I don’t know where the ( bleep )
I’m gonna get this money. I was scrambling
and borrowing money. We’re about $350,000
in debt.So I had to take on
a second job.
I joined up
for dining workers.I’d say about 75% of my
paycheck goes into this bar.
It’s rough right now.
I can’t do it no more. Ronnie, I need some money! We are flat out of money.
You can get my one paycheck. That covers me for $1,000.
I need $2,409 this week. That’s all we got, sorry. Narrator:With financial
tensions mounting,
Chandra’s drive to turn
a profit burn out.
She just doesn’t care. There’s a price sheet!
Use it! This is the reason
I’m losing my ass. ( both grunting ) Dirty little sluts. Chandra will call us
every name in the book. She don’t care. Okay, hula hoops, bitches! Dirty sluts. You’re a ( bleep ) guzzling
little slut. ( laughs ) For me,
it’s a term of endearment. The more I do it, the less
that it’ll irritate them when somebody else does it. ( bleep ) sluts. Narrator:As Chandra’s
obnoxious behavior got worse,
so did the staff’s attitude
towards their jobs.
( laughs ) Once you see the people
you’re looking up to don’t care,then you don’t care.Starts having that effect
on everybody. ( shouting and squealing ) There’s all kinds of
crazy things that go on here. ( cheering ) We show our tits. I still have my bra,
bitch. We show our ass. We do all kinds
of stupid ( bleep ).I just don’t care anymore.You don’t have a choice. Narrator:As the staff’s
behavior declined,
so did the bar’s identity.( cheering ) It was a lingerie bar,
and we wore really nice stuff. We’re called
The Hooch , okay? We’re not a sports bar.
We’re a strip club. Now it’s just, “Those girls
are a bunch of whores.” Bitch!
Do as the ( bleep )
you’re told! Narrator:
And with an apathetic owner,
standards also fell.You guys want mayo? Chandra won’t hire a cook.
I don’t know why. The bartenders cook because
the grill is behind the bar. I don’t want to say
it’s always delicious. Depends on who’s cooking. – Holy ( bleep )
– ( alarm blaring ) While I was cooking a burger,
the grill caught on fire. ( alarm blaring ) This is a train wreck. It does not run
smoothly at all. Clean up the nasty ( bleep ).
I’m serious. Chandra pisses me off
because she’s not puttingher heart and soul
into it right now.
We purchased the bar
so I could have my sons come in here
and hand it over to them, and they could have
job security, and now… Narrator:Now in an effort
to save her family
from financial ruin,
Chandra has agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”
Don’t worry, you guys
just go sit on your fat asses!