– Look at that, Bec isn’t that crazy? – So cool. – What? – No. He was in the room service tray? – Think he was under the cart. Oh no.
– Oh my god. ♪ Years down the road. I still
be sitting on the floor. ♪ ♪ Writing about you. Writing about you. ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides
and the color of your eyes. ♪ ♪ Thinking about you.
Thinking about you yeah. ♪ – Hey you guys, as you
saw in our last video. We escaped a safe house
after we found out that, There was a game master spy
that came in pretending to Dehypnotize us. – Hypnotist. Guys its the hypnotist. Huh, wait. Is that the game master? – What do you mean? What do you mean!? What? – I was just outside and I
just saw the hypnotist guy Come in. – Yeah we just got dehypnotized. – I saw him going up to the game master And actually overhead him say something. – What!? – Something about Code Ten. We thought we escaped
the game master here, In a secret location in Hawaii. However, as you saw Rebecca’s
last video, he knows that We are here. – Oh my gosh, I just got goosebumps. How does the game master know
that we are here in Hawaii. – How did he even get
that note to our room. – Here in Hawaii, the game
master sent me on a 24 hour Treasure hunt. And I found the
key to this dictionary safe Which, I think the game
master left in here And inside was a note And it said that there
was an invitation for me. But then it said, Matt we’re not done. But, that is when Matt received
a DM from the game master. – So this is the message I received, I deleted your Hawaii
videos but not all is lost. Recreate what you did
on top of Black Rock. – You guys know that the game
master deleted all of our Hawaii VLOGS from when we
came here for our anniversary. – Yeah, and it feels like
he just wants us to recreate Like this moment. I’m actually kinda happy Because I like jumping off of Black Rock But, we’re not gonna take any chances. This, right here we
got from the spy store. This isn’t actually a water bottle. It can’t be deceiving because
it looks exactly like this. You could not tell the difference
if you walk into the room. But, what you can’t see is
what’s behind this label. Peel this label off
right here, look at that. Bec, isn’t that crazy
– So cool. – This is actually motion activated So as soon as it detects
like some motion in the room, It starts recording. Just to feel safe, we don’t
know anybody that’s here. We don’t trust anybody right now. – We wanna make sure nobody is coming in Or doing anything to our stuff When we’re gone. – We are going to take every precaution. We’re gonna set it right
here, what do you think Bec? – Sure, yeah just put it by
a water bottle just casual. – If anything happens whatsoever, We have it all caught on videotape. That camera is all set and now
we’re going to go jump off of Black Rock for 45 feet. – Oh my gosh, it’s so scary. I feel like we should
look at the footage though And see if there’s anything on there. – We’ll look at it when we get back. We’re getting ready to go over
there. This is Black Rock. This is exactly the spot
where we did it last time. Which, we think its exactly
what he’s talking about. So recreating us cliff
jumping off of Black Rock. – You guys it’s really scary. – We are going in right now. – There is Black Rock.
It’s right up there. How you feeling? – I’m already tired. – We’re going up. – Alright so we’re trying to
climb up this rock. Very steep. Matt Matt!
– Yeah? – there’s a lot more people this time, You gotta get up. – Oh! Oh My god! – How you feeling? – Oh my God. – You ready? – No I’m not doing that! Oh my god.
– Oh! – Bec isn’t next yet. – Okay, I needed time to get…okay. – Go you got it. – You ready? – Let’s go Rebecca. – Come on Bec. – Three. – Two. – Go! – Let’s go! – We just got done. You know, first thought,
that we completed it. And we ran into some locals around here. So we just finished Black
Rock. We think we did it. – Yeah. – It felt so much the
same as last time but – Hopefully this thing recorded
and we have the footage So.
– Yeah. – So we’re gonna go ahead
and like, edit the footage Send it over to game master
and hopefully, we did it. Mission accomplished. Please! – Scary! – Hi, so I just sent over
the video to the game master. To say that we recreated it correctly And just got another DM from him. It says, now that you jumped,
there is no place to hide. Recreate what you did on the slide. We actually took the slide
down right over here, Right where we’re at right now. So, right like right back over here. I’m gonna see if I can get
some of the guys to go with me. These tasks aren’t turning
out to be too bad so. Its slides up. Alright, I got Rocky with me. I was able to talk him
into doing this with me But we’re gonna go slide down the slide. – Yeah, let’s do it! – Yeah. I think I’m ready to go. Let’s go ahead. – Yes, okay. – Do this. Let’s do this – I hope we’re going this correct. – Come on, slides. Get it! – Alright, I hope we’re doing this right. Game Master, here we come. – You okay? – Yeah! – We’re getting ready to go again, I just wanna make sure we get enough That we’re doing it right so. Rocky you ready? – How many times do we have to do this? – We have no idea. – Well, lets keep doing it. – Wow! – You good? – Yeah – Hopefully its good enough. – Alright, we’re back in the hotel room And we’ve completed both tasks
the game master has sent us. – Yeah and now I want
to look at the footage From this camera. And you guys know this camera was set up When I went on the treasure
hunt and then we came back, the table was gone. – Wait, the tables not here. – Yeah it was right there. – Think house cleaning came? – No the, the bed’s still a mess Bec. Everything is in the same
spot except for that. – I wanna see. How do I know
the game master was here. There was someone working for
the game master, maybe a spy. But I really think we should look at this. If you guys agree with me, comment below. I think it’s a good idea Matt. – Do you wanna rip off that label there. – Take that off – This is so crazy – You guys look at that! – Isn’t that awesome? – No one would ever know that
it’s not a real water bottle. – You could actually drink out of it. Let’s get the computer here, okay? – Alright, so we have the
footage, it is all right here. Looks like this is,
actually looks pretty good. Not bad for spy camera – Alright, lets see what happened here. – I’m hoping it was just
house cleaning that came in And took the room service
away but it’s really weird Because the door was open. – Yeah and actually like
the only way it will Record something is if, like
room service or somebody Came into the room because
it’s a motion activated camera. Let’s see what happens.
Probably them coming in. – No! He was in the room service tray? – You think he was under the cart? – Oh no!
– Oh my god! – Oh my gosh. – The safe, that’s the
safe. What did he do? – He look like he was just
looking at it to see if we Opened it. – What is he doing? He went off. – He went off the camera.
– Off the camera. – Where is he? – That’s my laptop – What is he doing? – What?
– What did he do? – Like hacking into my – What is he… He’s looking around – He looks like he’s like
hacking into my laptop! – What! – Oh, creeps me out. Every single time. I really think it might be a guy, guys. – Okay. – Where is he going now? – I don’t know, he’s off
the camera. We can’t see. – Now he’s back on camera. – My!? – But that’s your laptop. – What? Hold on. – What the heck? – Okay. – What is… so, like what? – He looks so creepy. – What is he doing like
– You guys… – You guys, this is so… how
is the game master in Hawaii? – How did he even know? – Just pacing back and forth. – He’s looking like right, he
has no idea that’s a camera. Oh my gosh. Did we
– fixing the bed? – He went out the door. He went out onto our balcony.
– He went out the door. What the heck? – Wait a sec. – Hold on. – Wait, does that mean he
went off of our balcony!? – No. – We are literally on
the tenth floor, no way. No way. How? How is that possible? – See where… – Oh! No! – What? – He climbed down? – Bec, Bec! What is that? – Bec, it’s a glove. – Is it your glove? – I don’t have gloves – I don’t have gloves
either, we’re in Hawaii. – Take it back inside,
take it back inside. – What!? – This is so creepy you guys! Wait a sec Matt, now we have evidence. – We might have his
fingerprints in there Bec. I think we need to take it back home. Put it in a towel or something right now, I don’t think we have a
bag. Do you have a bag? – Put it in a towel? – Yeah, yeah. We’re gonna wrap it around. – Think we’re gonna be able
to get fingerprints on to it. – I mean we have to try. – What about mine? I
have mine on here now. – Yeah but not on the inside – Oh. – How did you get talented. – Okay guys, we’re gonna take
this glove back home with us. And then, we’re gonna have
fingerprints to be able to know Who exactly the game master is.