it’s time to say goodbye to Europe for now a new destination is North America today we’re going to share a new experience in a very warm place surrounded by beaches parks big buildings and luxury a lot of luxury in this episode we will be visiting Fort Lauderdale Florida and this is my travel journal [Music] first flight to New York I was impressed that in all the airport you can find tablets with internet for you to use have no cost you can even order food and you’ll get it they’re awesome [Music] so we’re hearing for other day Florida this is gonna be really fast we came just few days here let’s try to find things to do I have no idea what to do in Fort Lauderdale I know there is a nice speech we’re gonna go later I know there is a national park also we’re gonna go later we’re going towards Las Olas Avenue so we’ll see what we find Fort Lauderdale belongs to the Broward County the average weather is twenty four point two degrees Celsius or seventy five point eight that’s really one okay we found this Galleria it’s a national geographical area let’s see what’s going on the gallery is really interesting we were attracted to it by a very nice window picture the pictures inside are even better than when you see them in the magazine they are all on sale and they can find them for you however you want so something we found here is that the cars are amazing everything cars maybe every five cars one car is like super cool we see Lamborghinis Ferraris we see a Camaros my favorite by the way let’s keep going let’s keep looking for more things okay something we’ve found here is that it’s not a pedestrian-friendly City actually every time you are in a traffic light you really have to wait a lot to cross the street and even if it’s green and you’re crossing the street the cars are just pumping in they’re not used to people in the streets even if we’re in downtown now still is the same thing let’s see what happened okay we’re here in the Fort Lauderdale Beach there’s no too many people in this switch but we can see that is a long long long way so we’re gonna work a little bit tour to see where is the people and why the people are there and they are not here and then we’re by the powerful source you can see the park is over there we’re gonna go to the park later first we’re gonna find people [Music] okay it’s funny but I know why there’s more people in this side and there’s no too many people in that side because here in this side you can see that they have a parking lots so that has a logic so let’s let’s see the beach [Music] the Hugh Taylor Beach is a Florida State Park here you can find turtles snakes butterflies dogs etc the entrance is just two dollars if you come walk in or with a bicycle car space six dollars it really worth it you can do fishing swimming canoeing camping etc [Music] okay we found this trail and you can find this trail that is not pavement and it’s better because it’s like into the nature this one is gonna be 2.5 miles still is a bit of a trek but gonna be fun the witches found some coconuts on the floor and of course any I love coconut and it’s impossible to eat because we don’t have a knife we’re here already for five minutes trying to figure out what to do she’s getting some coconut that it’s falling yeah we have to get some [Music] okay we’re done we’re going outside the park now we didn’t even want turtle even though we see a lot of signs saying be careful don’t touch them not even one but David even says that he they are protected by law but I guess it’s because of the time now it’s a lot of cars passing through a lot of people going in and going now maybe they are a little scared they stay away now we’re going out of the park and we’ll see where we’re going to find out [Music] so this is a funny story and something funny we’re gonna do so the funny story is that everywhere we travel with Senia I was always saying I want to eat KFC and it’s funny because we were in Japan and I said KFC and she was like how come you’re in Japan and you wanna eat KFC let’s go for ramen soup or something so we never go to KFC we’ve been in China Slovenia Peru everywhere we go let’s eat local why are you good tonight tipsy but what is fun is that now we’re in America so I said I said I want KFC so what is she gonna say hey there’s nothing to say so let’s go for KFC [Music] hey guys don’t forget to subscribe would your comments below thumbs up and until next time