the skillsets to build out something but more importantly we don’t want to take
advantage of or take responsibility to have to maintain the software, have to keep
up with the software releases. The platform it is the enabler. Having MicroStrategy have the data center as the platform, the
tools, and the technologies is just that. BI in the cloud for us will benefit from a
number of key points so clearly time, and now they’re too excited.
Now everybody wants substantially more coming out into next year. Our total cost of ownership I think will become
very, very apparent after our first year of production. I’m really looking forward to seeing more
of the MicroStrategy Cloud I think this is going to be a leading edge
product for our hotel, for Four Seasons, but in our sector,
we will deliver higher value around BI that I believe any other hotel
company is doing today.